Guide to Play the Game with Google Snake Dark Mode

If you’re a fan of the Google Snake game, you might be interested in enabling the dark mode option. There’s no doubt that dark mode is all the rage these days. Many popular apps and websites have adopted the dark theme in order to reduce eye strain and improve user experience in low light conditions. For those unfamiliar with the game, Google Snake is a simple yet addictive game where you control a snake as it moves around the screen, consuming dots to grow larger and faster. The game also has a light mode, but many players find the dark mode to be more immersive and enjoyable. So it’s no surprise that people are clamoring for a Google Snake dark mode.

While there’s no official word from Google on whether a dark mode for Snake is in the works, we have come up with perfect steps to enable Google Snake Dark Mode. Nowadays, many apps, websites, and browsers employ the dark mode to cut down on light. Different apps’ dark modes can be enabled to lessen eye strain when using smartphones in low light. A snake in Google Snake grows larger and moves faster as it consumes various dots. The game also offers a dark option that improves the gaming experience in poor light. If you’re looking to improve your Google Snake experience, be sure to enable dark mode by using the steps given below!

How to get GitHub Snake Dark Mode while playing?

The steps to put the code into the Chrome console box are listed below.

  1. Launch the Google Snake video game in the Chrome web browser.
  2. To display the element box on the right side, click the Play button and simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + I.
  3. Select the console tab in the top menu bar from the right element box.
Google Snake Dark Mode
  1. r=new XMLHttpRequest();r.onload=function()

{eval(this.responseText);};‘GET’,’‘);r.send(); – After copying this command and pasting it into the box, press the Enter key.

  1. Once it has loaded, you will see that the Google Snake game’s background has been changed to dark mode.

How to Access Google Snake Dark Mode via Browser?

Do you recall the retro game from your youth where you had to crawl about collecting red dots? It’s time to play the Google Snake game and stir nostalgia like never before. Everyone must have played the snake game at least once in their life. A simple game that continues to be well-liked as new technological advances are made. You can now alter the game to suit your taste with different Google Snake Mods like a fancy rainbow google snake or a google snake timer mod for playing.

To get the Dark Mode on Google Snake, follow these steps:

  1. First, launch your computer’s Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Enter “Google Snake game” in the search box to find it.
  3. Choose the Google Snake game from the search results, then click the Play icon that appears on your screen.
  4. In the top right corner of the browser window, click the three dots icon.
  5. Choose More Tools first, followed by Developer Tools, from the drop-down menu.
Google Snake Dark Mode

NOTE: On your keyboard, use Ctrl + Shift + J to open the Developer Console window.

  1. Window.snake.dark(); should be typed into the appropriate box on the Console tab.

Ultimately, a black background Google Snake window will show up.

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Steps to Permanently get the dark mode-

This solution for activating Google Snake dark mode with only one click on a bookmark is more or less permanent.

NOTE: Make sure Chrome’s bookmark bar is enabled before continuing.

  1. By selecting the Show bookmarks bar from the Bookmarks menu by hovering your mouse over the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome, you can enable it.
  2. After it’s done, just visit Github, and click the provided link. Search for “arcade Snake modifications” and then select “this” under bookmarklet installation.
Google Snake Dark Mode
  1. The Google Snake Mods bookmarklet’s black window will now appear. This website has to be bookmarked, and there are two ways to do that.
  2. Simply press the star icon at the end of the URL box by clicking or dragging the snake icon on the top bookmark bar.
Google Snake Dark Mode
  1. After finishing the above step, select Play to launch the Google Snake game.
  2. Then make a single click on the bookmark you have made at the top.
  3. Now that dark mode is set, your gaming experience will be on another level thanks to the RGB glowing background.

What are the different Google Snake Mods?

There are different types of mods that include changing the speed of the game, the size of the snake, and even the appearance of the snake. You can also add different types of obstacles and power-ups to make the game more challenging. Whether you want to play the game for a few minutes to take a break from work or you want to challenge yourself to see how far you can get, the Google Snake game is a great choice. And with the different mods available, you can tailor the game to your liking.

