Top 10 Free Movie Channels on Roku

Roku is an excellent streaming device and entertainment system that has quickly become one of the most popular choices for those looking to stream or record high-quality video content. This Guide aims to help you find the 10 free movie channels on Roku; however due to the deluging amount of information online it can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through.  Roku offers a bunch of different categories like Science, Entertainment, and Home Services but when it comes to finding the best videos that fulfill your needs to dig into a few more channels. The more channels you try on Roku, you will just need to remember not to get too attracted by one channel over another. It’s all about finding a good balance of channels that satisfy your interests and keep you busy with interesting information without swamping you with too many choices.

Free movie channels on Roku

We have personally researched numerous movie channels and narrowed down the list to 10 movie channels that go great with a Roku Player or TV. These are generally the channel which comprises family films, documentaries, action, Canadian films, westerns, anime, and movies from the decades. So you can sit back and relax because we are offering you a world of entertaining channels on which you can stream fascinating movies. Then, what are we waiting for? Let us get started with the article on the 10 best free movie channels on Roku. 

Best Free Movie Channels on Roku

Peacock Tv

Peacock TV – the online streaming service that gives you unlimited access to hundreds of the top movies and shows on the planet – is here! Not only does it give you access to hundreds of movies/TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and others – it also provides you with two ways to watch: live and on-demand. Once you download the Peacock app, simply sign in with your Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or other credentials and you’re good to go!

Free movie channels on Roku

Peacock is an all-in-one entertainment network that gives you access to some of the best free movies, TV shows, and specials available. Since launching in 2015, we’ve grown from zero clients to over 35,000 subscribers across 92 countries. All of our shows are available on-demand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Peacock TV is made by people passionate about movies, TV, and digital culture. We’re always looking for new ways to grow our network while providing exceptional products and original programming to our audience.

The Roku Channel

The Roku channel is your home for free TV. It has over 1,000 channels and a massive collection of movies, shows, and music. We categorized channels into different groups like Sports, Entertainment, Kids & Family, and more. You can search for specific titles using the search bar on the top left or browse the channels by genre alphabetically. Browse charts of results from all categories at once by clicking the button below the thumbnails of each chart view.

Free movie channels on Roku

The Roku Channel gives you access to a vast library of content, including more than 3,000 free movies and over 12,000 shows from 20 different networks. Over the years, the channel has partnered with leading studios and filmmakers to bring you content that can help you relax, unwind or unwind some more. Whether it’s chilling with a movie on Netflix or catching up with The Americans on HBO, you’ll find it all here on the channel.

The CW

The CW app is the only place where you can watch all the latest episodes of your favorite shows and movies for FREE. The app provides you with free access to over 100 different shows from a wide range of international broadcasters, as well as exclusive new episodes of your favorite shows premiering on USA Network, Syfy, and two different networks in Canada – Cartoon Network and The Hub. All you have to do is download the app, choose your favorite network and subscribe by credit card through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Free movie channels on Roku

The CW network is worth watching since the fact that network gives you FULL REVIEWS of the upcoming episode after it airs on TV. You see what some other networks don’t — the episodes that get canceled after one season or the ones that are so popular that after a few weeks people catch wind of it and start watching again (to re-watch or to compare with other shows). You also get the latest news regarding THE CW such as casting announcements, premier dates, finales, and anything else related to the show you care about. No matter if you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, you can be sure.


Crackle is a premium network that features exclusive shows, new shows, and years of content from some of today’s top creators. You can access thousands of hours of original series and movies and enjoy a growing catalog of over 2,700 premium movies, premiering on TV, on-demand, online, and on social. At any time you want to check your favorite shows off your list or catch up with what’s running now on TV, you can do it all with instant access to millions of movies and TV episodes from Crackle.

Free movie channels on Roku

You need to believe when we mention that the best way to discover free movies and enjoy new content is via a network of sites known as ” Crackle.” This is where nearly every film, TV show, music artist, and comedian can be found. If you like what you see, you can pick up a month’s worth of shows for free. When you want a little more ” bang for your buck,” check out Premium subscribers’ experiences on Crackle’s application for iOS and Android.

PrendeTV: FREE TV In Spanish

PrendeTV is a Spanish streaming service with a large catalog of content. Stream live shows, free movies, music, and other programs dubbed in English. You can search for specific programs by genre, time period, or even cast members from different networks. You can switch between multiple accounts with just one login and share the shows you have watched with your friends. 

With a focus on quality and innovation, PrendeTV offers a new way to enjoy TV and at the same time create a library of favorite shows which you can access anywhere at any time. 

Pro tip: Use the My Account feature to save apps to your Home screen so they’re easy to access when you need them.

Free movie channels on Roku

PrendeTV is a Spanish free application that streams a variety of content from around the world. The application was launched on Google Play Store in June 2016 and shortly after began attracting a significant following. Since then, the application has achieved more than 30 million downloads and attract close to one million subscribers. The most obvious advantage of using this application is its international appeal as it is available on almost every continent other than North America and the European Union. Another unique feature of this application is the option to stream from your device to a TV which provides an option for subtitles and other language options not available on mobile platforms.

