NFL‌ ‌Weekly 2021 Schedule‌ | Updated List of Week 15

The National Football League is one of the most popular sports leagues in America and is a global phenomenon with billions of viewers around the globe. So here we are going to explore the NFL 2021 weekly schedule – week 15 and NFL game rules that will build your knowledge about NFL.

It operates millions of television viewers across North America including Sunday Night Football on NBC and numerous international broadcasts around the world. The league has three divisions: The American Football Conference (AFC) consists of the teams represented by the letter AFC; The National Football League (NFL) comprises teams from the other three major American professional sports leagues, and The World Football League (WFL) also consists of teams from Europe and Asia.

The National Football League is held annually from September through November, with the regular season lasting through late January or early February. The NFL is a great sport to watch. It is well known for its crazy games, high-scoring plays, and frequent candidate for awards. You can find out more about this great sport by watching ” Thursday Night Football.” The average career length of an NFL player is 4.25 years with an average salary of $8 million USD. Expectations are always high for players as they take part in one of the world’s most popular sports.

The National Football League, now in its 48th year of existence, is one of the most popular sports leagues in America and is a global phenomenon with billions of viewers around the globe. It operates millions of television viewers across North America including Sunday Night Football on NBC and numerous international broadcasts around the world. Several of the world’s top athletes have their own apparel and footwear line associated with the league including Super Bowl champions The New York Giants.

NFL 2021 weekly Schedule – Week 15

NFL 2021 weekly schedule – Week 15 will showcase divisional matchups on both sides, as well as some Saturday matches. On “Thursday Night Football,” the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Los Angeles Chargers. While the matchups for Saturday are still being finalized, there are seven more divisional games scheduled, notably Jets-Dolphins, Cowboys-Giants, and Seahawks-Rams, as well as two prime-time games. New Orleans will face Tampa Bay on “Sunday Night Football,” while Minnesota and Chicago will face off in the NFC North on “Monday Night Football.”

We’ll keep you informed about the entire NFL regular-season schedule (NFL 2021 Weekly Schedule), featuring start times and byes. If you want a more detailed breakdown, One Click Activate also has the whole Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night slates.

All times are in Eastern Time and are subject to change. Starting in Week 5, flex schedule restrictions apply, and they are in place for Weeks 5 through 17.


8:20 PMSoFi Bank StadiumChiefs at ChargersWatch – FOX, NFL Network, AmazonListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM


TBDJets at Dolphins
TBDWashington at Eagles
TBDRaiders at Browns
TBDPanthers at Bills
TBDPatriots at Colts


1:00 PMMetLife StadiumCowboys at GiantsWatch – FOXListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
1:00 PMTIAA Bank FieldTexans at Jaguars Watch – CBSListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
1:00 PMHeinz FieldTitans at SteelersWatch – CBSListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
1:00 PMM&T Bank StadiumPackers at RavensWatch – FOXListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
1:00 PMFord FieldCardinals at LionsWatch – FOXListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
4:05 PMEmpower Field at Mile HighBengals at BroncosWatch – CBSListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
4:05 PMLevi’s StadiumFalcons at 49ersWatch – CBSListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
4:25 PMSoFi StadiumSeahawks at RamsWatch – FOXListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM
8:20 PMRaymond James StadiumSaints at BuccaneersWatch – NBCListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM


8:15 PMSoldier FieldVikings at BearsWatch – ESPNListen –NFL Game Pass, Westwood One, Sirius XM

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NFL 2021 Rules and Regulations

The National Football League has had a team rule since 1971 which is that each team must have five players on the active roster at all times which means that each team can have up to 50 players on their active/inactive list. This means that both teams must follow some rules and regulations when playing with each other.

The NFL sets and enforces rules by each team’s home stadium security. The game is played on a kick-off basis, with plays only being tackled once they have been released by the ball carrier. The game is divided into three time-outs, with each lasting one minute with one being assigned to each team at the beginning of each half. The team controlling the time-out gets to choose whether they want to attempt a field goal, take a shot-down, or pass the ball downfield if they have it. Once the ball is dead, play immediately proceeds back to the 25-yard line whereupon the following play is immediately repeatable.

