Activate and Watch MHz Choice on Roku (2023 Guide)

Welcome to the Activation guide of MHz Choice on Roku. On our activation page, we do not restrict our readers with our topic. So, along with the steps to Activate MHz Choice on Roku via, you’ll get a bunch of information regarding the MHz Choice channel. So, tighten your seat belts and stay till the end of this journey!

MHz Networks is a joint venture between BBC Worldwide, Independent Television Service (ITS), the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS. The channel is available via cable, satellite, and the air. Now, you can easily access the channel and Activate MHz Choice on Roku via

Activation Guide Of MHz Choice On Roku

When you run the MHz Choice Roku app for the first time, you will be led to the login page. 

NOTE: If you are not taken to the log-in screen, try playing any video you see on screen, and you will be.

Log in with an activation link or Log in using a password. Enter your email address and password if you choose to Log in with the password. If you chose the login with activation link option, open a web browser window and navigate to Enter the four-digit activation code that appears on your Roku screen. You will be requested to log in if you are not already signed in to your account. For a descriptive activation process, continue reading.

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Steps To Activate MHz Choice On Roku Via

Here are the steps for you to activate MHz Choice via

  1. Begin by turning on your Roku device and connecting it to your internet network. Once your Roku device is turned on, hit the Home button on your Roku remote to access the home screen.
  2. When you’re on the home screen of your Roku device, scroll down to the Streaming Channels option to find the Channel Store.
  3. You must check for the MHz Choice application under the Channel Store area. You may locate the app by browsing through the various categories or by using the Search function.
  4. If you want to find the app using the Search option, type “MHz Choice” into the search area and hit the search icon.
  5. Next, from the search results, pick the MHz Choice app to see the preview screen.
  6. To install the MHz Choice app on your smartphone, go to the app’s home screen and select the Add Channel button.
  7. To install a free program, you must first select the Add Channel option. You must click the Buy option to install a program Furthermore, if you configured your Roku device with a PIN, you will be requested to enter the PIN when purchasing an application.
  8. Once you have installed the program on your Roku player, you must start it from the Roku device’s home screen. When you activate the app, you will be requested to sign in or you will be given the activation code and instructions right away.
  9. After you have the activation code, launch a web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and navigate to the MHz Choice activation website at
  10. When you go to the Mhz Choice activation page, you’ll be asked to sign in before you can proceed. You must enter the registered email address in the supplied space and then click Next.
  11. Finally, to finish the activation procedure, simply follow the on-screen directions.

How do I Login And Enter The MHZ Choice On My Roku device?

You may simply access the material on your TV by using the MHz Choice Roku channel. Roku 3rd generation and above devices are supported for up to 1080p playback. Roku 4 and later support 4K video playback. Roku devices from the past are not supported. After you Activate MHz Choice on Roku, to log in, follow these instructions:

  • Connect your Roku to the MHz Choice Roku channel.
  • On your Roku, navigate to the MHz Choice Roku channel and select SIGN IN. It will provide you with an activation code.
  • Go to the Activation page and log in on a separate device (desktop or smartphone) (if you are not).
  • Type the Roku channel code and press the Activate button.
  • You should now be able to watch the MHz Choice channel.

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Wrapping Up

MHz Networks also broadcasts theatrical films. It has recently released movies such as The Bourne Legacy, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The channel is also available online. You will be able to watch MHz Choice on your Roku device after you have finished the activation procedure. We hope you could successfully Activate MHz Choice on Roku.

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