Login To Therap Service To Arrange Medical Records

Therap service has been serving since 2003 with the mission of improving the lives of the individuals by providing the tools they might need which also has a positive outcome. It’s ideally an electronic recording system that structures records and arranges documentation involving service providers, state employees, managers, administrators who are there for your assistance. This platform has become a secure locus to exchange information, securely making connections between people, and delivering the service. 

The platform has enough understanding about the need for a dynamic platform that involves both the factors, dependability, and adaptability. Therap services is a comprehensive platform that also ensures the security of the information of the users. It has strong ties towards the missions of development and commitment as well. In order to get these services, you need to login to Therap services.

Overview of the Dashboard

It is the first thing the user will get to see while accessing the Therap service. It has all the options from which a user can access all the documentation that they need. The rules given are controlled by the Roles and Caseloads. If there is something that you need to access but is not available on the Dashboard then you need to contact your provider administrator. 

Let’s look at the options that are present on the Dashboard to understand what all it has to offer-

  • Header- It shows the logo of Therap services, name of the provider, user name, title of the job, links, current profile, search option, switch profile, and the link to log out from the Therap service.
  • Tabs- You will find this section in the left corner of the website. All the tabs are arranged in a vertical manner and there you will find options such as To Do, Health, Individual, Admin, Agency, Reports, and Settings. It divides the modules of the Therap service accordingly to what function they do.  
  • Right panel- It consists of all the options that are accessed by the user on daily basis such as Calender, Secure communication, etc.
  • Footer- This section involves the major links like Help support, website, and more. From this option, users can get to know about the copyright information and the current version of the app. 

How can you Login to Therap Services?

Login To Therap services

Here are the steps so you can login to Therap services in order to get served from the services offered by the platform. Kindly, follow these mentioned steps- 

  1. Make sure your laptop or computer is connected to a strong internet connection. Then open the web browser.
  2. Visit the website- www.therapservices.net and you will be presented with the main page of Therap services.
  3. Now, tap on the given option ‘’Secure Login’’ in the right corner of the main page. The login page for Therap services will open.
  4. You now need to enter some details in order to log in such as Name, password, provider code for the agency which was given by the Administrator in the respective fields given on the website. 
  5. After entering all the details click on the button mentioned below the field of provider code. 
  6. You have successfully logged in. now Dashboard will be opened on your screen from where you can manage all the things. 

Steps to View the Medication History Report and Custom Report- 

In the section of Medication history which is under the Health tracking option, you will see an option to search in order to search for the medication history forms. The options that can be used to see the medication history and customized medication history reports are report and custom report options respectively. Further search for the medication history form of the person, kindly follow the steps mentioned as follows-

  1. Next to the ‘’Medication history’’ option you will find a link, under the section of the ‘’Health tab’’, click on that link in order to see the page of Medication history. 
  2. The Medication history page will be opened now you need to enter the information you are being asked for. Then, click on the option ‘’Search’’ on the right side of the page. The page having the search results will be appeared. 
Guide to Login To Therap

How can you Generate a Medication History Report?

  1. Next to the option Medication history report, there is a link given, click on the link under the tab of ‘’Health’’. You will be directed to the select Program page. 
  2. Now enter the relevant details in the fields and tap on the option ‘’Search’’ after entering all the details.
  3. Now tap on each row given in the list and you would see the Medication history report. 

Custom Report-

If you need to make a custom report for the medication history then you can follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Under the ‘Health’’ tab you will see the option of  Medication history and there will be a link next to it called ‘’Custom report’’. Tap on that link.
  2. You will be presented with the Medication history report criteria page where you need to choose the fields that are appropriate fields and tap on the option ‘’Generate report’’ in order to view it as a Custom Medication history report.

How can you Check the Monthly Health Tracking Report and Detailed Health Tracking Report?

Monthly Health Tracking Report-

  1. Visit the Dashboard and under the ‘’health’’ tab you will find the Monthly link next to the option of ‘’Health tracking’’. After clicking on it you will be assisted with the page of Select program.
  2. Now you need to choose the program name on the Select program page. Now the Monthly report data view parameters input page.
  3. Choose the individual name from the given autocomplete drop-down and determine the data range on the Monthly report data view parameters input page. You will see the option of ‘’search’’ in the right corner. 
  4. You will be presented with the counts of every option for each month by The Health tracking monthly report. In order to open the form, you need to click on the count. 

Detailed Health Tracking Report-

  1. Go to the ‘’Health tab’’ under which you will find the Detailed link next to the ‘’Health tracking report’’.
  2. Fill in the relevant information in the fields on the Detailed report parameters input page. Tap on the option ‘’search’’ after filling in all the information. Search results will appear on the page that will be opened next. 
  3. The details will be shown under the respective section on the Health tracking detailed report page. 
  4. Now you can choose any particular form type and apply filters and tap on the appropriate row from the list given in the search results. 

Therap Login Issues

There are some chances that you can face some issues while logging in. let’s throw some light upon the reasons why you can face them and how to resolve them in an easy way. 

  1. Login credentials

On the main page, that is the Login page where you need to enter these details correctly, like Name, password, and the provider code. The fields for the Provider code and password are case sensitive so make sure you are entering it correctly. Keep the Capslock key in check while filling in these details so that you don’t face any issues while logging in. 

  1. Website 

Make sure your internet connection is strong. You can surely use another website such as www.yahoo.com or  www.google.com. If it’s not working even after switching the websites then you must be having some internet issues. You can contact the administrator or your internet service provider.

  1. Logging into Therap secure website

There are few other versions of the Therap services such as Demo and beta websites. In order to log into the live application, you need to go to this secure website- secure.therapservices.net.

  1. Browser support 

Therap services have a specified list of the recommended browsers in order to access the service. Here are given the software and hardware requirements mentioned by Therap services-

Hardware requirements- 

Minimum requirements 

Screen resolution800 x 600
Quality of color32 bit

Software requirements-

Component Recommendation 
Internet browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft internet explorer 11 
Adobe reader 5.0 or above 
Microsoft office excel Microsoft office excel 97- 2003
Microsoft Excel worksheet
  1. Clear Web cache

Sometimes users face the issue of ‘’Therap unavailable’’ while login to Therap accounts. The reason behind the service down can be your browser cache. Make sure the cache is always clear in order to have smooth service. 

  1. Cookies are enabled

The cookies of your web browser need to be enabled in order to run the Therap web app. If you don’t allow the cookies then even if you enter the correct information you will not be able to successfully login because it won’t get registered into the Activity tracking. Make sure the web browser’s cookies are not disabled. 

  1. Check the website

In case you find therap service unavailable then check out the login page and the release notes in order to see if there is any notice about the website being down. If you will find this message on the website then kindly wait for another update. Another point is that you can use the Therap offline forms until the issue gets resolved. 

  1. Contacting provider administrator 

If nothing works that is mentioned above the at last you need to contact your provider administrator to reset your password, even if the case if that your account is blocked. You will be given a temporary password which will be used to log in once and further reset your password. In case you are a Super admin then you can contact another Super admin in order to get this issue resolved.

  1. Request for resetting password 

If you are the only Super admin available at that time then you are required to fill out the form to request to reset the password. After filling out that form you will be given the instructions to further reset your password.

Now you have a secure platform where you can arrange the medical records and documents without any concern. You just have to follow the simple steps to log into the service and then you are ready to structure your records. 

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