McDonald’s App Not Working? Here’s a quick fix

Are you facing problems with your McDonald’s app? Do you want to get rid of these troubling issues to order your food effortlessly from the comforts of your own home? If you just said yes, then this article is especially for you. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about McDonald’s online app, how to use it and some quick fixes to repair McDonald’s app Not Working, and if it is not working properly on your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

About McDonald’s: The Most Loved Fast Food Chain

In 1940, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, which is where McDonald’s Corporation, an international fast-food franchise with American roots, was born. With the introduction of the Golden Arches emblem in 1953 at a site in Phoenix, Arizona, they changed the name of their firm to a hamburger stand and then transformed it into a franchise.

As of 2018, McDonald’s served over 69 million customers per day in more than 100 countries and over 37,855 locations, making it the biggest restaurant company in the world by sales. McDonald’s offers a variety of foods on its menus, including chicken, fish, fruit, and salads, but is most known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries.

A multinational chain of fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s has locations all over the globe. Along with offering several services, it also includes a mobile application that customers can utilize to place direct orders or take advantage of “special” discounts and use them at real restaurants. There have been multiple instances of the app not functioning as planned when it was first released. There are various variations of the problems (all of which cannot be described here; still, you can use these solutions):

  • The application cannot establish an internet connection.
  • Every time a user takes action or completes a transaction, they get the error notice “Something went wrong, please try again.”
  • Even when you are accurately inputting the information, an “Authentication needed” error message will appear.
  • We are having trouble processing your payment. Next time you make a purchase, kindly choose another mode of payment.
  • The McDonald’s app does not show any specials.
  • When doing any activity or just happening by chance, “Sorry, something went wrong.”

Because you will also be updating the application, make sure you have your McDonald’s login credentials.

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What makes the McDonald’s application problematic?

Given that this software is for Android, there are a number of reasons why it could not function correctly. It can be a server-side issue or a problem on your end. After our careful examination of all of the user instances, the following were some of the frequent reasons:

  • Poor Connectivity: The app was not functioning because of the most frequent problem, which was a bad internet connection.
  • Server-side problems: About once a month, there are a few instances when the application is unable to download the data or complete a transaction as a result of server-side problems.
  • Bad application data: There are a number of situations in which the application data is damaged or rendered useless. The issue is often resolved by clearing the locally saved cache and data.
  • Installation files that are corrupt: Android applications are often poorly created and have corrupt installation files, particularly those that are tied to services like McDonald’s. Here, reinstalling works.
  • Inaccurate profile information: When you start up McDonald’s, it retrieves your profile information from your mobile storage. Over time, it could become tainted. All the modules are refreshed by just logging in.

How to fix McDonald’s app not working issues?

Way 1: Switch to LTE for the internet:

McDonald’s app

First things first, try testing a different internet connection. Most of the above problems are due to the application’s inability to connect to the internet correctly. It can also be because of a transmission interruption. Several use cases where people had trouble connecting to the internet or utilizing public WI-FI in businesses or hospitals came to our attention.

Switching the internet connection from Wi-Fi to a mobile connection was the most effective solution for issue diagnosis (LTE or 3G). Since mobile networks often support all sorts of traffic, you might use this situation to determine if the problem is with your application or the internet. Before continuing, make sure your mobile connection is active.

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Way 2: Relogging into the application:

As previously indicated, there have been a number of cases when the app has not functioned properly. This is because the profile data has been corrupted. This is a pretty frequent problem that you can readily fix by completely logging out. By doing this, the whole logging module is refreshed, and everything is completely fetched from the servers.

  • When you move the left side of the screen to the right, the name of your profile will show at the top of the navigation bar.
  • At the bottom of the screen, there is a button that says “Log Out.” Click it now.
  • Your existing account will now no longer be available on the app, which will take a minute. It will display a login screen.
  • You can try logging in again after entering your credentials. Verify whether the problem is still there or not.

