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Welcome to the login guide of PointClickCare (PCC) CNA. In this post, along with login steps, you can avail all the necessary information. PointClickCare has a huge base of users that has a yearly revenue presently anticipated being $226.8 million. PointClickCare is located in Mississauga, Canada, and has six offices in two countries.

Is PointClickCare a publicly-traded company? This is the first public offering of PointClickCare Corp. They sell common stock. Currently, there is no public market for our common stock.

When was PointClickCare established? PointClickCare was established in 1995. What exactly is PointClickCare? Despite significant opposition, the Wessingers’ team of six employees spent six months developing the first viable version of what would become PointClickCare: a comprehensive network that allows caregivers to monitor patients’ histories, medical assessments, foods, medications, and schedules online. PointClickCare today has one of Canada’s most valued corporate cultures and employs over 1,500 people who serve over 26,000 care providers, making it the biggest cloud-based healthcare platform in North America.

The Most Interesting History of Pointclickcare (PCC) CNA-

The Wessingers believed they could build a better system than had ever been built before. They envisioned a network of hundreds of caregivers, with secure, confidential communications.

“If you could tell caregivers exactly where their patients are,” says Wessinger, “you could let them do their job much better.” But there was a problem. “No one wanted to touch that,” says Wessinger. “We had to fight really hard to convince people we were right. And it wasn’t just insurance companies and hospitals, it was doctors.”

The doctors objected because, they reasoned, if patients could monitor their own health, they could treat themselves. And doctors are required by law to monitor patients closely.

But Wessinger was convinced. “If you could let caregivers know what’s going on with their patients,” he says, “you could let them do their job better. And patients could monitor their health.”

PointClickCare is starting to prove itself. It already has more than 80,000 users, three-quarters of the caregivers. And it has won the attention of several insurance companies. “We’re seeing more and more interest in this,” says Wessinger. “The tough part now is scaling it up. The rewards are huge.” The Wessinger’s, who moved to Boulder from Atlanta four years ago, is standing at the edge of a revolution in health care. But these are not the stodgy, ivory tower doctors of Hollywood movies — they are a young, energetic, entrepreneurial couple who see health care as a problem to be solved.

Wessinger’s first app, was PointClickHome, a database for caregivers to input information, such as a patient’s allergies or medications, and store it in the cloud. PointClickCare, launched in June 2011, is a network that aggregates this data and makes it available to caregivers.

The Wessinger’s, who first launched their startup, believe health care needs radical rethinking. Their premise is that caregivers often lack the information and tools they need to make the right decisions for their patients.

“The problem is that we are living in an era where health care is the top priority,” Wessinger said. “The patient is an afterthought.” Patients, he added, are “like little helpless children who can’t take care of themselves.” Wessinger believes PointClickCare, which costs $50 a year for caregivers, has the potential to democratize health care. “There needs to be an online network that brings caregivers and patients together,” he said, “where caregivers can collaborate with each other and patients can have a voice.”

Pointclickcare (PCC) CNA Login Process-

You must use our secure login method to access PointClickCare. Logging in to PointClickCare is simple and maybe done using any of the supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla-Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari are the most popular browsers.

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL: login.pointclickcare.com
  3. Enter your org prefix, a period, and your username without spaces in the Username area of the login page. For instance, edu.amyp.
  4. Choose Remember my org prefix underneath the Password form to guarantee that the org prefix is already filled in every time you enter the page.
  5. Enter your password in the Password field. Passwords are case-sensitive.
  6. Click the Login button. Now you will be taken to the PointClickCare main page.

Suggestions & Advice for Pointclickcare (PCC) CNA Login:

  1. Click Bookmark this Login Page for easy access.
  2. After surpassing the set limit number of failed attempts, your login may be blocked for security reasons and revived automatically after 5 minutes.
  3. Users’ credentials are not reset by PointClickCare. To reset your password, consult their system administrator.

How do I get to PCC when I’m not in my community? You must have been a Remote User to work in PointClickCare outside of your neighborhood. A user’s security profile determines his or her capacity to access the system as a remote user.

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How can I update the password of my account?

If your organization’s security administrator has allowed you the necessary security access, you may update your own password directly inside PointClickCare. Keep in mind that PointClickCare does not create or reset passwords. Contact your system administrator if you have any questions regarding your password. If you are unable to access PointClickCare from your personal device or a computer located outside of your institution or community, please contact your system administrator.

  1. Select your name in the upper right corner of the PointClickCare page to bring up a list. Select Edit Profile.
  2. Choose Change Password in the My Profile Settings pop-up.
  3. Enter your Old Password and then your New Password twice in the Password Change pop-up.
  4. The Alternate Password/PIN boxes are used to re-establish an alternate password/PIN that was previously set to certify items in the PointClickCare program.
  5. If your Security Administrator has put up password rules, you are prompted to follow them.
  6. The frequency of compulsory password updates is up to your Security Administrator. If this is enabled, you must update your password on login.
  7. Save the file. You may make any more changes to the information in the My Profile Settings pop-up, then select Save.

So, this was all in the login guide of PointClickCare. We hope you liked it and successfully logged in to avail of the services.

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