How to Access Check Balance?

For convicts being released from prison, they might think they’ll be getting a paper check for the balance of their commissary account. But in many cases, they’ll actually be getting a Prestige Prepaid MasterCard from Numi Financial. The Prestige Prepaid MasterCard must be given out at the time of release, not at the time of transfer to another institution. The card is a prepaid debit card that can be used to access the funds in your account.

There are some things to keep in mind if you’re using the Prestige Prepaid MasterCard. First, you’ll need to activate the card before you can use it. You can do this by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Once the card is activated, you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Step-by-step Activate Prestige Debit Card:

There are some fees associated with the card. For example, there’s a $2.95 monthly maintenance fee, a $1.50 ATM withdrawal fee, and a $0.50 fee for balance inquiries. So, be sure to take these fees into account when you’re using the card. Overall, the Prestige Prepaid MasterCard is a handy way to access your commissary account balance after you’re released from prison. Just be sure to keep an eye on the fees and activate the card before you use it.

  1. You must activate your card and set your unique 4-digit ATM PIN before using it.
  2. Follow the prompts to log into your payment card account by dialing 1 888 913 0900.
  3. Type in your account access code and card number. The final four digits of your social security number serve as your initial account access code.
  4. Press 7 to access your pre-assigned ATM/PIN code, then press 2 to replace it with a new, more easily memorable ATM/PIN code. Your new ATM/PIN code will then need to be entered a second time as verification. To get back to the previous menu, press 8.
  5. To modify your account access code, press 5. As well as your new account access code, enter the identical new ATM/PIN code.
  6. The new ATM/PIN code must be entered once more as verification.
  7. To activate your card, press 2. On the front of your card, enter the expiration date. Your card is now available for use. 
  8. You must enter your new account access code to view your account details. You must execute an ATM or Pin Debit transaction using your new ATM/PIN.

After setting your PIN and activating your card, here’s how to use your Money Network Payroll Card!

  • Call 1‐888‐913‐0900.
  • For account login, follow the audio instructions.
  • To access the “Account Information Menu,” press 1.
  • Select “Account Balance” by pressing 1.

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How to Complete Prestige Login Process?

To access the online account for your First Progress Platinum Prestige prepaid debit card, visit the login page on the First Progress mobile app or website. Then, enter your username and password in the corresponding sections to access your First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card account. Next, to access your online account, select “Login.” In order to create a username and password if you don’t already have one, you must first select “Create a New Account.”

For prestige login and to access an account for a First Progress Platinum Prestige Credit Card:

  1. For online account access, register your First Progress Platinum Prestige credit card. Enter your 16-digit account number and then click “Create a New Account.”
  2. Your Social Security number’s last four digits are used to confirm your credit card account.
  3. Select a username and password for your First Progress Platinum Prestige card. Spaces are not permitted in the password or username.
  4. Use the credentials from your new First Progress Platinum Prestige card to log in. To access your account, go to the login page on the First Progress website or mobile app, enter your new login information in the Online ID and Password fields, and then click “Log In.”
  5. You may manage your First Progress Platinum Prestige card account online once you’ve registered and logged in. You may manage account details, including passwords and automatic payments, as well as pay credit card bills, view credit card statements, and track account activity.
  6. On the First Progress login screen, click “Forgot your Online ID / Password?” if you can’t remember your login details. After that, simply adhere to the instructions to reset or retrieve your login or password.

So, that’s how you successfully complete the Prestige login register procedure and hope you have solved the signup step now, let us move to the steps for checking the balance of your Prestige Debit Card.

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How to Check the Balance of Numi Prestige Debit MasterCard?

Visit your First Progress online account or dial 1-877-724-0932 to check your First Progress Platinum Prestige card’s balance. Online balance checks are the quickest way to check your First Progress Platinum Prestige account because you never have to deal with an automated system or wait for a human to become available.

To Online Check the Balance on Your First Progress Platinum Prestige Card: 

  • Select the First Progress Platinum Prestige Card after logging into your First Progress account. You’ll see your balance on the following page.
  • To have the automated system read your current balance over the phone, dial 1-877-724-0932 and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You should monitor the balance on your First Progress Platinum Prestige Card.
  • Take a minute to review your most recent transactions to see if there have been any unusual transactions if your balance appears to be greater than it should be.

How can I find out the status of my First Progress Platinum Prestige application?

Call 1-877-724-0932 to verify the progress of your First Progress Platinum Prestige application.

According to First Progress, your application will be processed in three weeks or less. When you pay your security deposit with a prepaid or debit card, you can also get expedited processing for $19.95. Your application will be completed up to 7 days quicker this way.

Given that it does not accept your application successfully, we would say it is not worth it. Now, that was all in our post for Prestige Prepaid MasterCard, I hope you liked it and

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How can I use an ATM to receive the cash?

To use an ATM to receive cash:

i) Enter or swipe your payroll card.
ii) Type in your four-digit PIN.
iii) “Withdrawal from Checking” should be chosen.
iv) Enter the desired withdrawal in dollars.
v) Take the receipt, your cash, and your payroll card.

How can I pay with my Visa signature at a store?

Through the card reader, swipe the pay card:

i) Select “Credit” from the menu.
ii) Verify your purchase’s total and click “Approve,” “Yes,” or “OK.”
iii) The clerk will hand you an authorization slip to sign and return.
iv) Take your purchases and the receipt with you. Give the Visa card to the employee who will process it if the store lacks a swipe pad.

Can I use my Visa PIN to make a cash-back transaction at a store?

To use Visa PIN to make a cash-back transaction at a store:

i) At the PIN pad at the checkout, choose “ATM / Debit.”
ii) Enter your PIN once you swipe your card.
iii) Choose “Cash Back” or ask the salesperson for cash back to receive it.
iv) Check the total of your transaction and any cash rewards.
v) Choose “Approve,” “OK,” or “Yes.”
vi) Take your cash and receipt with you.

How the money can be transferred into a personal bank account?

For transferring money into a personal bank account, here’s what you need to do”

i) Call 1‐888‐913‐0900.
ii) For account login, heed the audio instructions.
iii) To choose “Transfer funds into another account,” press the number 6.
iv) Create the account into which you want to make the transfer; this is a one-time operation.
v) Your bank account and routing numbers are required.
vi) To specify the transfer amount, adhere to the voice instructions.

Where is the Numi prestige card zip code?

On a number of prepaid debit cards:

i) On the prepaid card itself, either on the front or back of the card, you can discover the zip code.
ii) If not, you can use the bank’s website to find the zip code by entering your account name and card number.
iii) Looking at the billing sheet that arrives with your card is the simplest method. The zip code can be found there.

How can I check the amount on my prepaid Mastercard online?

Both cash back from purchases and the use of Mastercard Gift Cards at ATMs are not permitted. How can I find out the remaining value of my Mastercard gift card? Simply enter your Gift Card’s Security Code, Expiration Date, and Card Number at

What balance does my prepaid Mastercard have?

How can I find out what’s left on my Card? You have three options for checking your balance: log onto, dial 1 (877) 322-4710 for 24/7 automated balance queries, or maintain tabs on your spending. The remaining balance on your Card may not be accessible to all merchants.

What is the online Prestige card usage procedure?

Card must be used or entered at the time of in-person or online purchases. For a discount to be applied to online purchases, the prestige card must be registered in the online profile. You will receive exclusive shopping discounts, access to the SMAC Prestige Lounge, priority fitting rooms at The SM Store, courtesy check-out lanes at SM Markets, valet shopping, and much more as a member of this elite membership club.

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