Activate Your Capital One Platinum Card Via Platinum Capitalone Activate

Are you concerned about your unfavorable credit score? This could definitely be a hurdle at the time of taking any loan. Every bank asks for a good credit score, so how about I say you can enhance your credit score? Is that all you need right now? The greatest way to enhance your credit score is having a Capital One Platinum Credit Card. Fellas, you don’t need to have an amazing credit score for this card you are good to go even after having a poor credit score. Capital One has been recognized as one of the best credit card companies in North America. In this guide, we will help you to Activate your Capital One Platinum card via But let us first see what is Capital One Platinum Card is all about.

About Capital One Platinum Card- 

You can apply for this credit card without looking at your credit score. You don’t have to develop any decent credit score to get this card. All you need to do is make the payment on time with the full balance and you are all done. It incorporates higher monthly interest. The Capital One Platinum Card includes many features that will eventually make your credit score good. The credit limit of your card increases in 6 months. In order to have a decent credit score, you need to pay off your balance at the appropriate time along with reducing the percentage of your credit your credit score will increase automatically. Right after this thing is done you are ready to take loans. 

What Are The Requirements To Activate Capital One Platinum Card?

In case you have already received your Platinum Card your next step would be to activate it. In order to activate the Capital One Platinum card, you need to have the three digits code of security which you will find on the back of the card. You can even issue the request for the cash PIN while you activate your card. However, you can do this after the activation process as well. You can then get this done by calling on this number- 1 (800) 955- 7070 or else you can use the other way by sending them a secured message from the profile that would be set up after the process. The alternative for this task is to chat online with an agent. 

**Note- Cash PIN is not needed for the activation process of the Capital One Platinum Card. 

Guide To Activate Capital One Platinum Card Online Via

If you are wondering which method is the easiest among all the activation ways then the online mode through the website- perhaps is the easiest one. To do this let’s get into it further-  

  • Now you need to enter the login details of your account, such as user name and password.
  • Get your credit card now.
  • You will see the given space where you need to enter the last three digits of your security code at the back of your card which will activate your card.

It’s all done. It’s the simplest way ever. 

The Process To Activate Your Capital One Platinum Card Via Mobile Application-

In order to serve more convenience to the customer, the Capital One mobile app has been launched. Through this mobile app, you can also activate your Capital One Platinum credit card in just simple steps. You can install the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, whichever you have. You are required to follow the steps mentioned below after you have installed the Capital One mobile app-


  • Open the Capital One mobile application on your smartphone. 
  • Enter the login details of your account.
  • Go to the ‘’Account settings’’ and then open your profile.
  • In here you will see your new card. 
  • There will be an option of ‘’Activate Credit Card’’, tap on the option. 

It is finished. Now your card is ready to be in use. 

Let’s Activate Capital One Platinum Card Through The Phone-

The third option you have for activating your Capital One Platinum card is via phone. This option is mainly reliable for the users who live in Canada as there the online service is not available for them. Here you go with the entire process to activate the card simply-

  • You need to call customer support. They have a toll-free number which is- 800-277-4825
  • After they receive the call they will guide you with the instructions over the call itself, which you need to follow and your card will get activated. 

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What Perks Do You Get While Having A Capital One Platinum Card?

If you don’t have a decent credit score then Capital One Platinum Card helps you develop a good credit score. The best part about this card is you can get one even after having not so decent credit record. Another share of the cake is it has other benefits for you as well. For instance, those benefits include travel, insurance, and much more along with no annual fee. Let’s dig out the benefits you get as a Capital One Platinum Card user-

  • User protection 

If you ever desire extended warranties then you can have that on appropriate items. The other thing you need to have is the warranty card of the product for which you pay with the credit card.

  • Travel advantage

The credit card offers $0 fraud liability, emergency card replacement, security alerts, and virtual card numbers from Eno. in addition, foreign charges are not applied as well. 

  • Coverage of fraud

In case you lose your card then you don’t have to worry about it at all, as it could happen to anybody. The credit covers the fraud. It offers $0 fraud liability in the case your card gets stolen or lost. 

  • Emergency service

With the Capital one Platinum Card, you get the emergency card services along. In advance, you can apply for cash or card replacement in case it is lost or stolen. 

  • Capital One app

Capital One prioritizes customers’ conveniences for which it has developed the mobile application for its users. You can do many things from the mobile app such as activating your credit card. You can immediately have your information related to the account like payment history, balance, and other related information.

  • Account alerts

You will be updated with proactive alerts about all the activities of your account through email, phone, or text message. You will receive a notification if some suspicious activity is noticed. You can always have a free mind about your account. 

  • Card lock

You have this amazing option of locking your Platinum card through the application. This feature is useful for the situation of theft and misplacing cards. Through this option you can do the process by yourself, you don’t need to wait for somebody to do it for you or rely on another person. 

  • Due dates

You have the option to select your due date along with the payment method that suits you well. The payment method can be anything, through an online, mobile application, or in-brand service. 

It’s easy to activate the Capital One Platinum card. Isn’t it? In addition, it is the best way to get your credit score increased with other benefits as well. It has only one condition which is if you are ready to make the payment on time then this card is all you need. 

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