Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 2063

There is no doubt that Amazon Prime Video is one of the best entertainment providers on the market. The subscription fee is low, and there are lots of interesting films that you can stream. On the other hand, there are certain issues with this service, and Error code 2063 is one of them. This article explains what causes the issue, and how to fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 2063.

When attempting to purchase a movie on Amazon Prime Video, the transaction may return an error code 2063. This means that your payment method likely was declined. Some transactions are not eligible for Amazon Prime Video gift card credits, or they may be included as part of a promotional price on the item’s detail page. This can prevent you from receiving credits when trying to make a purchase. However, your digital purchases will still be visible and accessible through your TV, or any other location where you stream movies or TV shows. Error Code 2063 doesn’t occur with the Amazon Instant Video platform, so it isn’t a mistake that can be fixed.

How to Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Error 2063 easily?

Have you recently tried to access your Amazon Prime Video account on your computer, but all you see is Error 2063? Yeah, we have to! Luckily for us, there are a few simple fixes for this error. You can fix Amazon Prime Video error code 2063 by clearing your cookies and cache. Let’s take a look at some more and out of the most common reasons why Error 2063 happens and how to fix it. 

Make use of a different payment method-

If the order doesn’t really show up to be completed, there could have been a payment issue. Attempt a different payment method.

Check the service status if you use PayPal or another online payment platform to see if there are any known issues affecting your payments.

Check your payment information and purchase titles again-

First and foremost, make sure your 1-Click payment information is up to date. Then, go to Your Orders and see if the movie you bought is marked as Completed or not.

Turn off your VPN to overcome error code 2063-

If you’re using a VPN, keep in mind that the tool will change your IP address. As an outcome, you’ll be connecting to Amazon through a foreign VPN server.

This could result in a variety of errors, particularly if you try to access or use a feature that isn’t available in the region where your VPN is located.

Switch off your VPN, restart your device, and sign in to your Amazon account. Utilizing your real IP address and location information may help to resolve error 2063.

Did you know? Switching to another browser may also be beneficial.

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You may try to cancel your order-

Sign in to your account and click on the title of the movie that caused the error 2063. If you click the Cancel order button, you will be refunded.

After that, choose Technical issue from the drop-down menu as the reason for the cancellation. The video will be eliminated from your video library as well.

Update your operating system and applications-

Is the version of the operating system you’re using out of date? Are there any other out-of-date apps?

If you answered yes, then update your operating system and apps to the most recent versions and restart your device. If you still receive error 2063 after purchasing the problematic movie, try purchasing it again.

Contact Amazon Customer Service-

If the problem continues and you have been unable to cancel the order, communicate directly with Amazon customer service and explain your situation.

Simple steps process to Resolve Amazon Error Code 2063:

Here’s what we recommend when people are unable to rent or buy movies on Amazon Prime due to error code 2063.

  1. Go to Amazon and search for support or help.
  2. Log in to your account using your email address and password.
  3. Choose the movie title that returns error code 2063.
  4. Click the cancel order button, and you’re done!

The sequence you picked will be canceled and your money refunded if the procedures outlined above are followed. If you are unable to accomplish the steps described in the previous section, reach out to Amazon customer service and request a cancellation.

If you have Amazon Prime Video Error Code 2063, there are several ways you can get it fixed. Or, if it happened while you were on your computer and viewing the list of items that you purchased from Amazon, you will get it fixed by making sure that the movie shows up on your TV. Otherwise, call customer support at 800-446-8888.

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Wrapping up

This post on Amazon Prime “How Do I Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 2063?” is for anyone that has ever received the dreaded 2063 error code. Because this specific error code typically happens when you try to watch a movie on your computer, you can end up being really confused about how to fix it. In this post, we went over a couple of different alternatives to fix this issue that anyone with an Amazon Prime account. We hope you liked our guide and the ways are indeed beneficial for you. Thanks for being with us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

What exactly is Amazon Account Error 2063?

Amazon Account Error 2063 prevents you from purchasing or renting a movie from Amazon Prime. This error appears to be a problem with the payment information. Whenever the user attempts to verify the digital purchase by logging into their Amazon account, nothing appears.

Why does Amazon Prime keep stating that something has gone wrong?

This error primarily affects Android and iOS devices because mobile phones constantly switch between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. If the message “Something went wrong” appears repeatedly, simply refresh the page or reload the app. This problem is primarily caused by a poor internet connection.

Why isn’t my Amazon Prime account functioning properly?

The far more likely explanations why the prime video does not work are bad internet service, hardware or software issues with your device, or when Amazon’s server is down. If this is the case, check to see if the Amazon Prime video servers are operational.

How do I resolve an Amazon Prime download error?

There are numerous reasons why someone might have difficulty downloading or going to rent movies or video files from Amazon Prime. To resolve this issue, use the troubleshooting techniques listed above.

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