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In case you are unaware of Nextdoor yet, then there are high chances that you will get to know about it soon. This is recognized as a ‘’Private social network’’ and it has been already signed up by  21,000 neighbors and has been boosting at the rate of 70 per day. Your neighborhood could be the next on the list. It’s a hyperlocal social networking service, especially for neighbors. It was founded in 2008 and is established in San Francisco, California. It was first launched in the United States in October 2011. At the present moment, it is available in 11 countries. You can join Nextdoor via invite code and get to know about the latest updates, recommendations, deals, and everything about your neighborhood.

How did Next door begin?

Nextdoor was established in 2008, and after that, co-founded in 2010 and was launched in 2011 worldwide. They were in private beta for a whole year before they launched their service worldwide. Social networks have always been in the center position for ages, so while the co-founders were ascertaining other business ideas this thought struck their minds. For every community, we have our options to dive in, such as for friends we have FaceBook, LinkedIn for a professional association, Twitter for divergent topics and issues, but when it comes to local communities, there is nothing. So, the co-founders found this idea liable enough to launch into reality. Now, it has come a long way with 21,000 active members in 50 states in total. 

What was the state of Nextdoor when it first launched?

Nextdoor was launched on 26th October 2011 worldwide, only 167 neighborhoods were using the Nexdoor at that time. Now the number has increased to 21,000 neighborhoods. The counting is not processed while including  1, 2, 3, or any number under 10 as a launched website a day. The number of launching is 10 members. Users need to verify their addresses before they join the Nextdoor website. The sites are private and open for people to join. 

What information is needed from the user?

Join Nextdoor

Users are required to reveal their names and the street they live on. There is an option of revealing the entire address, the majority of people go with this option. Among all the users 88% of people reveal their entire addresses as this platform is basically building trust among people and with the website as well. The verification process makes it much smoother to trust other users as well, who live around their neighborhood. 

Here is a quick fact about Nextdoor for you as we believe you should be known with every single facet of the platform that you might be using in the future; In 2015, Nextdoor was criticized for facilitating its users to racially profile people of color.  It has also been implicated for running as fear-based media, providing interests of real estate, security, and police, reasserting class and racial biases, and extending complicity theory, and other COVID-related wrong information. 

Points to be noted before joining Nextdoor

  • renting or own a home
  • Own  a second home
  • owning a property where you will build a home in the near future
  • Own a rental property in the same neighborhood

You can also get joined with Nextdoor in some easy steps. Stick through this article and by the end of it you will be able to join Nextdoor and connect with your neighbors. 

Here are the simple steps to join Nextdoor-

Step 1- Join your neighborhood

First and foremost you need to create an account on Nextdoor in order to connect with your neighbors. There is no invitation needed to join Nextdoor. In case you have received an invitation from another user then you need to follow the following steps given and enter the code when asked.

  • Visit the official website-
  • Now you need to enter your residential street address, and your email address.
  • Tap on the option ‘’Finds your neighborhood’’. There are two options that can happen next- either you will be automatically directed to the Nextdoor Website if exists for your neighborhood or else if there is no website presented for your neighborhood then you will be asked to create one. 
  • Further, complete all the fields that are required.
  • You would receive an invitation code that you will need to enter after selecting this option ‘’Have an invitation code’’. 
  • The next step is to tap on the option ‘’sign up’’.
  • Conclusively, verify your address. 

**Note- Nextdoor doesn’t support the usage of P.O. boxes. Users need to join with their physical addresses.

Join Nextdoor in order to connect with your neighbors

Step 2- Verification of the address

You can not access the connection with other neighbors unless you verify your address.

Follow the complete steps to verify your address on Nextoor.

  1. For Web

Phone number- the most important thing for the verification process is your mobile phone plan’s billing address that needs to match with the address you used while joining Nextdoor. You will be sent an SMS code that needs to be entered in the way mentioned below-

  • Go to the website-
  • Tap on the option verify by phone’’.
  • Select the country code. Enter your mobile number.
  • Tap on the option ‘’Text me a code’’.
  • You will shortly receive the SMS code to the mobile number you submitted earlier.
  • Click on the option ‘’submit’’.
  1. For iPhone 

Phone number- the address on your mobile phone plan’s billing address needs to be the same as the address you mentioned while joining Nextdoor. You will be sent an invitation code that is required to enter as mentioned below-

  • Choose the option ‘’verify by phone’’ among other options.
  • Select your county code. Put down your phone number.
  • Click on the option ‘’text me a code’’.
  • You will be received an invitation code to the phone number you entered earlier. 
  • After entering the code, tap on the option ‘’submit’’.
  1. For Android

Phone number- in order to verify your address, it needs to be exactly the same as it is in your mobile phone plan’s billing address. Nextdoor will send you a code that you will need to enter by following the given instructions below-

  • Tap on the option ‘’verify by phone’’.
  • Select the country code. Enter your phone number.
  • Then, tap on the option ‘’Text me a code’’.
  • The SMS code will be sent to your number. Enter that code in the field. 
  • Click on ‘’Submit’’.

 Invitation letter-

In case your verification process is not able to process within 24 hours then you will automatically receive an invitation letter by Nextdoor that would consist of a verification code to your address. However, the time of receiving the invitation letter could be a little longer. After you receive the letter, enter the code in that previous field. Furthermore, you can also verify by receiving the invitation from your neighbor while using that code. 

Step 3- confirmation of your email address

You are required to confirm your email address by tapping on the confirmation link that would be sent to your via email. Address verification and email verification are two different processes. In case you don’t verify your email at that moment then your Newsfeed will have a red banner at the top as a reminder. Additionally, if you don’t confirm your email address then you will be soon dismissed by receiving the emails from Nextdoor. 

Step 4- Get Nextdoor on any device

You can download the Nextdoor application on your iPhone, Android, or iPad in order to utilize the power of the Nextdoor from anywhere. You also get this feature of posting crime and safety-related concerns that you might witness near you, sharing photos of some giving away stuff, you can also ask for recommendations for some amazing dinner while just sitting at your home. 

Step 6- Introducing yourself

After all the steps and process of verification, you finally get access inside the application you will be asked to post an introductory text. For example, you can go on like-

Hello everyone! My name is shelly and I just moved to the neighborhood. My husband, Andrew, and I have 3 kids and 2 lovely dogs. Hope to see you later in the neighborhood.

Are you ready to connect with your neighbors and make sweet connections around? Go on and join Nextdoor today and have fun connecting. All the necessary steps are mentioned for you which you can follow till the end of joining Nextdoor. Don’t forget to confirm your email address as well, it might not sound mandatory but it is important to receive further emails from Nextdoor.

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