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Huntington National Bank, a subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, is a well-known bank holding company. Opening and managing a Huntington bank account is a simple procedure. If your bank account has just gotten a Huntington Debit card, you may use it to make purchases and payments both online and offline. Before you can use your Huntington card to make purchases, you must first activate it at huntington.com/activate. While the bank normally includes activation instructions with the card, if you haven’t gotten them or misplaced them, you can use the information in this tutorial. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

About Huntington Bancshares

Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an American bank holding corporation. On the Fortune 500, the firm is placed 500th, and it is the 35th largest bank in the United States.

The Huntington National Bank, the company’s banking division, has 920 locations throughout the Midwest: 459 in Ohio, 290 in Michigan, 51 in Pennsylvania, 45 in Indiana, 35 in Illinois, 29 in West Virginia, and 10 in Kentucky. The bank’s Board of Directors appointed Steve Steinour as president, CEO, and chairman in January 2009, succeeding Thomas Hoaglan, who had served in those roles for eight years. The firm is the second-largest lender to the Small Business Administration.

It is the 39th largest bank in the United States and the 524th largest bank in the Fortune 500. The organization is well-known for having over 900 banking locations around the country. Huntington Bank provides financial services to both individuals and businesses. 

Activate Huntington Bank Debit Card on PC

Activate Huntington Bank Debit Card Via huntington.com/activate on your PC

To Activate your Huntington Bank Debit card via hungtington.com/activate online, Follow the following Steps:

  1. Go to Huntington Bank’s home page (https://www.huntington.com/) in a web browser on your PC.
  2. Once you’ve arrived at the Huntington Bank site, go to the upper-right corner of the screen and choose the Login option. 
  3. You must choose from the alternatives in the drop-down menu, which include Personal & Business, Commercial, and Other. Because you are a single user, you will need to pick the Personal & Business option.
  4. The login credentials (Username and Password) must then be entered in the given space and then click on login.
  5. You’ll need to go to the Customer Service option at the top of the website once you’ve signed into your online account.
  6. Select the Card Services option and then click the Activate My Debit Card button.
  7. Then you need to visit huntington.com/activate.
  8. Then, in the given field on your screen, type in the two-digit security code. This code may be found on the back of your debit card.
  9. You must click the Activate button after providing the essential information in the supplied space.

Once you successfully complete the procedures outlined above you’ll have your Huntington debit card activated in no time! allowing you to make purchases and payments with it.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password or username, or if you have not yet created an online account, you can use the choices on the page to recover your account — Have you forgotten your login or password? Are you new to online banking?

Activate Huntington Bank Debit Card Via A Smartphone

Using your phone, you may activate your debit card in two ways. The first approach needs you to have the Huntington Mobile application installed on your phone, while the second method requires you to contact (800) 480 2265. To finish the activation procedure, contact this phone number and follow the on-call steps. The phone will be activated from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. ET (Daily).

  • To use your phone application to activate your new Huntington debit card, first open the Huntington Mobile app and login in to your account.
  • Once you’ve logged in, pick ‘More’ and then ‘Manage Cards’ from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, choose your card and input the 3-digit code in the slots given. The code is located on the back of your debit card.
  • Lastly, you must follow the on-screen instructions to finish the activation procedure.

Activate Huntington Bank Debit Card By visiting A Nearby Huntington Bank ATM

Another option for activating your Huntington debit card is to go to a nearby Huntington ATM. To finish the activation procedure, just swipe or insert your card into the machine and follow the on-screen instructions. You may also go to your local Huntington Bank location or just use your Card and PIN to make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get in touch with Tintern bank customer service?

To contact Huntington Bank you may visit https://www.huntington.com/customer-service/contact-us webpage and get your Queries resolved regarding Business banking credit cards and more.

Was TCF bought out by Huntington Bank?

Huntington Bancshares Inc. said that it had completed its $22 billion all-stock mergers with TCF Financial Corp. of Detroit. In December 2020, Huntington, situated in Columbus, Ohio, and TCF announced their merger.

What’s the deal with my Huntington account being locked?

For security reasons, you will be locked out of the system after three failed login attempts. You may either click the “Unlock My Account” option on online banking or go through the “Forgot Password?” process on either online banking or their mobile banking app to regain access to your account.

What is the location of Huntington National Bank?

Huntington is a regional bank holding corporation based in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in retail, commercial, and financial services.

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So, these are the procedures you must perform in order to activate your Huntington Bank card on the huntington.com/activate website. And now you also know how to contact the support team if you face any problems, regarding the activation or any other procedure. Thank you for staying with us till the end. We hope to see you in the next one.

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