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Before we begin with any laymen information, let’s get straight to our motive! We have got here to walk you through the activation steps of ION TV on Roku. Our activation process will offer you seamless access to Ion Television on your Roku device. Moreover, we will discuss how to watch Ion television without cable, what are the binge-worthy shows of Ion tv and carefully picked FAQs for you to leave you doubt-free at the end! Are you ready?

Ion Television is a free-to-air TV network aimed primarily at an adult audience. The channel offers a mix of drama, factual programming, news coverage, and entertainment. It is owned and operated by EWTN, formerly known as ABC Television Network. In its 23 year history, the network has conducted over 4,000 interviews with over 100,000 people across the country as well as shot more than 500 hours of video content. The majority of this programming is produced by affiliates of the network who are also paid by the show.

Ion Television is created by, and for the entertainment interest of its viewers. It’s programming primarily focuses on the development, production, and distribution of original animation and live-action television series. The network operates its main headquarters in Burbank, California with additional offices throughout North America. The management of the network is headed by President and CEO Dan Orlich along with a Board of Directors made up of notable personalities within the industry such as Norman Shapiro (The Amazing Spiderman), Chris Albrecht (Police Woman), Bill Ginocchio (Batman), and Tom Konopka (MythBusters).

Let’s Take A Closer Look at Ion Television Networks

Ion Television is owned by Ion Media, a subsidiary of the EWT Scripps Company. At present, Ion TV is available throughout most of the US through owned and operated stations, satellite and cable systems. Moreover, the network has also received distribution in numerous market segments through the digital subchannels of local TV stations. The network began its operations on June 16, 1996. More than just another television network, Ion offers its audience original shows featuring current events, news footage, comedy shows, dramas, and movies.

Ion Television is a free-to-air US educational digital network and organization which offers over-the-air programming and online video on demand. It is comprised of three basic networks: Film Network, Music Network, and Spanish Language Network. Each of these has a specific target demographic based on the estimated US population based on the most recent US Census data. These target demographics determine what type of programming will be aired on each of the three channels. Companies produce the shows outside of the CBS family of companies. 

Ion TV is currently available throughout the majority of the United States via owned and operated stations, satellite and cable networks. Furthermore, the network has been distributed in a variety of market areas via digital subchannels of local TV stations. It transmits both news and entertainment programming. It serves as a platform for artists to present unique concerts and performances.

Here’s How To Activate ION TV on Your Roku Device

The network consists of ten core television channels followed by a sports channel that offers live sporting events from around the world. A daily evening lineup of new shows entitled ‘Upfront’. Let us know how to access Ion television on your Roku smart media player.

Step 1: To begin, power on your Roku device and connect it to your wireless internet network. You’ll need to go to the home screen once you’ve joined. To do this, press the home button on your Roku remote.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom area of your Roku device’s home screen and choose the Streaming Channels option. Then, choose Roku Channel Store.

Step 3: You must locate the Ion application in the Roku Channel Store area. In general, you may find this software in the International category. However, if you are unable to locate the program by browsing the categories, you may utilize the Search option.

Step 4: Enter Ion International in the search area and hit the search icon to find the Ion app using the Search option. This will bring up the Ion International app on your screen. 

Step 5: To access the preview page, pick the Details option from this menu. When you’re on the Ion app’s preview screen, click the “+Add channel” button. The software will begin to install on your Roku device.

Remember: When installing a free program, you must select the Add channel option. If you want to buy an app from the Roku Channel Store, click the Buy or Purchase option. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to make a payment and install the app on your Roku device.

Furthermore, if you set up a PIN while configuring your Roku device, you will be required to enter it when purchasing an application.

Step 6: After the installation, return to the home screen and navigate to the list of channels installed on your Roku device. Launch the Ion TV channel app from the menu. This will bring you to the app’s launch screen.

Step 7: The instructions for activating Ion TV will be presented on the starting screen. When prompted to sign in, enter the login credentials you generated for your Ion TV subscription.

Step 8: If you are given an activation code on your screen, you must go to the Ion Television activation website on your computer or phone browser by visiting here.

Step 9: Once on the activation screen, go to the Roku area and pick the LINK DEVICE option. You will then be presented with a tiny dialogue box in which you will be asked to Subscribe or Sign In.

Step 10: If you have not yet subscribed to iON TV, you must do so by selecting the Subscribe option. This will take you to the following screen, where you must select the option next to BalkanTV America.

Step 11: To establish an account, enter your Name, Email, and Password in the fields provided. Then, just follow the on-screen instructions to finish the membership process.

