Get Your .jar Files Fixed With Jarfix Simply

Are you having trouble opening .jar files? You don’t need to go anywhere else. We have everything for you in this article on how to Fix .jar files with Jarfix. There is an application that will help you get your .jar files fixed. It is Jarfix, it’s a free tool that is functional for Java developers and other people who work with .jar files. You don’t need to worry about the authenticity of this program as it is 100% secure, lightweight and simple to use. It doesn’t include any cost. Systems have trouble opening the .jar files at times, it’s a useful tool for that.

This program is less than 1 MB and is an uncomplicated program. The errors with .jar files are so often and can be troublesome sometimes. In order to resolve the running issue of the .jar files, Jarfix has been developed and is working perfectly. 

Is Jarfix exe safe to use?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe. It’s a reputable tool that ensures the safety of your system. 

How can you Fix .jar files with Jarfix on your PC?

Here are the steps assisting you to Fix .jar files with Jarfix-

Download the Java JDK

If you want to get started with this then in the first place you have to download the Java Development Kit- JDK if you don’t have it already. 

Install the Jarfix 

Once you have successfully completed installing the Java Development Kit and you are still not able to open the java files on your PC, then you need to install the Jarfix to resolve this issue. It’s a simple program that will help you to Fix .jar files with Jarfix. While downloading the Jarfix make sure the file is ‘’jarfix.exe’’ which ensures the safety for it to install on your PC. After installing the Jarfix you are all set to run it. 


Running the Jarfix program on the system is pretty easy and simple to do. Open the program while double-clicking on it. The Jarfix will start running. You will now see a pop-up ‘’The .jar suffix has been registered successfully’’. Again by double-clicking the application of Java will be executed and all the files will get fixed and all the issues will resolve. You can now go on and open the files because they are now fixed by the Jarfix. 

If you are having Windows 10 and you are not able to run .jar files then here is how you can-

Jar files include Java programs that are mainly based upon Java archives. However, there is an option that you can use to extract it, that is a zip file extractor, 7zip but it would not let you run an entire Java application that is based on .jar. 

In case you are facing an issue opening a .jar file even after having Jarfix then you can try any of the methods mentioned below-

1. Creating a .bat file 

  • Get your notepad open and type the text mentioned below;

Java- jar sample.jar

**Note- make sure you write the name of your file in the place of ‘’sample’’ in the text mentioned above.

  • Now you need to save this file in the place where you had saved your .jar file by adding the ‘’.bat’’ extension. 
  • For example, you have named the file as ‘’open.bat’’ and convert the ‘’save as type’’ to ‘’All files’’.
  • Tap on the ‘’Save’’ option. 
  • Next, double-tap on the open.bat file, and the .jar file will be opened easily. 

2. Installing Java

  • Visit the website- and further install the Java from the given link.
  • After opening the website you will see the option ‘’Download’’. Click on that and your java setup file will be installed.   
Fix .jar files with Jarfix
  • Once it is successfully downloaded. Go to the file where .jar is saved and double tap on it in order to run the file.  

In case it doesn’t run then you can follow the first method of ‘’.bat’’ mentioned above. 

3. Via properties 

  • Click on the .jar file and tap on the option ‘’properties’’ from the drop-down menu. 
Fix .jar files with Jarfix
  • Now, there you will see an option of ‘’change’’ click on it.  
  • A window will open, you need to tap on the option ‘’more apps’’.
  • Next, scroll down and tap on the ‘’Look for another app’’ on the system.
  • You will be presented to the ‘’File explorer’’ and tap on the ‘’C-drive’’ and follow the mentioned steps-
  1. Double-tap on Program files
  2. Double-tap on Java 
  3. Double-tap on jre 1.0.0_251
  4. Double-tap on bin
  5. Tap on javaw
  • As you double-tap on ‘’javaw’’ you will be directed to the ‘’properties window’’. Tap on the option ‘’Apply’’ and then after that on ‘’OK’’.

Your java file is ready to open now. 

4.  Command prompt

  • Firstly, tap on the ‘’start’’ option on your PC and search for the ‘’Command prompt’’. When you will be presented with the search results, tap on the ‘’Run as administrator’’.
  • When the command prompt will open up you will need to enter a command mentioned below-

ftype jarfile=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_251\bin\javaw.exe” -jar “%1” %*

Fix .jar files with Jarfix

These methods will surely help you opening the .jar files. 

Sometimes user faces an error of ‘’unable to access jarfile’’.

What are the reasons for this error?

There could be many reasons for this however some major reasons are listed below-

  • Your Java program is not of the latest version. 
  • Java executable’s file path is not correct and the points are in the wrong locations.
  • In order to open the jar file, the default program is not set.
  • You have malware on your system.

How to resolve the error ‘’Unable to access Jarfile’’ that shows up every time while running the .jar files?

Option 1: Install the latest Java Version

You need to install Java on your system and it needs to be the latest version. Here are the steps to do and get the desired result. 

  • You need to Press window + R together and the dialogue box will show up, now type appwiz.cpl and click on the  ‘’OK’’ option in order to open the programs window. 
  • Go to the entry of the Java and right-click on it, and uninstall it.
  • Visit the website of Java and install the latest version of the program and run it after downloading. 
  • You need to restart your system and then look if ‘’Unable to access jarfile’’ still popping up? Well, it won’t your issue must be resolved by now.

Option 2: Set the Default File Association

  • Go to the directory of the .jar file. Tap on it and click on ‘’Open’’ and then click on the ‘’Java program’’.

**Note- In case you don’t get the option of opening the program then you can also select another application and then tap on ‘’java’’.

  • Then, tap on the windows + I in order to launch the option of settings.  Now search for the apps and choose the default apps from the navigation bar present in the left corner. 
resolve the error Unable to access Jarfile
  • Next, as file type select the default apps. Locate the entry of the .jar file and check if it’s selected by the Java program.
  • Save all the changes that have been made and then exit. 

Now, for once restart the system and then check for the error if it still shows up. However, it won’t.

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Option 3: Check for Documentation 

If by any chance you are a developer coding with Java or with any other language then you must have encountered the error while starting a jar file. This can be very irritating at times and your work could also be at risk. You are advised to read the documentation in order to get the functions that will assist in running the jar files or to resolve any error that appears. 

Now you can easily work with the .jar files on your system without any issue. As of now, you know all the ways through which you can Fix .jar files with Jarfix. Good luck with it!

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