Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

Owning a home is a dream come true. Most people are always working hard so that they can have a place of their own. However, climate change and other natural phenomena can make owning a home a big responsibility. In the past few years, there have been a lot of uncertainties in the weather in the United States of America. Sometimes, there is extreme heat while other times there is extreme cold. In such climatic variability, there is a high possibility that home appliances can get damaged. Well, to protect oneself from the too-high costs of repair, home warranty companies came into being. In this article, we will discuss some of the best home warranty companies in Texas. But before that, let us gain more information about home warranty companies.

A home warranty is very different from home insurance! One must not get confused in both terms. Home insurance covers major perils like property crimes, fires, hail storms, etc. Usually, home insurance provides protection against major harm to the house. On the other hand, a home warranty is a contract between the home warranty company and the homeowner. A home warranty contract helps people to get discounts on the repair of home appliances, electrical systems, plumbing issues, etc. To sum up, a home warranty protects the homeowners from spending too much on the repair of small household issues and home appliances. In many cases, they even provide technicians to do the repair work.

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Why look for home warranty companies in Texas?

The climate and weather of Texas can be sometimes very extreme. As a matter of fact, Texas is a quite hot and humid state in America. Usually, the summers here are very hot and humid. The average temperature varies between 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be pretty hot at times! In such hot weather, there is a high possibility that home appliances get overheated, electrical systems start developing problems, and much more. Hence, having a home warranty if you are living in Texas is an essential need. Having a home warranty will help you to reduce some of the costs of repair. You will also be provided with the best technician to resolve your issues. A home warranty covers some of the major appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, swimming pools, etc. Hence, always look for the best home warranty companies in Texas.

How to choose the best home warranty companies in Texas?

Well, by now you have gained good information about home warranty companies in Texas. However, there might be questions in your head about how to find the right home warranty companies in Texas. This is understandable as no one would want to invest in a bad company. Well, the best way to know about the worth and quality of anything is by asking more and more people. One can ask on the internet or to family and friends. However, there are some things that you should always ask about. These are:

Variety in plans

A home warranty company that offers a wide range of plans, is worth trying! In the presence of limited plans, many times customers get exploited. It is also possible that you might not even benefit from their existing plans. Hence, you should always look for the best possible plans that meet all of your requirements and also provide extra benefits.

Reasonable costs

Well, money is the most important variable in anything. You should look for a policy in which you have to pay less on the policy than the service fee. Sometimes, it is possible that the cost of the policy is much more than the service costs. You should look at how and how often you will have to pay throughout the whole period of the home warranty.

Easy claims

Claiming the benefits of any policy is the toughest part. Many times people get harassed during this process. Hence, you should always prefer a home warranty that provides easy claims to its customers. The process should be quick, easy, and less complicated.

Policy limits

Checking the policy limits is also an essential step. Many times what looks reasonable and cheap on paper, may not cover even the entire repair cost. So, look for a policy whose limits are in alignment with your need.

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Top 3 best home warranty companies in Texas

Here we bring you the list of the top 3 best home warranty companies in Texas.

America Home Shield

This is one of the oldest home warranty companies in the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1971. As of now, it is providing its services in 46 states. It has been catering to the needs of homeowners for about 50 years. This home warranty company offers a total of three comprehensive plans. They even provide, add-on coverage for electronic devices. There are three slabs for the service fee. These are $75, $100, and $125. It is a highly recommended home warranty company because of its services and reputation. However, you might find it a little expensive!


America Home Shield website

Select Home Warranty

Well, if you are looking for the most affordable home warranty company. Then this could be your one-stop destination. As a matter of fact, the service changes here are $65 per month. This company has been working for 9 years now! To all the new policyholders, they have provision for free coverage for 2 months along with free roof leak coverage. Their combo plan is always on demand. You will get amazing customer service, quality artistry, and the best comprehensive plans across the market. However, you will have to consider lower policy limits on some items, and it is not the best policy for high-end appliances. So, if you are on a budget, then this is the home warranty company for you!


Select Home Warranty website

Choice Home Warranty

If you are concerned about the major home appliances in your home, then this is your one-stop destination. This company was founded in the year 2008 and is currently operating in 49 states of America. It is a well-reputed home warranty company! They have 2 comprehensive plans. These provide huge coverage on most appliances at affordable costs. The service fee ranges between $60 and $85. There is an add-on provision for roof leaks. You will also get a 90-day guarantee on repairs. The only thing to worry about is that they do not let customers choose technicians and have low coverage caps. So, this is a great choice if you are ready to let them choose a service technician for you!


Choice Home Warranty website

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Wrapping up

In this article, you learned about the top 3 home warranty companies in Texas. One should not confuse, a home warranty with home insurance. Hence, the gains from both will be very different. Also, always make sure to do thorough research before selecting any home warranty company. There might be more and even better options that are not here! Well, if this article helped you, then leave a comment and stay tuned until the next comes!

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Is it a good idea to get a house warranty in Texas?

What happens if the homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the cost of fixing your air conditioner when it breaks down in the midst of a scorching and muggy Texas summer? Or what if your washing machine stops working only a few days before you leave for your vacation in Galveston?

A home warranty can be a worthwhile investment since it can protect you from having to make significant payments in the event that your house’s appliances or systems fail. It is wonderful to have coverage for costs that are less than repairing or replacing a large system or equipment. In addition, even if just a few items fail during the same year, the service contract will have more than paid for itself by that point.

What Are the Variable Options Available for Home Warranty Plans in Today’s Market?

When a homeowner has a plan in place, having a home warranty coverage may provide them the peace of mind they need to enjoy their property. Nevertheless, selecting the optimal layout for your new house or even an older one might be a challenging choice. When you start looking at different plan kinds and rates, things can become complex very quickly.

The majority of organizations will provide both fundamental plan choices and comprehensive plan alternatives. These protection choices will be referred to by a variety of names by every leading home warranty provider in the state of Texas. One person may refer to their strategy as gold, while another may refer to it as platinum. The covered products and the service costs are two of the most crucial things to think about (or deductible). It is crucial that you make certain that your primary systems and appliances are covered by your plan. The fundamental coverage choices may seem a little bit different from one provider to the next.

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