Step 12: If you are already a subscriber to the Ion TV network, however, you must pick the Sign-in button rather than Subscribe. To activate Ion TV on your Roku device, enter your Email and Password in the relevant fields on the sign-in screen and follow the on-screen directions.

Voila! You are all done as these are the steps you’ll need to do to get the Ion TV channel on your Roku device.

How To Watch Ion Television Without Cable Here?

Oops! Ion is not currently available on any live TV streaming service.

But, IonTV, the online video streaming service that features IRL shows and live music from around the world, has yet to offer a channel dedicated to pro wrestling. However, that is about to change. Mike Johnson, the president of the Heenan Family Entertainment (H.E.) subsidiary that owns the company, and informed that they were in talks with multiple online streaming services about carrying IRL events. He also declined to comment on any of their specific partnerships, stating only that he was always open to new opportunities.

However, you can watch it online on YouTube and JustSkype (or with a window embedded within this blog). We strongly suggest you do so as there’s a chance you may learn more about this strange and wonderful video game development industry than you ever thought possible. Watching Ion was one of the best things you have done for yourself in recent memory. Though it may not be “free” (as in $), we felt like you can get to learn something new and see something you’d never seen before.

For those who don’t like cable or still don’t have access to some of their favorite shows, here’s how to watch Ion. It’s going to be hard to decide which shows you’re going to miss, but all of them are pretty worthy. The main reason we find it hard to choose is how much information is out there about what’s going on in the world of online gamers—and it’s a gold mine. The shows we have listed below are going to give you an overview of what’s happening in the world of competitive gaming, but also provide some perspective from a different side of the story.

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What’s Trending On Ion Television- Check Below To Know More!

Now that we have activated ion television on our favorite smart media player, why don’t we jump into some suggestions? So, here comes the best shows you can watch Ion tv after activating it on Roku.

Ion is a rarity in the world of corporate-owned television networks. While other networks strive to stay topical and popular through shows like The Practice, Cooking Channel, America’s Most Wanted, & CMT’s Street Outlaws; Ion focuses on documentaries, advertisements, arts-themed programming, and more contemporary content. The network provides a wide variety of entertainment options for viewers regardless of age group.

We have brought to you some most-grossing and loved shows below. Have a look!

Criminal Minds (2005)

Criminal Minds is a 2005 USA Network comedy-drama series that was adapted from the book by Stephen Fishbach. The show centered on the Counterterrorism Unit of the FBI and their attempt to stop a major bombings plot by A.J. Hill, an FBI agent who turned out to be a dangerous mentally ill serial killer. Based on the book series by Steven St. John, the series received five second-season orders from the USA after it was initially turned down by HBO. It was also picked up for a fourth and final season by FX in 2006. The series was well-received by critics and earned a 24-episode second season order.

Criminal Minds is an American TV series created by Paul T. Esposito and based upon his book, Split Second. The series focuses on the mathematical skills of analysts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and their ability to predict dangerous criminal behavior based upon behavioral codes hidden beneath the surface of everyday life. The show received four (4) Emmy Awards and was named one of the Most Outstanding Drama Series of 2005 by The Hollywood Reporter.

The hit TV show “Criminal Minds” is based on a true story. The show follows John Ector, a behavioral analyst who is employed by the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a behavioral profiler. He uses suspect evaluations and information gathered from wiretaps, informants, court cases, and other sources to help develop profiles of high-potential delinquents for potential future incarceration. Many of these individuals end up on “The Hook,” a fictional television program that profiles criminals before they are put on trial by the real-life agencies that employ them.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8/10

Google Users: 94%

Amazon: 4.8/5

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)

A narrow focus on solving crimes coupled with the belief that everyone can be a victim leads the team toward some unexpected successes and bitter disappointments. As they recover from their experiences, they begin to understand the greater world around them and realize there is more to life than crime. Most episodes will center around a specific case because that is what the writers know best and it is what their audience knows best as well. Special Victims Unit is a great show because it is unusual, it focuses on people instead of cases and its writers never interviews itself into absurdity.

Not all detectives are created equal. Mostsome plot-related episodes deal is not. Each year, the NYPD forces hundreds of volunteers to put themselves into potentially dangerous situations – often at the risk of their own lives. But sometimes they have no choice but to put their skills to the test. In “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” viewers see what happens when one detective is forced to put aside his personal life to focus on a case that could shape the future of crime-fighting in America. In this episode, we learn that one Detective Sergeant is willing to lay down his life for another.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8/10

Google Users: 93%

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

Chicago Fire (2012)

For many of us, the first time we see a fire truck is perhaps when our home is on fire. But what many fail to realize is that this is also when several members of the Chicago Fire Department — from negotiators to chaplains to inspection workers — are on duty. As they work to put out the fire, they are also focused on saving lives and property. Yet, the false sense of security some feel while watching the fire may cause them to ignore other personal issues they may face while on duty.

