Register for Prepaid Gift Balance Cards to enjoy the Benefits of Prepaid Cards

If you consider carrying cash with yourself every time then it can be risky. Everyone knows how tough it is to earn money and we can’t just lose it like that. So what is the thing that will work beneficial to you in this situation? Of course Prepaid cash cards. The Prepaid Gift Balance card is handy and advantageous for you. The card can be used in any of the stores in the United States. You can register for the Prepaid Gift Balance Card through easily.

There are vouchers that are available for you on the official website for the general stores. You will get to know a lot more about Prepaid Gift Balance cards in this article which will help you register for this card and acknowledge its perks. 

Let’s start with the registration process.

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How can you register the Prepaid Gift Balance Account (

Have you decided to register on for the prepaid gift balance card account then these steps are for you. You can initiate this process by visiting Now you need to follow the pointers mentioned below-

  • The first thing which is important is a bank account. You have to have a bank account, to begin with, the process, and to buy the prepaid gift balance card. 
  • You can open a new bank account for this or else you can also make use of your existing bank account. Enter the information regarding your bank account number with other things as well like SSN- Social Security Number.
  • After providing all the details tap on the option ‘’Enter’’. It will take a moment to proceed. 
  • The important step is to check your transaction history as it assists to know about the important details of the transactions. 
  • The process of registration is entirely secure and reliable. It will allow you to access the Prepaid Gift balance card effortlessly. 
  • Just having a username and password will let you access the balance of the prepaid gift card.

Steps to activate your Prepaid Gift Balance cards-

It’s the most simple process you will ever come across. It will be completed really soon. 

  • All you need to do is visit the website-
  • Now you have to enter the details in the section ‘’new user’’. This section is present on the right side of the page. 
  • Enter the 16 digit number that is written on your card, it is necessary to activate your card.
  • You can check the card balance once you will make the first payment with the card. 
  • The thing which you need to keep in mind is that you can only use this card in the territory of the United States.

More about a prepaid gift card –

The prepaid gift balance card is just like the other credit cards. You also have the option to set the card limit as an owner of the bank account. Even if, having a bank account and then you get a new prepaid gift balance card for somebody else you have the feature to control the card limit. With the help of the password, transactions can be done easily but with set limitations. It is a great option to receive benefits on the regular basis.

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Advantages you get with a Card

Prepaid gift balance cards have too much to offer you. Your money can be managed easily with these prepaid cards and you would not need to worry about managing your cash anymore. You can reload this card just like a debit card.

Pros of the prepaid card- 

  • You avoid overspending which is the main cause for many people. People tend to cross their spending limit but this will ensure you stay under the structured criteria. 
  • You would not need to carry cash everywhere you go, you can just get this handy card and go on for your day. It’s not high-maintenance.
  • You legit don’t have to worry about your credit score in order to buy a Prepaid Gift balance card which is a relief for the users.

Cons of the prepaid cards-

  • You always have to be cautious regarding the expiry date as it can also hit at the time when you still have your balance on the prepaid card.
  • There are some chances wherein your card may hold some restrictions which might not be favorable to you. In that case, it will be a little over-board.
  • You can not enjoy any benefit as you do with a regular credit card. For example, if you pay your dues on time, and spend less then your credit score increases but in this case, there is nothing like that. However this can not be counted as a drawback but something worth mentioning. 

Usage of the MyPrepaidBalance

  • You can open up a new account having the potential to transfer the existing balances to the new credit card. The balance can be easily transferred to the new card once you choose an option. 
  • The accounts that you get are foremost. You can also receive an immediate cash payment on your new card or any other card as well.
  • The deposit will be made instantly in your bank account. In case you would like to keep your cash on an online account then the feature of a prepaid debit card will work best for you in this case.
  • In order to withdraw cash from your bank account, you can use the card as a debit card from your checking account. 
  • The funds can be kept on the prepaid card doesn’t matter it has already been used up. Even while traveling you can utilize the card to its fullest. For this purpose, your credit card will not be needed.
  • The processes that are involved are not complex. It is easy to operate the interface and get the money transferred to the prepaid card along with creating a new account. The type of transfer that you would like to use can also be chosen. In terms of prepaid cards, the amount can get transferred to another account as well. Some fees may be charged while this process is done. You also need to give the information about your card. The fees that are being charged are basic and only paid once the process is done. 

How can you get a Prepaid Gift Card?

You can get a Prepaid Gift Card easily by applying for the same at the US Bank National Association if you reside in America. The cards can be utilized in the shops of the U.S. that accepts the Master card, credit cards, and debit cards. However, you can not use the Prepaid Gift Cards outside the United States.

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What are the Types of Prepaid Gift cards?

The users get the choice between two types of Prepaid Gift cards and wither of them can be selected. The two options are Visa Prepaid Gift card and Master Prepaid Gift Card. both the cards play nearly the exact same role apart from the supplier is different for both the cards. Here is the list of the features of the cards that you would like to know-

  • You have the option to buy anything you want from anywhere but restricted to the United States only. If you try to make the payment from this card then your payment would not be done and get declined. 
  • The stores that accept the payment via Master Card or Visa credit and debit cards, in the U.S. will also accept these cards. 
  • Before you make any payment from the Prepaid Gift cards you would need a PIN that has been set up by you. 
  • You can check the limit of your card by seeing it on the card itself in bold letters. The basic card limit is $100- $500.
  • You can only use the cash according to your card limit and the card needs to be recharged with the time. 
  • On a general basis, these cards are used to make payments of lesser amounts.

Check your Prepaid Gift Balance

The amount of the Prepaid gift balance is uniform and can be accessed from the Prepaid Gift Card whenever you want to. The process gets easier this way. Your amount can be accessed on The payments can be done according to the amount left on your Prepaid Gift card. 

In order to check your balance, you need to follow these simple steps-

  • The user can use the amount present in the card after the card is being issued to them. You can apply for the card to the United States Bank National Association. 
  • In order to check your balance on the card, you need to have an account through which you can do this. 
  • How can you create an account? First, visit
  • You can navigate the login portal on the ride side of the page. Two types of users use this portal, first is who uses this portal for the first time another category of people who are returning on this portal. 
  • If you are using this for the first time then kindly click on the tab ‘’First time user login window’’.
  • Now you need to provide the Prepaid Gift Card number and then press the ‘“Enter’’ button. 
  • Now you will see other options wherein you need to enter your personal information. 
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions and after a while, your account will be created easily. 
  • Once the account has been successfully created you are good to go and check the balance of your card using the account you have just created.
  • When you would return to this portal to check the Prepaid Gift card balance you simply have to enter the username and password to proceed further. 
  • You can also check the transaction history of your card along with that you have the option to manage your purchases as well according to you. 

It wasn’t difficult. Was it? All the processes are mentioned in this article so you don’t need to get worried about anything regarding the Prepaid Gift Balance Cards. You will be able to get through the entire procedure starting from registering your card to making payments through the cards.

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