Activation & Feature Guide for Remarkable Lively by GreatCall

It is sure that the medical industry has made some remarkable improvements in its field for the betterment of society. Lively by Great Call has launched some of the great apps that can be used by any person as this app lets you connect to your android devices without any hassle. Basically, the Lively app lets you connect your lively devices to your android devices. So, when you get a subscription to GreatCall’s health and services packages, you get all the 5-star services like urgent care, step tracking, and health tips and so much more. You just need to connect your Lively wearables devices to your android medical devices and if a calamity strikes (God forbid it never happens), you will be ready for the calamity. 


  • Steps tracking 
  • Fall- detection available
  • Highly trained professionals 24*7 
  • Stay connected with you family and friends 
  • Using the Lively app is the best way to connect with friends and family. 


Turning on your Lively mobile phone:

You need to press the power button for 2-3 seconds. The service indicator will turn on with white colored light and the battery indicator will turn on with a green color. If you have turned off your device previously properly, then by just putting it on the charging will turn it on. 

Turning off your lively device: 

To turn off your device you need to press the power button and when you hear a voice saying, “powering off”, you’ll know that your Lively device is turned off. The light will turn red sharply for a few seconds on the “service indicator” and “battery indicator ” and then your device will turn off completely. 

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Lively Activation for your Device (

The initial steps for Lively activation are same for any device These steps are for the new users 

  1. Open site, there you can choose the device you want connect
  2. Click on “Activate”
  3. Write your zip code so they can check that it works in that area or not. 
  4. Then they’ll ask you if you want to change the numbers or use the existing numbers.
  5. And if you choose a new number, then they will ask you certain details.
  6. After filling these details, they’d ask you if you are an “existing customer” or a “new customer”.
  7. You have to write your details and if you are a new customer.
  8. Write your email address and the serial numbers which are written in the back side of the box. 
  9. At the end ,finish up the formalities that are needed to be filled and then you are good to go.

  These are the steps for the existing user:

  1. Open and choose the device you want to connect.
  2. Then they will ask you if you wish to continue with the same number. 
  3. Then you’ll be asked to move to another window that will help you with an assistance number. You call on that assistance number and retain your existing cell or home phone numbers.
  4. Then you can easily retain your existing cell and you carry on with it. 



Greatcall has the facility of providing good medical doctors on one call and they are available 24*7. This could help the senior citizens and it could save them a visit to the doctor when they need them on an urgent basis. This could be related to anything like helping them with medicine, or providing them with instant medical facilities of all kinds.


This is indeed a great choice for people who live away from their families and don’t have anyone with them at the time of emergency.  So lively takes care of them and with just one click they can get professional assistance anytime.


If due to some reasons , the senior citizens of the family are left with a caretaker, then the caretaker should have access to the Lively too. In emergency situations, when the family is not available around the senior citizens, the caretaker can access the Lively to get instant help, thus saving someone’s life. 

These are some of the citizens that need to have Lively on priority basis but in my opinion, everyone should have access to the lively as we never know what could happen to anyone. Anything can happen to anyone within just a frame of seconds and any person could just die on the spot if professional help is not given, so lively covers them with all of these as it gives professional assistance 24*7. 

It even have some the greatest features available like:

  • “Fall Detection”

It is a feature that is best used in smart watches because as the name suggests “fall detection”. This app will get active when you are falling or have a hard fall. This feature will immediately assist them with the professional help when needed and will also inform the families and friends immediately. Even after that an assistance will call you to make sure that you are okay, so it is a win-win situation to invest in this lively app. 

  • “Urgent care” 

With just a call away there are professionals that will assist you 24*7 and there will be nurses available 24*7 on the phone to help those who need it too. Moreover, they can also provide you with prescriptions of the commonly used medicines at any time of the day. So, you can get commonly used medicines for your daily needs.

  •  “Steps tracker and health tips”

Steps tracker is nothing but a new smartwatch. So what’s new? This app will also help you with health tips by analyzing your body, for example – heart rate, BP, sugar, so it will give you real time updates on what things should be avoided to eat and what you should eat. This app also tells you how many calories you have to intake, according to your body needs.

  • “GreatCall link”

GreatCall link is another useful feature on this app as it helps us to connect with friends and family at instance and help us know whether they need us or not. They even tell us whether our family members are medically fit and taking care of themselves or not by monitoring their heart rate and keeping a check on their BP. Most importantly, it  keeps a check on their calories intake and what foods they should eat. 

But there is just one drawback, that by using GPS all the time, it will drain the battery of your phone. Hope this article helps you with Lively activation.

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