Two teams of 11 players on the field compete during four 15 minute quarters, with two 30 second time-outs in between each period. Normal play consists of two teams of 11 players on the field (one on offense the other on defense) competing during four 15 minute quarters, with two 30 second time-outs between each period. Each team gets one time-out per quarter, beginning with the second quarter and continuing through the fourth quarter until the final whistle. There are two field goals during each half. If no points are scored during any period of play, the game runs continuously until a winner is declared.

Purpose of the Game:

The goal of the game is to get the ball into the opposing team’s “end zone” by either running with it until tackled or passing it downfield to a teammate heading for the end zone.

A team is made up of 45 players, despite the fact that only 11 players from each side are on the field at any given time. The quarterback on each team, who tries to direct play, is the most important player.

What is a time-out? 

A time-out is how the game is managed. It occurs when play has stopped for a number of reasons – i.e. a penalty has been taken, the ball has been run out or an accidental knock-on occurs. At half-time, each team gets a time-out, during which they can either try to gain possession again or rest (offense) and no more. The attacking team gets the first opportunity to take the lead after a time-out and they generally do so as it gives them a numerical advantage.

Each team typically has three ‘time-outs’ every half, with a 12-minute half-time interval.

The rules of the NFL are specific to the game and cannot be changed during a game. However, there are many rules about how the teams should conduct themselves during a game. When it comes to on-field conduct and preparing for game day, there are particular practices and rules that can be observed by both teams.

The Downs:

A useful rule to remember when playing Team Pass is that the player who is tackled late by an opposing player is called for a down. The Downs do not necessarily have to be communicated verbally despite their obvious significance. For instance, if you are in a Gap on your side of the field and your teammate runs into the defensive side of the field, you will not get a Down unless you are directly tackled by them – even if they have not actually touched the ball.

The down rule when playing the American Football game is as follows: If the ball is caught by the defending team in their end zone, the team down has the right to try and snap the ball immediately. However, if they fail to do so, they can attempt a live punt which they will get if the team stands on the edge of the end zone with the ball. If the defense forces a punt through their own end zone, the teams tip-toes to start their next possession on their 15-yard line rather than their own 20-yard line.

This makes it possible to explain (in layman’s terms) how each down in the game actually plays out. First, the ball is on the 20-yard line. Once the snap is made (i.e. before the ball has moved 20 yards), whoever has possession has a lot of options. They can choose to hand the ball off to the other team directly or receive a pass from their backfield. Many times, the receiver will option to hand the ball off because there is no other option available that could potentially earn them a positive yardage score.

The key point of NFL:

The NFL has a lot of rules you need to know about in order to watch a football game. The most important thing you need to know is what timecode your TV uses. This tells you when the game was being shown on TV and is useful if you want to check which team is in possession of the ball (or if there has been a change of possession – usually caused by a turnover). The next thing you need to know is which network your TV is broadcasting on. This tells you whether you are watching on TV or entering a live stream from your computer or smartphone which allows you to look up information such as where the action is going on within the game (i.e who has the ball).

Scores Criterion in NFL

A touchdown is scored (6 Points)

When a team surpasses the opponent’s goal line with the ball or receives or retrieves the ball in the end zone, a touchdown is scored.

Bonus Points (1 Or 2 Points)

After a touchdown, an extra point is scored by kicking the ball through the uprights (similar to conversion in rugby). Taking the ball into the end zone for a second time earns two points, but because it is more difficult, most teams opt for the one point.

A goal on the field (3 Points)

On fourth down, if the kicker is nearly enough to get to the end zone to kick the ball in between the upright posts, a team will normally do this.

Safety is paramount (2 Points)

If a member of the offensive team tackles with the ball in their own end zone, the defensive team can score two points.

Final Thoughts

It was indeed pleasing to guide you through the NFL 2021 weekly schedule – Week 15 along with the game rules and scores of the NFL. We are sure that you have turned out to be an expert when it comes to the NFL now. Hope you liked this post and enjoyed being a reader of it. Thank you for your time and patience. 

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