Way 3: Assessing Server Outrages:

In other instances, the application servers were not operating as intended. And were generating problems, which is another thing you might encounter. In other cases, McDonald’s recognized the issue formally and said that their top engineers were working on it. If an uproar is occurring, your only option is to wait. You can also check the company’s official Twitter account or numerous forums at

McDonald’s app

You could also try opening and using the McDonald’s app on a different mobile device. If everything works flawlessly there, your program may have a local issue. These outages are often due to scheduled maintenance. Or when there is a real problem and the server has broken down. The MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) is often measured in minutes and, at its most extreme, in a few hours. Once the servers are up and running, you may try launching the application again.

Way 4: Clearing Application Data:

Both application data and cache are types of data that each application saves in your local storage. Information is retrieved when needed from a cache, which serves as a temporary memory module. Your profile information and other stored preferences make up the data. Now, if any of the two is corrupt, there will be problems with properly starting the McDonald’s application. In this solution, we’ll clear both data to see if it works.

  • After finding the answer, you would need to log into the app once again.
  • Click on Apps in the Settings after it is open.
  • Pick McDonald’s out of the list. Click on Storage now.
  • You now have two choices: Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Select each option by clicking.
  • Launch the McDonald’s application once again and check whether the problem is still there or not.

Way 5: Reinstalling the application:

McDonald’s app

You can attempt reinstalling the McDonald’s app from scratch if none of the solutions mentioned above work. This will still work if your application is not current with the most recent build per the developers. The app in issue often stops functioning as intended when the application data itself gets corrupt. Nothing to be concerned about; a simple reinstall will take care of everything.

  • You should also note that under this option as well, you will need to log back into the app.
  • Hold down the McDonald’s application button. Once more choices become visible, choose Uninstall.
  • Go to the Play Store on your smartphone now and type “McDonald’s” in the top search box.
  • Open the application, then choose Install from the menu.
  • Launch the app once after installing it to check whether the problem is okay or not.

Way 6: Place a food order through a hotline or website:

You may try the conventional hotline if the application is still not functioning and you still want to order meals for delivery. You can search for the hotline in your area or go to the McDelivery website and choose your nation. Also, you can view the whole menu and place home delivery orders after you connect to your account from that location. Make sure to explain that your application isn’t functioning when you phone the helpline. Perhaps the customer service team can help you correctly debug the application.

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Conclusion: So, that was all about McDonald’s app, its various issues, and how to fix them, in case they appear and trouble you. We hope that you will find these McDonald’s app tips and tricks beneficial. Also, please do not forget to leave your insightful comments in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the McDelivery PH App unique from the McDonald’s app?

Yes, the McDelivery PH App and the McDonald’s App are separate. The McDelivery PH App allows you to place a meal order and have it delivered. You can redeem offers through the McDonald’s App at McDonald’s restaurants.

Where am I able to use the McDonald’s App? Can I use it in another nation?

In all restaurants and in a few McDonald’s nations, you can utilize the McDonald’s App. The McDonald’s App will track your travels and show you deals from different nations when you enter a new country.

Why does the McDonald’s app need my contact information?

Your contact information allows the company to recognize you as a distinct user. And prevents the establishment of duplicate accounts. Only if you want to during registration will you be able to get information about McDonald’s goods and services through your contact information.

My app isn’t functioning. How can I fix it?

Try rebooting your phone if you can. You can try reinstalling your app if this doesn’t work. Contact if this still doesn’t work so they can help you.

Are the discounts for seniors, people with disabilities, and national athletes/coaches apply to the McDonald’s offers?

For purchases made by senior citizens and people with disabilities for their own use and pleasure, the promotional discount or the 20 percent discount and VAT exemption, whichever is greater, applies. Upon presentation of a valid ID from the Philippine Sports Commission, national athletes and coaches are eligible for a 20 percent discount on purchases made for their own use and pleasure.

Where can I use the McDonald’s App’s offers?

Only in-store redemption at the Front Counter, Take-Out Counter, or Drive-Thru is permitted for offers. See the Terms & Conditions for further information.

How many coupons may I use in a single transaction each day?

Only one offer can be used per purchase in a single day. However, as long as the deals are legitimate and present in your Deals wallet, you can redeem as many as you want each day.

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