Plex – Free Movie Channels on Roku

Where should you find the best free movies and TV? It’s a question that can seem impossible to answer. After all, there are scores of streaming services to choose from. Chances are though, most of them offer you far more than you bargained for. Plex wants to solve this problem by giving you access to thousands of movies and TV channels gratis. What does that mean? It means you’ll never pay another cent for content you don’t want or can’t watch anyway. Also, it means we’ll continue improving and adding new features until we have something worth recommending to everyone.

Free movie channels on Roku

Plex is a free internet television network that gives you access to over 100 channels and thousands of movies from film producers worldwide. The online movie platform provides easy access to top-rated movies for all occasions, whether it is giving you a lift home after a long day at work or a relaxant after a stressful day at work. Whether you are a casual movie fan or a film buff who goes to the movies just for the enjoyment of watching these movies.

Kanopy – Free Movie Channels on Roku

Kanopy made it possible to rent and stream over 1,000 free movies, CDs, and other media across multiple platforms—all for free. Its mission is to extend access to culture through online discovery through lending and entertainment. Their goal is to make it easier than ever to discover great movies and music through a simple & powerful online tool. As regular readers know, I’ve been raving about how amazing it is to borrow a movie through Kanopy for some time now. They’ve just raised $1.2 million from Accel Partners and Participant Media and are currently in pre-sales on a number of exciting new partners.

Free movie channels on Roku

Kanopy is a free online streaming library that provides popular feature films, classic films, documentaries, and family films for free. All you have to do is just ask for it and enter your ZIP code. If you live in one of the over 50 cities with a participating library, then your local library will automatically have access to these movies for you to enjoy. If there aren’t any libraries within your area yet, then you can go ahead and create one now!

PBS – Free Movie Channels on Roku

PBS Video is a video news network that covers major stories across the globe from breaking news to entertainment and current events with documentary-style shows on subjects such as politics, science, technology, and health. The network is known for its groundbreaking work in bringing current events to its audience through compelling interviews and original documentary series; some of these include This American Life, Frontline, Marketplace, Pacific News Tonight with Don Marsh, and C-Span’s Washington Journal. On PBS, viewers have access to a wide array of programming each week.

Free movie channels on Roku

PBS Video is all about reaching audiences across the country with great content they can trust. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure the videos you see online aren’t only high-quality, they’re also great value for your time. Each episode contains original content that’s both engaging and informative. You can find their latest and greatest by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or by subscribing to the mailing list.

PBS Video is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has over 9 million subscribers. It provides viewers with in-depth reviews of new and older titles including classic movies, science shows, kids shows, and more. These video reviews are known as ” Watchdogs” statements because they’re used to urge viewers to do something–anything! Helping people succeed and stay on track with their credit has always been important to Dr. Daniel Goleman, Jr., the former chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and current board member for WGBH Boston.

Kids & Family on The Roku

If you have kids under 5, try the new Roku channel. It provides access to a library of over 10,000 FREE kids’ shows and movies. Kids can learn about math with Cool Math; tell stories with Animal Math; practice reading numbers with Number Read, and practice telling stories with Story Time with Express Train. All you need to do is sign in with your TV family name and password.

Free movie channels on Roku

The Roku family is growing every day. You can now add 10,000+ of your favorite kid’s shows and movies to your library with a simple click on the button below. What’s more, with a few clicks you can instantly stream these shows and movies to your family’s computer, mobile devices, or tablet equipped with an active ecosystem. Your kids will have access to hundreds of hours of content as well as exclusive content not found anywhere else online. Not only does this make browsing the web faster and easier but it also makes watching TV a more enjoyable experience for everyone in the family!

Roku Kids offers instant access to free kids’ shows and movies–all featured in the most authentic kid’s content available on any platform. Choose from a wide variety of shows and movies for children aged 2-8. Perfect for parents who want to entertain their kids while staying home or on the go. Plus, ROKU Kids gets you access to apps such as VSCO Cam, TellTale TV, KingFi, and many more for FREE.

XUMO- Free movies & TV

Since launching in 2015, XUMO has quickly become the leading destination for unlimited live and on-demand entertainment for free movies. Broadcast networks, movie studios, and major artists want your content and we’re here to help. With over 190 live channels, unique music series, top-rated comedians, award-winning news, and current events show.

Free movie channels on Roku

There are no subscriptions, no hidden fees, and no catch: your viewing experience is completely FREE. Plus, with over 190 countries and territories to choose from, there’s always something new to discover. Whether you’re looking for popular series like ” Shark Tank” or the very latest celebrity news and gossip, you’ll find it all available for FREE on XUMO.

XUMO is your destination for FREE LIVE and on-demand streaming entertainment. With over 190 million downloads, ” world exclusive” concerts from the biggest acts in music, sport, and entertainment set to your favorite songs. 

Pro tip: Enjoy unlimited music across multiple devices, with no speed limits or signal restrictions.

Final Thoughts:

With this ultimate guide of top 10 free movie channels on Roku, you will not have to spend a second in boredom. Whenever you feel like what should you do for enjoying yourself in your free time, get yourself up to follow the above-mentioned rundown and pick your preferable channel, your favorite genre, and the movie you wish to watch. We are sure this article won’t disappoint you. Do let us know which free channel you find the best for watching movies on Roku in our comments section. 

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