How to Check the GameStop Gift Card Balance?

Are you still scratching your heads to check the balance on your GameStop gift card? Looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? Look no further than a GameStop gift card! With the largest selection of video games in the world, GameStop has something for everyone. And with the ability to trade in games, the recipient can always get the latest and greatest releases. It’s the perfect way to make sure your favorite gamer is always happy!

The websites,, and are all run by GameStop, along with EB Games, Babbage’s, Electronics Boutique, EBX, Funcoland, Planet X, and Software Etc. The biggest store of video games in the world, GameStop provides customers with an unmatched shopping experience. Through the store’s distinctive buy-sell-trade model, gamers have the opportunity to exchange the games they already own for the ones they want. Video game systems, games, accessories, and other consumer gadgets are all redeemable for cash or in-store credit. That was all about GameStop now let us begin our guide for checking the GameStop Gift card balance.

What you Must Know Regarding GameStop Gift Card?

What can you do with your gift card: Only and GameStop stores in the United States accept gift cards, digital gift certificates, trade credit, and PowerUp RewardsTM cards with store credit. It is not possible to use your gift card to buy additional GameStop gift cards or any other third-party currency that GameStop sells (PlayStation Network Cards or other retailers). The other products can all be bought.

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What can you buy with a gift card from GameStop: Both online and at U.S. GameStop stores, you can use your gift card to purchase games, consoles, and other items. You can use GameStop gift cards right away or put them aside for your next major purchase because they never expire.

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Where can I purchase a GameStop gift card?

On and in US GameStop locations, physical gift cards are sold. Physical gift cards are shipped via First Class U.S. Mail within one to two weeks if purchased from Digital gift cards can be purchased on and used in US GameStop stores or online at Digital gift certificates can include a gift message and are delivered via email within 48 hours of processing (excluding major holidays).

To receive a new gift card for replacement:

Similar to cash is a gift card. Without the original sales receipt or a receipt from a transaction the card was used on, it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. The account number of the card and the balance are listed on these receipts. You can utilize a printout of the order confirmation that the card was used for online transactions. In either scenario, a store employee will provide that information to their Document Control Department so that the sum can be moved to a new card.

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Which is the best GameStop gift card balance hack?

You only need to know the gift card number and PIN, which are both found on the back of the card, to see the balance of a GameStop gift card. You can easily check the balance of your GameStop gift card here if you have certain numbers. You’ll also require the 4-digit security PIN and 19-digit card account number to check the balance on your GameStop gift card.

To check the balance on your GameStop gift card is provided below:

  • Visit this link to view your balance at GameStop.
  • Dial 1-800-883-8895 to reach GameStop.
  • Ask a cashier to check the balance for you at any GameStop shop.

Gift cards from GameStop cannot be reloaded. The card is no longer usable once the value has been used up. We advise storing the gift card, though, until you are assured that nothing you buy will need to be returned. Reloadable cards are available at Blackhawk Network On Demand for business clients.

How do you add a gift card to your account?

  1. Before making a purchase, complete the following steps to use your gift card at
  2. Select your purchases and continue to the payment page.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN and 19-digit gift card account number when checking out.
  4. Place your order after repeating the process to apply any more gift cards you choose to use.

NOTE: You must use another payment method, such as a Visa credit or debit card, to cover the discrepancy if the total of your purchases exceeds the value of your gift card. Any gift card amount that is left over can be kept and applied to a subsequent purchase.

Does GameStop gift card exchange?

Customers can exchange their gift cards for GameStop gift cards in-store or online at, or they can cash in their unused or partially used gift cards at participating GameStop locations.

To redeem a GameStop gift card online:

Open Settings and select Users & Accounts. Account > Payment and Subscriptions > Redeem Codes should be selected. Select Redeem after entering the code. By choosing Redeem Codes and Gift Cards from the payment options menu, you can also use a coupon code during the checkout process. On the payment page during checkout, enter the card or account number and PIN. Your gift card must have a scratch-off PIN in order to be used online. The back of all Gift Cards that qualify for use has this PIN.

To GameStop gift card number:

Both numbers can be found on the back of your PowerUp RewardsTM Card or gift card. The card number and PIN for digital gift certificates can be found in the email that was sent to you.

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So, that was all about how you check the balance of the gift card from GameStop – the world’s largest video game retailer! Now, with GameStop, you can buy, sell, or trade games, making it easy to find the perfect game for you. Plus, with a GameStop gift card, you can get even more value out of your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How can you redeem a GameStop gift card?

On the payment screen during checkout, merely input the card or account number and PIN. Your gift card, trade credit, or PowerUp RewardsTM card must have a scratch-off PIN in order to be used online. The back of all gift cards that qualify for this PIN is visible.

Why did GameStop’s gift card balance something go wrong?

How to Proceed If the Card Is Ineligible Online. The card can only be redeemed by presenting it during a purchase at a physical store if it lacks a scratch-off PIN code. It is not possible to use these cards online. It should be noted that all digitally acquired cards can be used both online and in physical stores.

How to check the GameStop gift card balance via Reddit?

If the site was unavailable when you needed to check the balance of some old Gamestop gift cards. The balance of the gift card can be obtained by calling the number listed on the back of the card. That may always be applied to any Gamestop-affiliated website.

Do GameStop gift cards expire?

The gift cards from GameStop never expire. Can I get cash back on my gift card? Unfortunately, GameStop gift cards, trade cards, and PowerUp RewardsTM cards (as specified on the back of the card) cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, unless otherwise required by law. A gift card cannot expire legally until at least five years have passed since the day it was activated. Additionally, the law sets general restrictions on fees.

Can I use my gift card from ThinkGeek in GameStop locations and online at Gamestop?

Yes, you may spend ThinkGeek gift cards in-store or online at GameStop exactly like you would a GameStop gift card.

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