How to Install the Smithsonian Channel on Roku?

Watch Smithsonian Channel on your Roku to experience all things Smithsonian. Smithsonian Channel is a destination for curious minds. Watch Smithsonian Channel on Roku to explore more than 200 hours of great Smithsonian content, including documentaries, nature specials, and thrilling historical programming. Stream documentaries, specials, and full-length shows including American Chronicles and Animal Planet as well as live footage from sites like the National Zoo in. The Smithsonian Channel is a 24-hour live TV network that covers all of your Smithsonian Museum needs. 

Enjoy your favorite shows in over 40 languages, including art history and wildlife documentaries – as well as live news and information from the heart of Washington DC. The Smithsonian Channel provides accessible, educational, and entertaining content to over 100 million viewers worldwide. With Smithsonian Channel, you’ll find what you love with their wide variety of documentaries, movies, and more. Now, let us know how to access the Smithsonian Channel on Roku!

About the Channel-

This Smithsonian Channel app lets you watch the Smithsonian Institution live 24/7 on your Roku, including programs like the weekly show “America Revealed,” or “Discovery Time,” a live feed. You can also watch original series and documentaries from Smithsonian experts. Smithsonian Channel brings you all of the exciting Smithsonian Museums and Zoo experiences you can imagine! View video content on your TV screen, while also enjoying a variety of curated experiences from their newest exhibitions.

An Act of Congress established the Smithsonian Institution in 1846 as “an establishment for the advancement and spread of knowledge.” The Smithsonian Institution is made up of 19 museums and the National Zoo (including the top three most visited museums in the world). Nearly 150 connected museums are located in 39 states, Panama, and Puerto Rico, with touring exhibitions visiting over 100 museums each year. The Smithsonian Institution employs 700 world-class scientists, has nine research centers around the world, and houses over 136 million items ranging from Dorothy’s ruby slippers to the Lunar Orbiter.

Roku Channel Store Synopsis: Smithsonian Channel’s award-winning content is available anywhere, anytime, and on your favorite devices. Explore the realms of history, mystery, science, pop culture, and more to do with original series and engaging documentaries clearly influenced by the Smithsonian Institution’s museums, research facilities, and publications. Simply download and listen to it at home or on the go.

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Using your Roku device to Activate the Smithsonian Channel-

  • Proceed with your Roku remote, and press the Home button on it.
  • To access the Channel Store, scroll up or down and pick Streaming Channels. A list of featured, new, and famous categories to discover is located at the top of the Channel Store.
  • You can use Search Channels to find options based on a channel’s title by entering a keyword. There are several genres to choose from below.

NOTE: While you are browsing lists or channel grids, use your Roku remote to jump up or down one page at a time by pressing the Reverse scan button or Forward scan button.

  1. Tap the OK icon on your remote to view the details whenever you want to learn more about a channel. You may see screenshots of the channel in addition to a synopsis and rating.
  2. If the channel is “free,” you can install it on your Roku device by selecting Smithsonian Channel.
  3. If the channel is “paid,” you can purchase and install it by selecting Buy $X.XX.
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your Roku account PIN if you have one.
  5. If your payment information is incorrect, you must amend it in your Roku account.
  6. Browse to on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  7. Select your cable TV provider selection from the drop-down option now. Finally, click “Continue.”
  8. Complete the activation procedure by following the directions on your screen.
  9. The Smithsonian Channel has now been successfully activated and enabled on your device.

An alternative option for the Smithsonian channel

The Smithsonian Channel has a vast range of content in the library ranging from Aviation and Military History to Wildlife and Mini Documentaries. The channel no longer provides standalone subscriptions, and unlimited access demands you to verify with a participating pay-TV provider. Even so, there is still plenty of unlocked content for everyone to enjoy, such as choose episodes of successful shows like America in Color, UFOs Declassified, and the Aerial franchise, which involves Africa, America, Britain, and Cities.

Now, to get the Smithsonian channel on Roku, here are the steps you need to perform:

  1. Turn on your Roku device and push the ‘Home’ button on the remote.
  2. Once you are on the home page, open the Roku channel store.
  3. In the channel store, search for the ‘Smithsonian’ channel using the search feature.
  4. When you are able to find the channel, click on ‘+Add Channel’ as shown below to get access to exclusive content.
  1. The channel will start installing and downloading on your Roku device. Enjoy streaming!

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Looking for a place to stream Smithsonian programs?- Check here!

You may watch Smithsonian Channel for free online or on the app in a variety of ways:

Pick full episodes and segments are available for free online at or via the Smithsonian Channel app, which is available for Apple, Amazon, Roku, and Android devices. You can use your TV Provider account credentials to unlock all of their shows on compatible devices if you access Smithsonian Channel through your TV Provider.


The Smithsonian Channel is available from participating television providers. Visit Here to see whether Smithsonian Channel is available through your TV provider.


Each episode can be purchased separately on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, FandangoNOW, and DVD. Access any of these online stores and type in the title of the show you’re curious about to see if it’s available for purchase.

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Paramount+ now includes all of your favorite Smithsonian Channel programming. It’s simple if you’re a Paramount+ subscriber. Hit Smithsonian Channel episodes like Air Disasters, Aerial America, Secrets, and more are available to watch. To begin streaming, simply go to Paramount+ right now.

You can test it for free if you aren’t a Paramount+ subscriber.

So, that was all in our post to get the Smithsonian channel and we hope you liked it!

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