How to Get STEPN Activation Code

Do you have a burning desire to get a STEPN activation code? Maybe you were a little late to the party, and now that everyone is scrambling to grab a STEPN activation code, you think it’s impossible to get one? Well, don’t panic; the great majority of people are experiencing similar issues, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 6 tried and true methods of how to get STEPN activation code. This post will teach you how to get a STEPN activation code using six different techniques. Let’s get started.

What is STEPN and How Does It Work?

STEPN is a game that combines GameFi with SocialFi to provide a breakthrough move-to-earn experience. The NFT game, which is Solana-based, rewards users who exercise and live a healthy lifestyle with cryptocurrency tokens that can be used inside the game or sold for other currencies.

Although you presumably already know what STEPN is, just in case you stumbled onto this page by mistake, let us give you a brief rundown of the hoopla. STEPN is the first NFT effort to develop a fully functional Move-to-Earn game. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Play-to-Earn before, and you may even know a few folks who make a living playing NFT games like Axie Infinity. STEPN is extremely similar to that, with the exception that it needs you to accomplish things in real life.

It combines GameFi and SocialFi components to create an engaging experience in which remaining healthy and fit is rewarded with bitcoin tokens. Everyone can join, get prizes, and exchange them for real-world dollars, regardless of whether they are a runner, jogger, or even a walker. Part of the STEPN team’s income is also used to combat climate change via carbon offsetting.

It may seem a little odd, but people are genuinely going mad about it. To play the game, you must first download the STEPN app and purchase a STEPN shoe NFT. Depending on whether you’re a runner or a walker, there are numerous sorts of shoe NFTs, and some are superior to others.

However, because of the overwhelming interest and demand, STEPN has imposed a daily restriction on the number of persons who can join the ecosystem. This was essential in order to keep up with the increasing number of users. As a result, everyone is looking for STEPN activation codes and attempting to find out the best approach to get one. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of tried-and-true methods for obtaining a STEPN activation code.

What is a STEPN Activation Code and How can I get one?

The quantity of daily activation codes released by STEPN has been limited due to high demand. Every day, they distribute up to 2,000 activation codes over Discord and Telegram on a first-come, first-served basis. Other options for acquiring STEPN activation codes include asking current users, and influencers, or just combing social media.

Don’t worry if you’re having problems receiving a STEPN activation code and feel like you’re constantly late. In fact, due to the high demand, only a few people are able to get a legitimate STEPN activation code at this time.

To begin with, the STEPN team employed an online questionnaire to restrict the number of STEPN activation codes made available to the general public. However, demand grew so quickly that they had to tighten the restrictions even further, and there are now only a handful of methods to get a STEPN activation code. That isn’t to say there aren’t methods to improve your chances; you simply have to know where to search and whether or not you’ll be able to obtain one if you truly want one.

Here are 6 tried and true methods for obtaining a STEPN activation code:

Solution 1: Discord STEPN Activation Codes (every day):

 STEPN Activation Code

The most straightforward, but also most difficult, method of obtaining a STEPN activation code is to use the STEPN Discord server.

Approximately 1,000 fresh STEPN activation codes are provided every day through their Discord channel “#-activation-code.” Every 15 minutes, 10 news codes are dripped into the channel, and then it’s a race to the finish line. It’s really tough to be the first to utilize these codes since they only operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The STEPN Discord, for example, now has 489,000 members, with over 52,000 of them active at any one moment.

Getting a STEPN activation code in this manner might be difficult unless you’re lightning quick. Fortunately, STEPN also distributes 1,000 more codes through their Telegram channel, where the procedure is somewhat different.

Solution 2: Telegram STEPN Activation Codes (every day):

 STEPN Activation Code

Join the STEPN Telegram server to get one of the 1,000 daily STEPN activation codes that they issue on Telegram. Actually, you won’t be able to join as the server’s 200,000-member maximum has already been met. However, you can still read along, and that is the only requirement.

We suggest filtering the messages to solely pinned messages since there is a lot of conversation going on. You’ll only see official communications from the STEPN team this way. There’s a link within the Telegram. It takes you to a web page where you can produce one of the 1,000 new STEPN activation codes. And they generate these codes every day. We suggest that you wait until 1 p.m. UTC every day before accessing the link as they reset the number of codes. That way, you’ll have a far better chance of acquiring a code.

You also don’t need to monitor the Telegram channel since the connection is consistent. Every day around 24:00 AEDT / 13:00 UTC, they refresh the codes.

Solution 3: Consult a fellow player or a friend:

 STEPN Activation Code

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who is already a STEPN user? Then you’re in luck since for every 10 Energy spent, each user may receive an activation code. With a typical common shoe NFT, 10 Energy is comparable to 5 days of running, jogging, or walking. It’s worth noting that consumers can’t save their activation codes. They can only use one code until they hand it on to someone who will utilize it. This is also why so many individuals share their activation codes all over the internet. So, if you find someone who already has it, ask them to give you their next STEPN activation code first.

Solution 4: Use social media to look for codes:

As I previously said, many individuals are distributing their activation codes via various communication methods. People with codes are spreading them all over the internet, whether on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. However, the most apparent place to check first is on Telegram or Discord.

Check out the “#-activation-code-sharing” channel on the STEPN Discord. You can just browse the main discussion channel on Telegram. Sometimes you might discover folks who are willing to share their code. Keep in mind that thousands of others are watching at the same stream as you. So, you’ll need to be fast. It’s a difficult procedure, but it’s not impossible.

Solution 5: Use the Influencer Code Generator:

This is an option only accessible to people who have a substantial social media following. To apply, you must have at least 1,000 followers or subscribers. For every 1,000 individuals, you will earn 10 coupons. You may apply for up to 100 tickets, so use them carefully. You must distribute them to individuals who are serious about using STEPN. If you don’t have enough followers, you may ask a friend to apply for the codes on your behalf. He can then share them with you and the community at large.

Solution 6: Codes from the STEPN Quiz:

(WARNING: STEPN has discontinued this facility for obtaining a STEPN activation code due to high demand. The quiz is still available, but it is no longer functional.)

 STEPN Activation Code

A little STEPN popup question used to be the only way to receive an activation code. You just needed to complete six questions in order to acquire a code. Because many individuals were too slow to look for the proper answers, numerous blogs began giving the correct answers.

In case the quiz is ever re-activated, we’ve compiled the right answers for you in the infographic above. However, for the time being, this is a dead-end.

Conclusion: STEPN is one of the most popular new NFT initiatives. As it successfully combines bitcoin, carbon offsets, and a healthy lifestyle into a single gamified experience. Unfortunately, the team has had to limit the number of activation codes they can provide due to the enormous demand. Every day, they give out 2,000 activation codes through their Discord and Telegram channels. But don’t be concerned. We were able to activate our account in around 15-20 minutes, despite how tough it seems.

Our aim is to help you learn all you can about the upcoming NFT revolution. We have taught you how to get STEPN activation code online and we hope that you find our content useful. Please don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the section below.

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