Guide to Show Subscriber Count on Snapchat

The update of viewing subscriber count on Snapchat is a huge change within Snapchat. Oh! You did not know but now your curiosity is reaching the next level. So, here it is! Until now, Snapchat content focused on the immediate moment and the personal lives boasting a very in-the-moment vibe. However, it has changed over the years to include more business-focused accounts, which in turn needed to have a way of showing people how many followers they have. This article however is all about the feature to Show Subscriber Count on Snapchat.

Snapchat’s app has got a small yet useful update recently. Now, when you search for your favorite “Snap Stars,” you’ll be able to see who has the most followers, which we’re told will be displayed at the top of the search results. It appears that it’s slowly rolling out on iOS and Android. The company is calling it a competition…let’s ensure we hold the prize for Subscriber Count on Snapchat! But before anything, how can you show subscriber count on Snapchat? In this piece, we’ll discuss why Snapchat has added the subscriber count and how to activate it on Snapchat. Continue reading to know more.

Know All About the New Update on Snapchat

Snapchat is starting to give users everything they want: the option to display the number of followers you have to others. Previously, users could only check how many followers they had but could not show them on their profile. That is changing now, as the social platform finally allows artists to disclose the number of subscribers they have.

For the time being, when you search for Snap Star profiles, the subscription count will be accessible (profiles marked with a black star inside a yellow circle). If the account has allowed the choice for public viewing then you will be able to access it on their profile page under their username, with the ability to subscribe to them.

Why is Snapchat suddenly including a Feature of subscriber count?

Snap allows users to provide a public subscription count in their profile. With the introduction in April when the firm was revealing numbers suggesting that over 3.5 million community-created photographs were uploading every day. The company’s staff created the update in response to a recommendation from its creator community, who frequently ask how they may notify their fandom when their community is growing. In other words, increasing the credibility and dependability of the Snapchat fan base in order for companies and marketers to sell themselves. Following are the vital reasons behind adding the subscription count feature of Snapchat:

  • Snapchatters, influencers, and other celebrities can now tell their subscribers how many people are subscribed to them on its app. With the new update, the number of followers or other types of followers is shown publicly under the username. The new feature will be available for everyone both in iOS and Android versions.
  • Snapchat’s choice to introduce a public subscriber count appears to have been recommended by its creative community, who, according to Snapchat, was keen to have a way to inform their fandom that their community was growing. Influencers and companies will benefit from the shift since they will be able to access sponsorship and partnership possibilities depending on their viewership.
  • Brands can now quickly search for which influencer accounts to approach for better advertising and bargain more effectively because they know how many followers the popular accounts have. Influencers, on either side, can benefit financially from sponsored material and commercials in order to grow their fan base.
  • Influencers and media accounts with a public subscriber count have a better possibility of gaining more followers. It is psychologically proven that people have more inclination to engage you and also determins the number of followers you have.
  • The same is true for companies, since more followers indicate that your shop is trustabe by many people, providing potential followers a reason to buy from them. If a company has fewer followers or does not display its follower base, it will give a potential follower the notion that they should not follow them.

Eligibility of Showing Subscriber Count on Snapchat-

As we know, Snapchat has quietly started showing its users the number of people who subscribe to them. Snapchat is offering content creators a new metric to prove the size of their following on the app. The company said it is rolling out the feature “in partnership” with Cheetah Mobile. It is an influencer marketing company that helps brands connect with media creators on social media. It’s unclear if Snapchat will show the number of subscribers across the platform, or just on individual accounts.

The option to enable subscriber count is only available to people or businesses who have a public Snapchat profile. You must have a Creator Profile at the moment, which can be enabled if you are a Lens Creator or a public person on Snapchat.

Meanwhile, public profiles will be likely available to all users worldwide in the near future. So, in the coming months, anybody who wishes to disclose subscription figures on their profile to do so. In addition to their follower count, public profile users will be able to add a description of themselves. Details like email address, location, website, and other information for others to see.

Steps to make your Subscriber Count on Snapchat profile visible

Only public Snapchat accounts have access to the new ‘Subscriber count’ option. Once you already have a public profile, you may enable the subscriber count to make the number of followers visible to others when they see your profile. To do so, open the Snapchat app and navigate to the Edit Profile page. You just have to choose your Public Profile card under ‘Profile Management’ inside the ‘My Profile’ page. After selecting the Bitmoji or Story icon at the top, tap ‘Edit’ on the following screen.

You have now just come to the ‘Edit Profile’ screen, in which a new feature called ‘Show Subscriber Count’ will appear. To make the number of subscribers you have visible to everyone who views your profile. You can perform this easily, all you have to do is enable the ‘Show Subscriber Count’ option to activate it.

How to Increase the Subscribers Number on your Snapchat?

Do you wish to be the next Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian by becoming the most followed personality on Snapchat? Then, here’s how you increase your subscriber:

Make your own Snapchat lenses-

The first is to design unique lenses. It’s one of Snapchat’s most well-known features, and they’re continuously on the search for new Lenses. You may begin your trip to the Subscribe button by going to the Lens Studio.

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Start creating and sharing a lot of content on a regular basis-

Another approach is to achieve a Creator profile and the Subscribe badge. This is particularly to make a lot of content and share it with as many people as you can. Snapchat notices and rewards you when you make an effort to generate fresh and entertaining content.

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