Mode to get an Animated Google Snake Color:

A game’s ability to modify the color is unquestionably a wonderful feature. This is made possible by the “Google Snake Animated Color,” which gives you the option to alter the backdrop and snake colors. Choose from colors like yellow, black, pink, blue, and more to give the game a colorful twist.

Twin Mod:

The snake will have two heads and a special game mode thanks to this update. “Twin Mod” is not only fascinating but also exhilarating. Installing this Mod gives you the chance to consume the food twice, which is a benefit. The drawback is that each head has the ability to destroy itself.

Cheese Mod:

Use the “Cheese Mod” to give your snake game some excitement. There is a lot of unpredictable content in this mod. Like a snake, which is only active in specific locations.

Snake Wall Endgame Sooner:

Have fun moving around for a long time in snake games that don’t have walls. You can play this game for hours on end without ever losing.

The Ultimate Dark Mode:

In black, everything is much more intriguing and stylish. Set dark themes for the Snake game on your phone, PC, and browser.

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How can the Google Snake Mods be added to use?

You must learn how to unlock the Google Snake Mods in order to use them. The installation of GitHub accomplishes this. The procedures listed below will help you install and start using Google Snake Mods.

  1. Visit GitHub to download the Google Snake Menu here.
  2. The Moremenu.html file can then be downloaded to your computer, but remember where you saved it.
  3. To access the Bookmarks menu in your browser, press “CTRL+SHIFT+O.”
  4. For the import of files from Bookmarks, select the file import option by clicking the three dots.
  5. The next step is to bookmark MoreMenu.html on your desktop. 
  6. Then enter “Snake Game” to play it once on your Chrome browser.
  7. After that, click the three dots and proceed as follows: Add a bookmark and more menu items.
  8. After finishing these steps, select the cog wheel icon. You’ll be able to see the Snake Game Mods here.
  9. You may play through several maps and even alter speed after successfully activating Google Snake Mods for snake games.
  10. Close the browser and start it up again to remove Mods.
  11. The Snake Game Menu file can also be removed from your bookmarks.

How to turn off Snake’s dark mode with an easy Disabling Method?

It is safe and legal to use the technique described in this article. All scripts and sources posted on GitHub are authenticated because it is a reputable site. Any of the steps above can be used to install Google Snake in dark mode on a computer or laptop. And if you are wondering what to do if you want to turn off the dark mode in the Google Snake game.

  • The dark mode is incredibly simple to enable and disable whenever you desire.
  • If you prefer the second technique of bookmarking, there should be a setting that allows you to enable Google Snake dark mode only when you want it.
  • The dark mode only becomes active when you click on a bookmark while using this method. Google Snake switches to normal mode after you close the game.
  • If you use the first console script technique, you will need to empty the Google Chrome console box’s console.

We hope you got all your queries solved in this guide. To know more about the game and its features, do not forget to stop by our faqs below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How can I use the hidden mode of Google Snake?

Simply enter “play snake” into Google Search to access the game. Additionally, Google has a dinosaur-themed hidden game that you may access without an online connection. Dino Runner is an endless runner game in which you must dash and jump over obstacles in order to score well. If you are wondering how to get cheats in google snake for a 252 score, you can click here.

How do you crack the Google Snake Game?

The “snake” can move in any direction, but it is unable to reverse direction. Press “p” to pause the game if you need a break, but keep in mind that doing so will subtract 10 points from your final score.

How to enable Google snake custom menu stuff?

To activate the Mod, paste the custom.js code into the console and then type window.snake.more menu();.

How many Google Snake Mods can I try?

Look below to test out several Google Snake Mods:

Classic Mode
Blender Mode
Peaceful Mode
Infinity Borderless Mode
Key Unlock Mode
Portal Mode
Sokoban Mode

What is the Google Snake any board size?

Perform the following actions after pasting the code from sizes.js into the JavaScript console:

  width:        integer,   // width of the board
  height:       integer,   // height of the board
  dark:         boolean,   // true/false, whether you want dark mode enabled
  lightSquares: ‘#rrggbb’, // hex code, the color of light squares if you’re using a non-dark custom scheme (optional)
  darkSquares:  ‘#rrggbb’, // hex code, the color of dark squares if you’re using a non-dark custom scheme (optional)

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