Watch 22 New and Free movies on the Roku Channel this April

The Roku Channel is adding 22 new movies on April 1st. No this is not just an April Fools joke. We know you like movies and TV shows, so we’ve found the best ones. The most popular titles are added this month, and all of them are yours to keep. From comedies to dramas to documentaries to everything in between, we’ve gathered some of the most requested new releases and the list of free movies on the Roku channel. Get it all into one playlist so you don’t have to spend all day clicking around different services.

Do you wish that streaming services would offer a one-stop-shop so you could watch everything they offer in one place? You’re not alone. So many people are asking for this that the popular Roku Channel is now offering exactly that. With so many things to watch, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we’re helping you out by rounding up everything that’s brand new streaming content in April. On April 1, the channel has added 22 free movies to its massive library. Do you know, there will also be hundreds of TV shows and movies upcoming in 2022!

What are the best movies to come in April 2022 on the Roku channel?

Hundreds of new TV episodes and movies are added to streaming services’ collections every month. Companies do this to keep their current members and persuade new ones to sign up. However, as exciting as these developments are, there are too many options for any of us to subscribe to all of them. Fortunately, premium services aren’t the only choice, as a slew of free alternatives has emerged. The Roku Channel is one of the finest possibilities, and in April, the service will be adding a load of free movies to its library.

In March, The Roku Channel launched 33 new movies, including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Armageddon. In April, additional 22 films will be added to the library. Caddyshack, The Shining, and You’ve Got Mail are among the best moments.

Please remember that everything on The Roku Channel is free to view. Almost any smart device can access The Roku Channel. It can also be found on It has a number of live channels in addition to on-demand movies and series. ABC News Live, Lifetime Movie Favorites, and WeatherNation are among them.

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April 2022 will bring these absolutely free romance films on the Roku channel

Here’s a list of the best romance film treats the Roku Channel has in its store for you this April:

Bride Wars- When two best friends have their weddings on the same day, they become rivals.

Something to Talk About- When a lady discovers her husband is cheating on her, her world is turned upside down.

Cruel Intentions- Two violent step-siblings of an elite Manhattan prep school arrange a wager. Before the start of the school year, this is to deflower the new headmaster’s daughter.

You’ve Got Mail- In the veil of anonymity in the nature of the internet, book superstore billionaire Joe Fox and independent book shop owner Kathleen Kelly fall in love, seemingly unaware that he’s trying to push her out of business.

Drama films that will be available for free in April 2022-

Coyote Ugly- Violet Sanford, an aspiring musician, breaks out of her shell after landing a job at a women-run NYC club that taunts its male clientele in Coyote Ugly.

A Civil Action- At the risk of bankrupting his firm and career, a determined lawyer takes on a case involving a major corporation responsible for several people being diagnosed with leukemia as a result of the town’s tainted water supply.

The Bank Job– Martine gives Terry a tip about a perfect bank robbery on London’s Baker Street. She’s after a room full of safe deposit boxes containing millions of dollars in cash and jewelry, as well as a wealth of dirty secrets.

Country Strong- A young country-music songwriter teams up with a defunct star to make it big, resulting in romantic difficulties.

The Bodyguard- A former Secret Service agent takes on the role of bodyguard for an R&B artist with a lifestyle that is very different from that of a President.

Trouble with the Curve- A daughter tries to mend her strained relationship with her sick father, a celebrated baseball scout, by accompanying him on a perhaps final recruiting tour.

Searching– Trying to discover clues on his teenage daughter’s laptop after she goes missing — A desperate father tries to locate clues on his teenage daughter’s computer after she goes missing.

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In April 2022, there will be no cost for the best comedy films on the Roku channel-

The High School Reunion of Romy and Michelle- To dazzle their classmates, two dimwitted, inseparable buddies travel the road for their ten-year high school reunion and create an elaborate falsehood about their life.

Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo– Bigalow, Deuce Deuce is duped into man-whoring again by T.J., this time in Amsterdam, whereas other man-whores are being killed in his vicinity.

Caddyshack-  A snobby new member and a disruptive dancing gopher must contend with an elite golf course. When a snobbish country club turns down a crass new-money tycoon’s membership application, he retaliates by buying the club and converting it into a gaudy amusement park.

Mr. 3000–  Many years after retirement, an aging baseball star is known as Mr. 3000 learns that he didn’t quite accomplish 3,000 hits. He’s returning now, at the age of 47, to try to achieve that aim.

When Harry first met Sally…-  Harry and Sally have been friends for years and are quite close, but they are afraid that sex may damage their friendship.

Time for no-cost horror films on the Roku channel-

Jennifer’s Body- A recently possessed high school cheerleader transforms into a succubus who kills her male peers. Is her best friend capable of putting an end to the horror?

The Shining– A family travels to a remote hotel for the winter, where a menacing presence drives the father to violence, while his psychic son sees terrifying visions from the past and future.

In April 2022, there will also be no charge for animated films-

Robots- In a robot future, a young idealistic inventor travels to the big city to work for the corporation that inspired him, only to find himself at odds with the company’s nasty new management.

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Action films that you can enjoy on the Roku channel for free

Here’s a list of top action movies for you available on the Roku Channel for free:

Courage Under Fire– Despondent over a fatal mistake, a US Army officer investigates the Medal of Honor eligibility of a female chopper commander.

Exodus: Gods and Kings- The stubborn leader Moses stands up against Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, embarking on a monumental mission to free 600,000 captives from Egypt’s dreadful cycle of fatal plagues.

The Spy Who Dumped Me-  Audrey and Morgan are the two best friends who become unknowingly engaged in a worldwide conspiracy when one of them discovers that her ex-boyfriend is a spy.

Risen- In Judea, a Roman Tribune is tasked with locating the missing body of Jesus Christ, who had risen from the grave, in the year 33 AD.

Wrapping up

Avail yourself of the latest movies and TV shows without spending an extra penny. The Roku Channel brings you 22 films every month. It’s a compilation of big-screen classics from major Hollywood studios available for free on your Roku device. It features films such as Jennifer’s body, Rise, and Mr. 3000 just to name a few. An eclectic mix of short films known as the Sundance Film Festival Shorts will also be part of the lineup in April.

There are so many movies to choose from these days but with so many streaming services how do you know which ones to watch? Well, don’t worry because the Roku Channel is adding 22 new movies, and we have got you covered about all of them. The movies will be headed to the channel throughout the month of April. We hope you will like this post and will enjoy streaming the latest movies on your Roku device.

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