Easy Solutions If HBO Max Is Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TV, It’s all you need for your upgraded entertainment. You can relish your favorite movies, series, and shows here. Youtube, Netflix, HBO Max, aha, Amazon prime, and more can be downloaded on this smart TV. It’s not on the expensive side. However, there are some issues that you might face with HBO max app not working on your smart TV. Don’t worry let us jump into what can be the issue along with the solutions.  In this article, you will get to know how you will Fix the HBO max app not working on the Samsung Smart TV. 

About HBO Max

It’s one of the greatest American on-demand video streaming services platforms. The services are premium which is offered by HBO itself. The owner of the streaming platform is WarnerMedia’s max originals. 

You are offered endless entertainment by HBO such as movies, series, specials, etc. Some of the greatest movies are available like The dark night, A man of steel, Wonder woman, Tenet, and so many other incredible movies. It is available majorly on all media devices which allows you to have a long list of supported devices. One of the recognized devices Samsung smart TV, has been facing some issues while running HBO Max on it. Before getting into the solutions we discover the cost and features of HBO Max on Samsung TV. 

HBO Max has two different plans while streaming on Samsung smart TV. the two options vary upon with and no ads. Here is the list of prices and advantages of both the packages of HBO Max. 

With ads No-ads 
Subscription $9.99 per month$14.99 per month
Subscription $99.99 per year$149.99 per year
Warner Bros movie premiere Not included Included 
HBO movies, shows, originals Included Included 
Personalized streaming to 5 accountsIncluded Included 
Download and watch videos offlineNot included Included 
Parental control Included Included 
Video quality HDUltra HD

This is the information about the two packages of HBO Max from which you can choose according to your needs. 

How Can You Fix The HBO Max App Not Working On Samsung Smart TV? 

We have mentioned some methods or ways which you can try out and they might help you with the HBO Max app not working on Samsung smart TV. You can try out all the options till the end to make sure what is the reason for HBO max not working on your smart TV. 

Cold Boot Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes these issues can be raised due to sudden technical glitches or corrupt files held by your device. You can cold boot your device which will restart your device and remove the technical glitch that might be problematic in this situation. The simple restarting is different from a cold boot. Steps to cold boot your Samsung smart TV-

  • Press the power button of your device for 5-6 seconds.
  • Your Samsung smart TV will shut down and restart again.

If you desire to cold boot while using the power cord then follow these steps-

  • Switch off your device and then remove it from the power socket. 
  • It will take a while, you have to wait for 30-40 seconds and then again connect the power supply again.
  • Now turn the TV on.
  • This will push your Samsung smart TV to undergo a cold boot which will solve the problem in that case. 

Hard Reset Samsung Smart TV

  • Turn your Samsung smart TV off and the router. 
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes to proceed further. 
  • After waiting for 5 minutes turn on your router and the plugin.
  • Then, initiate the connection with your Samsung smart TV.
  • Now launch HBO Max to see if the problem persists. 

Update HBO Max

  • Visit the home screen of your Samsung smart TV.
  • Tap on the icon ‘’Gear’’ which is present on the top right side in order to access the main settings. 
  • You will see the tab to update it. 
  • Place the HBO max where it is required to be updated.

After the HBO max is updated check if it’s now working. If you experience any issue while updating then it must be because of the storage problem in your smart TV. manage some space if that error occurs then start the updating process again. 

Third-Party Applications 

The other main issue is the general storage problem in your Samsung smart TV. Now follow these steps here to get started. Visit the home screen of the smart TV.

  • Tap on the applications.
  • On the screen, you will find the gear icon which you need to tap on. 
  • You will be displayed the list of the applications that have been installed on the device. 
  • Now start deleting the apps you feel could create the storage issue. 
  • Then open the HBO Max again and see if the issue is resolved. 

Reinstall HBO Max

As soon as you see that the HBO Max is not working on your device, uninstall it and then reinstall it. These are the steps how you can do this- 

  • Turn on your Samsung smart TV. 
  • Visit the ‘’Apps’’ and then ‘’Settings’’ -> HBO Max -> Delete. 
  • If the button ‘’Delete’’ has grayed out then rather tap on the option ‘’Reinstall instead’’.
  • Then go to the ‘’Search option’’ present on the main screen and then navigate the ‘’HBO Max app’’ and find it.
  • Tap on the option ‘’Install’’.  Open the HBO Max app now and see if it’s now working. 

Reset The Settings Of The Samsung Smart Hub 

This method has been tried out by many users when the HBO Max was not working on their Samsung smart TV and proved to be working for them. Let’s see how you can do it as well-

  • Turn on the Samsung smart TV.
  • Visit the settings option.
  • You will see a drop-down menu, tap on the option ‘’support’’ from the list. 
  • Kindly click the option  ‘’self-diagnosis’’.
  • Choose the option to reset the smart hub.
  • Now go to the HBO Max and check if it’s working or not. 

Sign in and sign out 

If the error has been raised due to some technical glitch then signing in and signing out would definitely solve the problem. You can sign out from the account via visiting the HBO Max website on the web browser or else you can use the HBO max application as well for convenience.

  • Launch your preferred web browser and go to the website of HBO Max. Here is the link- https://www.hbomax.com/.
  • Now with the help of your credentials, log in to your HBO max account. 
  • In your profile section, you will see the option ‘’Manage devices’’ tap on it. 
  • You will be presented with a list of the devices that you opened HBO Max on. Scroll down and find your Samsung smart TV. Tap on it.
  • The option to sign out will be right there. Click on it.
  • Wait for a while and then follow the corresponding steps to log in back to your account.
  • Check if your HBO Max is working on the Samsung smart TV or not. 

Software update of the Samsung smart TV

In case you have tried enough ways then, its the time to get started with the pending updates of your smart TV. In order to complete the pending updates of your Samsung TV then follow these steps-

  • Turn on your Samsung smart TV and then visit the section of ‘’Settings’’.
  • From the list of options choose the option ‘’Support’’.
  • Tap on the option ‘’Software update’’.
  • The un-updated apps will be shown with their processes of updating. You will be able to see the status of their updating there only. 
  • Don’t forget to tab on the option ‘’Update Now’’ to start the process.
  • A moment will be taken to complete the process. After it’s all done, switch off your smart TV. restart it and then check if the problem is resolved or not. 

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Contact The Company If HBO Max Is Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

In case not even one method is working for you then you need to contract the assistance of HBO max. Contact the support and explain the issue and that’s the last resort that will not let you down. 

I hope after these ways you will be able to fix HBO Max on Samsung smart TV now. You don’t need to panic as there is always a solution for every problem, it’s just some effort away. 

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