Chicago Fire focuses on Chicago Law Enforcement officers and other first responders. Each episode follows one group of officers as they respond to several incidents that take place throughout the city; during each incident, they are shown working alongside fellow officers. This shows us what it is like to work with these people as they go in to help out people in need. The show focuses primarily on their personal lives; there are some plot-related episodes that deal with crime in the city but they are not meant to be dramatic and should not influence how you view the show.

Chicago Fire is an NBC show that focuses on the workings of the Fire Department in Chicago. They focus mostly on the administrative side of things, but some episodes focus on personal relationships within the department such as Tom Bagwell and Carl Carter’s friendship or Jake Adams and George Steinbrenner’s strained relationship. Each episode ends with a speech from Fire Captain Michael Glassman, who reminds something to the audience. Watch the series to know more!

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8/10

Google Users: 93%

Amazon: 4.8/5

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Five-0 follows the story of Agent Bill Pullman, an elite federalized task force set up to take down major organized crime figures and drug kingpins on the sun-drenched shores of the islands of Hawaii. Pullman is first hired by wealthy hotelier Carl Engleman, who gives him a responsibility: find out who is corrupting the children of Hawaii into becoming drug users and addicts. Director David A. Hatch makes this film with a background in special effects.

Five-0 follows the story of Bobbie Bennett (played by Adam Rodriguez), a Special Agent with the US Marshals Service assigned to the Counter Drugs Task Force in Honolulu. A veteran of the drug war who’s worked on several investigations into major drug trafficking rings, Bobbie quickly understands that protecting the innocent doesn’t always come at the expense of putting criminals behind bars. As he learns more about the corruption within the Hawaii State Legislature – including its ties to major campaign donors – he finds himself in a position where he must make difficult decisions about who is worth risking his life to protect and whose safety he must leave undisturbed.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.3/10

Google Users: 94%

Amazon: 4.8/5

NCIS: New Orleans (2014)

NCIS: New Orleans (2014) is remarkable for many reasons. The performances by the leads, a terrific script by John Derek Morris, and an outstanding soundtrack helped us get into the minds of our favorite characters in a way that was fresh, funny, and engaging. This TV movie can be seen on any TV with an open schedule – it will be right at home on CBS or NBC. Just because it’s a movie doesn’t mean it has to feel safe or formulaic.

NCIS: New Orleans is an intelligent, well-acted show that provides strong character development for its leads. The storyline is full of intrigue and mystery with several cliffhangers that will leave viewers eager for the next episode. After three seasons, it still has surprises in store for its viewers. This popular CBS television show is about FBI agents and follows agents as they go out into the world to talk to people who might have information that can put violent criminals behind bars. It is set in New Orleans, LA, just after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 6.8/10

Google Users: 85%

Amazon: 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. How can I watch Ion television without cable?

A. While Ion TV is not available via live streaming services such as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, Philo, Fubo TV, AT&T TV, Vidgo, or YouTube TV, there are still methods to watch Ion TV without cable. Ion is mostly available over the air through a TV antenna.

Q. Is CBS the owner of ION TV?

A. Ion Television (now known as Ion) is an American broadcast television network/syndication service operated by the E. W. Scripps Company’s Ion Media division.

Q. Is ION TV on its way out?

A. Ion Plus discontinued broadcasting on February 28, 2021, following Ion Media’s acquisition by the E. W. Scripps Company, however, its linear broadcast is available without commercials on Samsung TV Plus and Vizio WatchFree.

Q. Is there an app for ion tv?

A. ION Television is a free app for Android that can be found under the Recreation category, which is a subcategory of Home & Hobby. ION Television is a business that creates ION Television.

Q. Can I watch ion on Roku?

A. is a streaming service that provides worldwide television and radio programs for a monthly fee. Packages for Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Hungarian material are available and may be seen on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Q. What happened to Comcast’s Ion TV?

A. On February 26, 2021, ION Plus and Qubo ceased operations. The ION Plus and Qubo channels will be decommissioned on February 26, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. EST. ION Plus was replaced in some markets by Court TV and Bounce.

Q. Is ION TV available on any streaming services?

A. Ion is not currently available on any live TV streaming service. You can, however, learn about other TV stations.

Q. Is ION TV available on the spectrum?

A. On August 31, 1998, the network officially debuted as Pax TV. To top it all off, Ion Television is part of the Spectrum cable TV lineup—Spectrum is one of the few cable TV providers that carry the Ion channel.

Q. What is the price of an ION TV?

A. For a basic membership, these services range in price from approximately $20/month to about $45/month.

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