Guide to Fix “Protected Content License Error” on Roku

Sometimes, Disney+ shows a protected content license error. This error is mainly reported on Roku devices and TVs. But there are some cases where other devices and apps have had the same issue. The protected content license error occurs when you open the Disney+ app or try to watch a movie, show, etc. In some cases, the error only happens with specific movies, shows, etc.

When it comes to resolving the “Protected Content License Error” issue, you can try clearing the cache of your device or restarting your router. If these options failed to work for you, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Disney+ app. Although, if nothing works for you, then you should contact Disney+ support and report this issue.

Here’s how to fix it:

  • Restart your device
  • Check for an update for your device/app
  • Make sure your device meets the requirements for using Disney+
  • Check your internet connection (or if you’re using a cell phone as a hotspot) and make sure it meets Disney+’s minimum requirements for streaming

About the Protected Content License Error-

Disney+ is a new app, and it’s going to have some errors!

Some of them are the protected content licensing problem, which mostly affects Roku devices and TVs. There have been a few complaints of this problem on different devices, though. Here are some actions to do if you get this issue when trying to access the Disney+ app or view a movie or show.

This error has been mainly reported by Roku users, although there are some cases where other devices/apps showed similar errors. The most common way to fix this problem is to re-link your Disney+ account with your Roku device/TV. This can be done using the following steps:

  • Unlink your account from the device/TV
  • Restart your device/TV
  • Re-link your Disney+ account
  • If you encounter issues while trying to unlink your account, restarting the device/TV should fix it. If not, we recommend contacting Roku support.

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Expected reasons for Protected Content License Error

The secured license error indicates that the app in use, such as Disney+, believes the media being played is DRM-protected material, and that anything in your setup (a defective cable, router misconfiguration, etc.) is not complying with the app’s requirement of playing DRM-protected media.

The most common reasons for protected license errors are as follows:

  • Older Streaming Device Firmware: If the firmware of the Streaming device (e.g., Roku) is corrupt, an app (e.g., Disney+) may not be able to properly execute its code, resulting in the protected content error.
  • Firmware Error on the Streaming Device or Router: If the firmware on the device or router is defective, it may block some Disney+ module functions, resulting in the error.
  • Auto-Display Refresh Rate of the Media Player: If the streaming device attempts to auto-adjust the refresh rate of the video streaming to match the native refresh rate of the display, the app’s DRM-protection mechanism may flag this as a recording attempt of the DRM protected content, resulting in the protected license error.

Interference from a Network Firewall: If a network firewall, such as PiHole, is limiting interaction between Disney+, Roku device, TV, and the server software, the app may screw up to correctly authenticate the contents’ status, resulting in a protected content license error.

Restart the device, TV, and router all at once this way to Fix Protected Content License Error-

Because certain app modules cannot verify the DRM license of the subject matter being played due to a temporary communication glitch between your device and Disney servers, the guarded content license error can occur. In this case, a cold restart of the device and router may resolve the protected content license error.

  1. Select System from the streaming device’s Settings menu (such as Roku).
  2. Next, go to the Power menu and select System Restart.
Select System
  1. After restarting the computer, launch Disney+ and check to see if it is working properly.
  2. If not, turn off the streaming device (such as Roku) before turning off the TV.
  3. Unplug the Roku from the TV and the device/TV from the power supply.
  4. The router should then be turned off and its power cord unplugged from its power source.  disconnect all network cables from the router and wait 5 minutes.
  5. After that, reconnect the router’s power cable. After that, connect the Internet cable and the ethernet cable to the TV or device.
  6. Now turn on the router and wait for the lights to stabilize.
  7. Next, reconnect the TV’s power cable and turn it on.
  8. Now, wait until the TV is properly powered on and connected to the Internet.
  9. Connect the streaming device to the TV again and launch Disney+ to see if the protected content license error has been resolved.
  10. Whether not, see if connecting the streaming device to the TV with a different HDMI cable (ideally one that is DRM-compliant) fixes the issue.

If it doesn’t work, see if connecting the media player to a different TV port solves the problem.

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Upgrade the Streaming Device’s Firmware to the Most Recent Build

If the firmware on a streaming device, such as a Roku, is out of date, it may result in a Disney+ restricted content license error, since the device’s incompatibility with the app may prevent certain Disney+ app modules from loading. In this case, updating the streaming device’s firmware to the most recent build may resolve the protected content license problem.

  1. Choose System from the Roku’s Settings menu.
  2. Choose Check Now from the System Update menu.
Roku's Settings
  1. Allow a firmware update for Roku to download and install if one is available.
  2. Then after, restart the Roku device and open the Disney+ app to see if the protected content error has been resolved.

Disable the Streaming Device’s Auto Display Refresh Rate-

The refresh rate of the display is critical to the seamless operation of the visuals. If the streaming device tries to auto change the refresh rate of the resources (movies, shows, etc.) to suit the native frame rate of the display, the app’s anti-piracy system may mark it as a capturing effort of the DRM-protected content, resulting in the secured content license error. In this scenario, disabling the streaming device’s Auto Display Refresh Rate (such as Roku) may solve the problem.

  1. Launch Display Type in the Roku device’s Settings.
Roku device
  1. Choose the 1080P option and next confirm the Display Type change.
  2. Next, in the Roku device Settings, go to System and choose Advanced System Settings.
Roku device
  1. You have to disable Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate in Advanced Display Settings.
Advanced Display Settings
  1. Finally, restart your device and launch Disney+ to see if everything is operating properly.
launch Disney

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Wrapping up Protected Content License Error on Roku Guide-

Lastly, check your internet connection. You can go to and see if your internet speed is fast enough as per the requirements on Roku’s website.

If your internet connection seems fine, then try restarting both devices: your streaming device and router. To restart the streaming device, unplug it from the power source and wait 30 seconds or so before plugging it back in. To restart the router, unplug it from the power source and wait 2 minutes before plugging it back in. You’ll also need to make sure that any other streaming devices are turned off during this process. After everything is plugged back in, please try turning on the streaming device once more (you may need to re-apply log-in information) and attempt to play a video again within Disney+.

If these steps did not resolve the issue, please comment on your issue below. We will try our best to resolve it.

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