How to Add and Use RoConnect on Roku to stream media files on your Roku device?

Introducing the RoConnect, the first app for Android devices and Roku players that enables streaming of video files stored on your personal computer. Simply access your media library of video files on your personal computer and stream video to a variety of streaming devices. RoConnect makes it easy to share movies, photos, and other types of media with friends and family. For RoConnect, a one-time purchase fee of $0.99 is required.

With RoConnect™, you can play videos that are on your computer in your living room! RoConnect is a fast, secure, and convenient way to stream video files from your computer to Roku players, Android devices, or any computer on your local network. Connect RoConnect to your home network router’s USB port and follow the instructions within the software. You can stream videos from any of the computers in your home to your Roku player as long as you are connected to the same local network.

All About RoConnect-

A free and easy-to-use application, RoConnect allows Roku players, TVs with built-in Roku software, Android devices, and computers in the same network to view video files located on your personal computer. Simply open the RoConnect server on your computer and select the video files you wish to stream by movie title, actor, or genre. Simultaneously stream all your video files to your viewing devices within seconds!

RoConnect is an application designed around the benefits of Roku and developed for Mac users who want to stream video files from their hard drive to their Roku player or Android device. RoConnect is easiest to access from your computer on the Roku website. Simply go to their site and download it in a few simple steps and start streaming! All you need is your RoConnect server and personal media to start streaming on your Roku player.

Streaming your favorite movies and TV shows from your personal computer to your TV has never been easier. Simply install the RoConnect server on your computer, and all you need is a Roku player or an Android device, and a reliable internet connection. Watch all of your videos straight from your computer with this simple-to-use application.

Features of roConnect-

The RoConnect package includes a web application that manages and streams your computer’s catalog at the same time. To provide all users with a rich and easy experience, the interface is extremely straightforward and simple. Adding and deleting media is as simple as dragging and dropping files into and out of a folder.

Keep your home connected- 

RoConnect’s simple concept gathers all of your media in one place and streams it to multiple devices.

Save numerous hours with IMDb Integration-

Automatic IMDb searches will populate movie data from IMDb’s movie database for you.

Stream training media to every room in the office- 

Stream training media across the entire corporate network, including any browser, Android device, or Roku Player.

Design that is simple An easy-to-navigate interface- 

RoConnect’s user interface is simple, straightforward, and attractive, and it won’t leave you perplexed.

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How does RoConnect operate on Roku streaming player?

RoConnect also allows you to link additional Roku Players to your computer’s media collection. This means that every media file can be viewed on every Roku Player in the home! The RoConnect Channel will be installed and synced to your computer’s media library with a single click of a button and a dash of IT magic.

NOTE: Do you not have a Roku player but yet want to use reConnect? It’s no problem. All major browsers support RoConnect’s web application. Any computer linked to your home network can simply view your media. 

A Roku Player is a small gadget that streams media over the internet and connects to your TV. Netflix is one of the “Channels” that you can download for your Roku Player. One of these channels is RoConnect, which gives you access to your computer’s media files.

What is RoConnect and how does it work?

Stream videos from your computer to a Roku player or Android device, no matter where you are. With RoConnect, you can take your whole video collection with you, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Begin streaming your videos on a Roku player or Android device by completing the simple registration form at

RoConnect allows you to access your computer’s media library from anywhere in the home. It’s simple to set up and stream to all of your favorite electronic devices. Hover your mouse over the bottom-right corner room to start with the RoConnect server. Stream to Computers is a service that allows you to stream content to computers. Any machine on the network can view or listen to the RoConnect Server’s streaming media.

What do you get by RoConnect on Roku?

RoConnect Server Media Streaming

You can subscribe to many channels on the Roku Player. Users may easily broadcast their computer’s media library to any Roku Player on their home network with RoConnect’s own channel.

Intuitive User Interface

The RoConnect Channel was created with the goal of providing a comprehensive content experience. The Roku Player displays all media information, allowing consumers to get the most out of their media viewing experience. Showcase actors, directors, a synopsis, an IMDb user rating, and far more!

Support for High Definition

Do you have an HDTV? Up to 1080p HD TV output is compatible with the Roku players. RoConnect uses the high speeds of home networks to stream full-resolution HD videos from your computer’s video collection to your TV!

Virtual Remote for Roku Player

The Roku Player’s Android app also functions as a remote control. In a world where there are too many remote controls, RoConnect seamlessly incorporates Roku Player controls into your device’s interface. No more looking for misplaced remote controls!

roPush movies to your Roku device

Do you wish to share a movie you’re watching on your Android device with a group of people? Pick your video clip from a list of Roku Players on your home network and send it to your TV via your Roku! The RoConnect Channel on Roku will start picking up where you left off on your Android device and play your video clip! It’s nearly magical.

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Steps to Add RoConnect on Roku player-

The official channel store has roConnect accessible. You can just download and install it on your smartphone.

  1. Connect your Roku player to your TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Go to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your Roku remote.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Streaming Channels tab on the home screen.
  4. Select Search Channels from the Streaming Channels menu.
  5. Using the on-screen keyboard, type roConnect into the search field.
  6. To install roConnect, select it from the list of possibilities and touch the Add Channel button.
  7. When the installation is complete, click “OK” on the pop-up window.
  8. Launch the roConnect app from the app info screen.
  9. It’s now easy to connect your PC to the roConnect server and start streaming files.

Troubleshoot RoConnect errors you are facing in Roku-

If you encounter any issues while using RoConnect on your Roku streaming player, we are here to help! So, check out some genuine concerns a user has while using RoConnect on Roku.

Why is my Roku’s RoConnect channel giving me a “Bad RoConnect Server IP” error?

This means the RoConnect channel is unable to locate a RoConnect server at the specified IP address. Even though your server’s IP address is right in the RoConnect web app, if your WAMP/MAMP server is not up and running OR your computer’s firewall is turned on, the RoConnect channel will be unable to locate the server.

Follow these steps to get your WAMP/MAMP server up and running:

MAMP: Simply open the MAMP folder in your Applications folder, and you will find the MAMP software there. The server will start when you double-click on the MAMP program.

WAMP: From the Start Menu, select “All Programs,” then WAMP > Start Wamp Server. In the system tray (bottom right-hand corner), you’ll notice a green “W.”

Ensure your WAMP server is online by selecting “Put Online” from the green “W” in the system tray (If that option does not exist then your WAMP server is online).

What is the procedure for removing content from RoConnect?

Simply navigate to your media file folder (confirm this with your configuration) and delete the media files you wish to get rid of. These media files will be erased if you click the “Index Videos” button.

What is the procedure for adding media to RoConnect?

Simply browse to your media file folder (confirm this folder in your configuration) and add the media files you want to the folder. The media files will be added when you click the “Index Videos” tab.

Wrapping Up

RoConnect streams video files from your computer to Roku players, Android devices, and any computer on your local network. The free RoConnect server allows you to instantly stream media files from your computer anywhere in your home that connects to a wireless Internet. With RoConnect you can instantly stream videos from your laptop or desktop computer directly to your TV/Monitor. We hope you liked our post!

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