Instagram Is Down! Reason Will Surely Shock You

With the rapid growth of digitalization, we all are witnessing the impact of social media in our daily lives. Whether it’s Snapchat, Facebook, or Whatsapp, we barely imagine spending our day without having proper access. And this time, it’s about the popular reel-creating application Instagram. As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps that have billions of users all across the world. But the issue creates hype when people experience that Instagram is Down.

The App crashed because there were millions of people at the server causing it to crash very badly. As per the DownDetector reports, the issue was started at around 15:08 BST (10:08 AM EDT), and is majorly affecting application users around the world. As we already mentioned the outage of Instagram is Down, at around 60 percent of the users said that they were facing issues accessing the news-feed, while 22 percent of people couldn’t be able to sign-in, and around 16 percent were struggling to log in to the Instagram web.

Instagram Is Down – What Users Said About The Issue

Instagram is yet to comment on this issue, which seems to be the third one experienced in March alone. Several frustrated users from all across the world have taken to Twitter and discuss the issues.

After the issue got rectified, one of the users from India posted a clip of trying to load the Instagram app on the smartphone before the application crashes and takes the app user back to the homepage. Another user tweeted: ‘What the hell is wrong with Instagram, as it keeps stopping.’

Several others posted a screenshot of a pop-up notification saying ‘Instagram keeps stopping’ and they are left with the option to close the app or send feedback. Out of all one user simply tweeted: ‘Another day, another bug #instagramdown again!’
With this type of tweet, the Twitter handle is filled and right after some time of the Instagram crash, Twitter hashtags like #Instagram #instagramcrash #instagramdown are trending around the globe.

How This Issue Created An Impact On Social Media Platform?

With this recent happening with the platform, Instagram outages are becoming a regular event. The app was down globally for more than one hour. Meanwhile, the issue majorly hit several major US cities including Seattle, New York, and San Francisco, along with other countries like China, UK, India, and Australia.

Earlier, on 19th March, all three of Facebook’s biggest apps –Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp – were down. This time, users visiting Instagram online encountered a simple error message saying ‘5xx Server Error’, while some users were experiencing a ‘total blackout’ screen with no other information provided.

This kinda regular technical issue caused people to switch the application, as users find it difficult to access some Facebook services. To end up things on a great note, Facebook must take care of these things now.

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