How to check Raising Cane’s gift card balance?

Customers who have a Raising Cane’s gift card or a Caniac Club card and are looking for instructions on how to use these cards or check their balance will find them here. The instructions include everything from registration to redemption of the cards. In this post, we will discuss the following questions in relation to Raising Cane’s gift card: How to check Raising Cane’s gift card balance, how to activate Raising Cane’s gift card, and how to contact their customer support at So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

Raising Cane's Gift Card Balance
Raising Cane’s Gift Card Balance Check

Raising Cane’s Gift Card Balance Check Process:

How do I check canes gift card balance?

You can visit the following link, which includes data to enter, to check the balance on your rising cane’s gift card if you are interested in doing so. Follow the steps below for Raising Cane’s Check Gift Card Balance process:

  • Visit card balance.
  • Please provide the following information:
  • The number on the gift card
  • Pin
  • Email address
  • To check your balance, click the icon that looks like an eye.
  • It will instantly display your balance on the screen.

Raising Cane’s Gift Card Activation Process:

How do I activate my Raising Cane’s gift card?

You will need to go to the Raising Cane’s restaurant nearest to you and ask for a card if you do not already have a Caniac Club card or a Raising Cane’s gift card in your possession. Follow these instructions after you have received your new card.

  • Go to to register your card and check your balance.
  • Simply choose the red button labeled “Register Your Card.”
  • Please enter the number that is printed on your Caniac Club card.
  • Simply hit the “Submit” button.
  • Please verify your account by entering the email address associated with it.
  • Your email address will be validated, and then you will have your free lunch from The Box Combo within the next two days.

Raising Cane’s Login Process:

What do I need to do to sign up for an online account with Raising Cane’s?

The next step, once you have registered your new card, is to establish an online account, which will enable you to complete purchases more quickly at stores that accept them. This option also links to your Caniac Club card, which gives you access to additional perks. Follow these steps to begin the process of establishing an online Raising Club’s account for yourself.

  • Go over to
  • To create a new account, click the button labeled ‘Create Account’ in red.
  • Please provide the information requested below.
  • Initial of the name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • A secure password
  • Optional pick Caniac Club card.
  • Simply choose the Sign Up button.

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Raising Cane Customer Service:

How can I contact Raising Cane’s customer service?

You can phone the below-mentioned toll-free number in order to speak with someone in the customer service department:


Additionally, you can mail them to [email protected].

Working hours:

1-833-HICANES (442-2637) 

Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM CT  

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM CT

About Raising Cane Gift Card: An Overview

Raising Cane’s gift card is a gift card issued by the popular food chain Raising Chain. It is available in both physical and e-card form and you can get it at any reputable online site or at their physical stores. Following is some of the important information related to it:

  • This card can only be used to pay for purchases at Raising Cane’s restaurants that are participating in the promotion.
  • Unless specifically obliged to do so by law, this card cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • There will be no replacement issued for this card in the event that it is misplaced, stolen, destroyed, or used without your authorization.
  • No value till purchasing.
  • When you use this card, you are automatically agreeing to all of these terms and conditions.
  • Only redeemable at participating restaurants.
  • You can spend this gift card at any of the Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers locations that are participating in the program.
  • The gift cards cannot be processed at any of the franchise restaurants that are housed inside the university dining facility.
  • In-store redemption is available.
  • On gift cards, there are no returns and no refunds allowed.

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What are some of the perks that come with having a Caniac Club card?

Following are some of the perks that come along with a Caniac Club/Raising Cane’s card:

  • After completing the sign-up process and confirming their email address, new members are entitled to a complimentary The Box Combo meal during the first 48 hours of their membership.
  • On the day of their birthday, all members enjoy complimentary beverages.
  • Get access to deals that are only available to members of the Caniac Club.
  • On the anniversary of their membership sign-up, each member receives a Buy One Get One Free Box Combo.

Conclusion: So, this is all about the Raising Club’s gift card, its activation, and the login process. We’ve carefully explained all the steps that you need to follow in order to check Raising Cane’s gift card balance. With this, we hope that you will find our guide helpful and easy. If, however, you come across any doubts or issues, please leave them in the empty comment area below. We’d love to be of assistance to you in whatever form possible for us. Thank you.

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