SoFi Money Reviews & Fees | SoFi Money Activation Guide

Welcome to the guide to know all about SoFi Money, its reviews, login process, activation steps, and fees. SoFi Money Management is the new name for Tandem Invest, a personal investing platform that offers investment accounts, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and IRA accounts. Your SoFi Money account can potentially earn you up to 2 times more than two percent on short-term investments (1 to 3 years) and as much as 1.7 times more than one percent on long-term investments (more than 3 years). The rates on your SoFi Money account are available to both primary account holders and joint account holders.

SoFi Money, short for “social finance,” offers several unique financial products: SoFi Money is a student loan refinancing service; There are Personal Loans that can help you consolidate debt and save thousands in interest; SoFi Invest is a free investment app that makes it easy to invest in ETFs; and SoFi Wealth combines banking and investing into one account, making it easy to manage your money. Now, let us begin!

Some amazing features of SoFi Money you must know

SoFi Invest is a sleek, mobile-first digital investment advisory platform that helps everyone reach their financial goals faster. SoFi was founded by top venture and angel investors who are experts in the personal finance space and have over 20 years of experience advising and investing in technology startups. They created SoFi Invest to make sophisticated personal finance tools available to everyone with an investing mindset. SoFi Invest matches the convenience and simplicity of a Robo advisor with the personalized attention of a certified financial planner – all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor.

There are three types of SoFi investment accounts you can sign up for, depending on your situation and needs: IRA, Roth IRA, and taxable brokerage account. The SoFi Invest service provides online brokerage trading for stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, and other securities. And, it offers no-fee checking and savings accounts with high-interest rates. You can even transfer money between SoFi Invest and other SoFi accounts to earn interest on your investments without having to pay a fee.

The most transparent, straightforward, and flexible fixed income platform. SoFi Invest focuses on helping you make the most out of your hard-earned money. It Invest is a new online investment platform that makes it easy and affordable to invest. SoFi Invest offers two mutual funds and two ETFs with low expense ratios to help you build wealth over time. Portfolio Management is included at no additional cost, so you can invest on your own or with the help of a financial advisor. The company also Invests offers a unique combination of high-quality index funds, low fees, and automatic investing, all online.

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SoFi Money Reviews and Pros and Cons of it!

This is an online investment platform that allows you to set up an IRA or brokerage account, transfer existing investments into SoFi, buy individual stocks and ETFs (and view their performance), get financial guidance, and more. All of this is offered at a fraction of the cost of investing with a traditional broker.

SoFi charges a fee of roughly 0% for active trading and automatic investment (1.25% for cryptocurrency). Its minimum account balance is $0 ($1 to begin investing), and its current promotion is to give you $10 in Bitcoin after you make your first cryptocurrency deal.

Benefits of SoFi Money

  • There is no minimum investment amount to begin investing.
  • There are no account or trading fees, and own funds fees are modest.
  • At no additional cost, you will have access to Certified Financial Planners.
  • Bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital assets are all available for trading.

SoFi’s Drawbacks

  • No tax-loss harvesting, a sophisticated investing strategy in which you sell a stock or mutual fund at a loss to gain a tax benefit.
  • When actively investing, there is no opportunity for stop-loss orders; Only market orders are used in SoFi’s active investing account.
  • A poor track record; SoFi’s automated trading technology has only been operational since 2017, compared to other brokerages.
  • Currently, it is only available to residents of the United States.

NOTE: SoFi’s minimum Investment is $0.

How do you invest for SoFi Money?- Find Complete Steps to Login

SoFi Invest is perfect for first-time investors seeking a straightforward approach to investing. SoFi doesn’t need a minimum deposit to register an account, so you may get started even if you don’t have much to invest. It has the following fundamental features:

  1. There are no account or management fees, and fund fees are quite modest.
  2. Access to Certified Financial Planners is provided at no cost (CFPs)
  3. The ability to purchase fractional shares of a corporation’s stock
  4. Investing, whether active or automated
  5. Cryptocurrency accessibility

Here are the login steps for SoFi that you need to follow for successfully signing in:

  1. Firstly open a web browser and visit here:
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Click on the login button and you are good to go.

How to contact SoFi Account?

1. Loans & General Questions at-

  • Email Id: [email protected] and Call at (855) 456-7634.
  • Mon–Thu 4 am–9 pm and Fri–Sun 4 am–5 pm (All times are PST).

2. For Mortgages at-

  • Email Id: [email protected] and call at (844) 763-4466
  • Mon–Thu 8 am–5 pm, Fri 8 am–4 pm, and Sat 7 am–2 pm.

3. Wealth

  • Email Id: [email protected] and call at (855) 525–7634.
  • Mon–Thu 7am–5pm and Fri 7am–4pm.

What’s the best way to check my SoFi balance?

To begin, navigate to your member dashboard’s homepage. To manage your personal loan account, tap on the Personal Loan card. Your Personal Loan Summary will appear, showing your current or remaining balance. The Bancorp Bank issued the SoFi Money Debit Card. SoFi has teamed with Allpoint to do is provide customers with ATM service at any of the Allpoint network’s 55,000+ ATMs.

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Wrapping Up

SoFi Invest is an online investment platform that helps customers invest their money however they choose. SoFi Money is a multi-faceted online bank and financial services company that focuses on investing. Not only can you choose from a variety of CDs and traditional investment accounts, but SoFi money also offers some unique investment products you won’t find elsewhere—like the no-fee SoFi MoneySM Checking account. That was all in our guide, we hope you liked this post!

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