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Huddle up, huddle up, huddle up… Bring us your stats and your tape… We’re all friends here! Hudl is revolutionizing the video coaching space with a revolutionary all-in-one solution for coaches and players. They are on a mission to change the way coaches and players evaluate performance. Hudl is a cloud-based video, statistics, and analysis platform. Hudl’s goal is to give coaches and players the tools they need to enhance the way they watch game footage and improve their play.

Hudl is the all-in-one solution for coaches, athletes, and fans. Hudl is a cloud-based platform that provides coaches and athletes with video reviews and analytics, while fans can access game footage, stats, and highlights. Hudl is used by over 5,000 teams at more than 3,000 schools across the country.

Hudl software is used by more high school, college, and professional teams than any other platform, and is transforming the way coaches and athletes review game footage.

Hudl’s industry-leading video review and analytics tools provide coaches and athletes with everything they need to ensure smarter decisions, improve game-day preparation, and ultimately, win more games.

Step-By-Step Login Guide Of Hudl | Sign Up For Teams, Athletes And Caoches

The app’s interface is clean and easy to use, and you can have multiple camera angles and split-screen views. Some features, like slow-motion and instant replay, require extra subscriptions, though these cost less than $10 a month. Once you’ve made a purchase, there are free tutorials to help you use the app’s features.

The app’s stats section tracks any player, coach, or team statistics. The app keeps track of plays, as well as down and distance, so you can easily track a team’s performance or compare players. You can store videos locally and share them automatically on social networks.

  1. At first, we will visit the authorized log in page at 
  2. The provide your Email address at the prompted section.
  3. Enter your Password in the given box.
  4. Click on the blue button as the Log In tab.
  5. Press the ‘Remember Me’ option if you wish to stay logged in during your next visit on the page of Hudl.
  6. NOTE: Select the Need help link provided in the log in page in case you need any assistance.
  7. You can also simply Log into Hudl with your Organization by selecting the tab below the Log in button.
  8. Enter the email address used for your organization and press the Log in tab.

How Can You Join A Team Using Hudl? 

  1. Begin to visit the page:
  2. Click Get Registered after entering your team code and email address.
  3. After filling out the form, click Register.
  4. Your registration has been successfully completed. When your coach answers your request, you’ll get an email notification.

How Can You Follow Other Athletes On Hudl?

  1. Click the search box to locate additional athletes.
  2. In the search field, type the athlete’s name, or click Follow on any of the suggested accounts.
  3. Select Follow after scrolling through the Search Results to discover the proper athlete.
  4. To access the athlete’s profile, click on their name. From the athlete’s profile page, you can also select to follow them.
  5. To locate more athletes, click on Explore Page and sort by Trending, Featured, or sport-specific classifications.

How Can You Learn To Edit Your Profile?

  • Log in to and choose Your Profile by hovering over your name.
  • Select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  • To edit the information on any tab, choose it. All modifications are automatically saved.

How Do Coaches Use Hudl?

Thousands of coaches have used Hudl to create more efficient practices, better game plans, and get their athletes recruited throughout the country. Many coaches and institutions, on the other hand, are new to Hudl and are still learning how to utilize it.

After a decade of establishing its worth, most coaches have a solid idea of what Hudl can give. Thousands of coaches around the country have used Hudl to create more efficient practices, develop stronger game plans, and recruit their athletes. However, many coaches and institutions are new to Hudl and are still learning how to use it. So, it was asked to a handful of most active users for their advice on what newbies should bear in mind when they integrate Hudl into their applications.

Some coaches may feel overwhelmed as they learn a new system and manner of doing things, but Holecek believes this will not be an issue. Hudl is simple to use and easy to understand. And if coaches run into any problems, Hudl has a top-notch support team to sort out any glitches.

NOTE: To delete or remove a Hudl coach account, log in to, then click Manage Team from the Team drop-down menu. Coaches can only be removed by Team Administrators. When a coach is removed from a team, they lose access to the account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I sign up for a HUDL account?

A: Hudl must be purchased by your coach and you must be added to the team’s roster. If your team uses Hudl, request an invite code from a team manager. You can log in or download the Hudl app if you already have a Hudl account.

Q. If you already have an account on HUDL, how can you join a team?

A: Follow the steps below to create a team.

  • Hover over your name on and click Add Another Team.
  • Fill up the form with the information for the new team and click Submit. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.

Q. On HUDL, can you join several teams?

A: Request a free demo and offer your entire team a hands-on experience. Only Team Admins have the ability to create a new team. Hover over your name on and click Add Another Team.

Q. On Hudl, what can coaches perceive?

A: Elite Hudl users will now be able to see which members of their team are watching videos. A report that indicates who has seen a video or playlist, when they watched it, and for how long may be downloaded by team admins. You’ll be able to check which videos are the most popular, as well as which athletes are accomplishing any assignments you’ve set.

Q. Is it possible to tell who has seen my Hudl highlights?

A: User Activity may be tracked in the following ways:

  • Log in to and click Manage Team from the Team drop-down menu.
  • Choose a member of your group.
  • The most recent action of that team member will be displayed beneath their comprehensive information.

Q. Is it necessary to pay for a Hudl account?

A: A Hudl and Hudl Focus membership is required, however, they are both significantly reduced when purchased as part of an athletic department package. You may incur additional fees as a result of the broadcast software or live stream platform you use.

Q. How much does the HUDL method costs you?


Hudl TechniqueFreeFree mobile app.
Elite Monthly$5.99/monthElite features include video back-ups, video syncing across devices, and premium video tools.
Elite Yearly$39.99/yearElite features include video back-ups, video syncing across devices, and premium video tools.

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