How to activate McAfee on PC and Mac? Detailed McAfee Activation Guide

McAfee is an antivirus software provider, who not only provides full VPN but also identifies theft protection service plans at an affordable price. It’s a good antivirus and ranks among the most effective ones. The software is used for identifying, blocking, or eliminating malware and other threats related to security and protection. You can activate McAfee by visiting the web browser and can be installed easily from there. This post is all about activating McAfee on PC and Mac with activate page.

All of its versions cover Windows, macOS, iOS, and all sorts of Android devices. McAfee offers to remove the malware or else will refund you the cost of your auto-renewed subscription. Talking about the price ranging, it starts from $24.99 for one device for two years. The antivirus is safe and has no negative impact on the speed of the system and its performance. Features like dark web monitoring and warnings and social security number trace allow to alert you for any kind of synthetic identity fraud. Though it doesn’t include any loss and recovery insurance for the system, you can buy McAfee theft protection separately.

McAfee Protection Features

  • Enables you to access PC performance optimization.
  • It has encrypted storage of 128-bit encryption.
  • The advanced firewall feature will help you to experience home network security.
  • Save your passwords with a password manager.
  • It has multi-device compatibility.

A very effective thing about the software is that it provides all the useful information in pop-ups. For example, if you want to know which of the files are getting scanned or want to see the suspicious files, you will be notified via alert mode.

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Steps To Set up McAfee Account To Activate Your Software

  • First of all, open the McAfee software in your system and access your account.
  • Now come on to the McAfee website and type your e-mail address and then click on the Next button.
  • If your account already exists, that means you already have one account pre-existing then log in to it as usual.
  • But in case you don’t have any then create with a strong password and then you can further proceed.
  • Now, when you get logged in, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process of your McAfee software.
  • At last, use the verify subscription feature to synchronize your installed McAfee software with your new ready account.

How To Activate McAfee Software On PC’s

  • Firstly go to and type the product key/ activation code in the field where the activation code is required.
  • Now, fill up your credentials like your email address in the required field and click on to next.
  • Like this, follow the comping instructions or the prompts to further download and activate your McAfee software.
  • And you will successfully activate the McAfee software on your pc and can enjoy its service.

How To Activate McAfee Software On Mac

  • If you want to activate McAfee software inside your Mac, then click the McAfee menu on the menu bar.
  • Now select the McAfee console i.e. the product name like McAfee livesafe console.
  • Now, you can click on Mac Security by which a security feature like Real-Time Scanning, or Firewall will get enabled.
  • Finally, look for the option “we need” permission prompt.
  • It will open a granting permission message. Now, click OK and the McAfee software will be installed on your mac and will also get activated.

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