Activate Mechanism In Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai Update 2.1

Here you go with the Genshin Impact 2.1 update. It was released on 1st September 2021. It has two new and different areas- Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. You now have new characters, gameplay mechanics, and interesting quests. The most amazing part is that it has mysterious puzzles for you to solve. The two areas that are unlocked are located in Inazuma, which is a bunch of small islands especially based in Japan. Island Seirai is a dark and strange place, unlike the other Island Watatsumi. The middle of the Island has a peculiar thunderstorm. The players get the option, to begin with, the Relics of Seirai quest by traveling to the Island. 

How Relics Of Seirai Can Be unlocked?

The quest Relics of Seirai can get unlock when Fujiwara Toshiko gets to the village, Koseki on the Seirai Island. There, she reveals that she is looking for her ancestral treasure. Along with the fact that if she finds out the treasure she will share her treasure with the travelers as well. Right after the quest is accepted by the Fujiwara Toshiko she tells a hint to the traveler to find their first puzzle. 

Activation Of Mechanism Puzzle – Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai Update 2.1 

In the Genshin Impact version  2.1, Relics of Seirai is a world quest. It includes the travelers to rescue a woman whose name is Fujiwara Toshiko on the island named, Seirai. The women happened to be there in search of the ancestral treasure present on Seirai Island. After she has been rescued it’s your time to assist her on her mission to find her treasure. This guide will help you assist the women and further activate the Mechanism of Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai.

Rescuing The Person Who Is Surrounded By The Monsters

In the first place, your goal is to save the woman, Fujiwara Toshiko. Go to the Koseki village located in Seirai Island where Fujiwara Toshiko is stuck and three monsters are around her underneath a mountain. You got to defeat all the monsters. 

After completing the task of defeating the monster Fujiwara Toshiko will tell you about her mission of finding the treasure. She will ask you to help her on the mission. The main turning point of the whole scenario is the puzzle mechanism. She will not ask your help out in return for nothing, instead, she will share her treasure with the travelers along. 

Mechanism In Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

Time To Activate The Mechanism of Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

Now you will need to follow Fujiwara Toshiko to the main location which is a hut in the village Koseki. You will find the lever mechanism on the hut’s wall which you need to activate. Around the hut, you will find the three pressure plates. 

Now Check And Activate The Mechanism Of Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

It’s the main part now, you have to solve the puzzle wherein you need to step on three pressure plated but the order needs to be correct. You need to make your way correct so that you will be able to step on three symbols correctly. The characters are ‘’T’’, ‘’W’’, and ‘’H’’. You can start from either character. The thing you need to keep in mind is the clockwise order, as shown on the map. 

Mechanism In Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

That is how you will step on the three plates. The very first plate will look like the letter ‘’T’’, and the second one will look like ‘’W’’ and lastly the third one will look like the letter ‘’H’’. Here you can see in the picture down below-

Activate Mechanism In Relics Of Seirai
Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

Communicate With Fujiwara Toshiko

Now you will get to talk to Fujiwara Toshiko. Right after you step on the plates correctly you will hear a strange and loud sound which indicates you have done that correctly. Suddenly a large hole will open up where you need to enter in order to head towards the basement. First, speak to the woman and then proceed further. 

Activate Mechanism Of Relics Of Seirai

Well, the puzzle game hasn’t been finished yet, here is another biggest puzzle that you are compelled to solve. Here, you need to do what you did in the recent puzzle you solved. You need to step on 3 symbols in the correct manner. Here is the twist, this time you need to solve this puzzle two times in the correct manner in order to reveal the treasure in the entire Relics of Seira quest.

1st Puzzle- Basement 

The first puzzle will get activated right after you trigger the lever. Here you go with the same process you did for the puzzles earlier. You need to step in the correct order on the plates. The first plate looks like a “t”, the Second plate looks like a “w”, whereas the third one looks like an “H.”

Genshin Impact 1st Puzzle - Basement

2nd Puzzle- Basement 

When you complete the first puzzle you will experience the change in the mechanism. For this puzzle, you need to start from the left side, while facing towards the chest. Follow the process of stepping onto plates in the order, first ‘’T’’, second ‘’W’’, and third one ‘’H’’. Here is the picture of how you can do this-

Relics of Seirai 2nd Puzzle - Basement

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Now follow Fujiwara Toshiko

The treasure will get unlocked right after you finish with the mechanisms two times. You will get to know that there will be a picture inside the chest. Next, head towards the camp with Fujiwara Toshiko.

On the way with Fujiwara Toshiko, you need to defeat four treasure hoarders which you will find in your path. Your task is to follow Fujiwara Toshiko and defeat all the enemies that come in between. At the end of the path Fujiwara Toshiko will return the favor. You can see the objectives in the list given below-

Follow Fujiwara Toshiko to the camp
Defeat the masterless Samurai
Follow Fujiwara Toshiko to the camp
Defeat the Ambushing Fatui
Follow Fujiwara Toshiko all the way long and talk to her

Now that you know how to activate the Mechanism In Relics Of Seirai, are you excited to do that? I am sure you then go get your hands on the Relics of Seirai and complete this quest. The entire quest has different puzzles to solve which you need to step down correctly in order to complete this quest.

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