Finest Guide To Activate Fetch TV On Your Device

Do you wish to activate Fetch TV on your device just in a few simple steps? You have got it all! To activate your Fetch TV box, just go and type the code from your Smart Television screen. Next, visit and add extra boxes to your profile to activate them. The fetch TV activation process is the easiest and quickest, so first, let us know about the service and keep the activation headache aside.

Fetch TV is an Australian IPTV provider that delivers a subscription television service over a user’s regular internet service. Designed for fans of large screens, Fetch TV’s 190GB set-top box makes flicking through channels and pausing programs a breeze. Fetch TV’s set-top box automatically downloads and stores your recordings, allowing you to watch your favorite shows on your schedule. No complicated remote control is required.

Fetch TV’s Australian service launched in 2010 backed by its Malaysian parent Astro All Asia Networks, which owns 75% of the company. Fetch TV delivers more than 40 channels including 20 High Definition channels, 16 English channels, 6 HD children’s channels, and 11 HD Lifestyle channels. Now, let us get started with our activation process of Fetch TV. Activate Fetch TV Using Authorized Page

  1. To activate your first box, just go to
  2. 3 boxes may be activated by going to and adding them to your account.
  3. Ascertain that the Fetch Mini is on a level surface.
  4. It really would be preferable if you did not pile it on anything that vibrates or emits heat.
  5. Provide 5 c.m. of airflow allowance from around Fetch Mini.
  6. The remote control works up to 6 meters away from the Fetch Mini.
  7. Unplug the Fetch Mini out from the power source before cleansing.
  8. It would be preferable if you simply used a dry cloth to clean; no liquid or chemicals should be utilized.
  9. If you attempt to open the Fetch Mini, you will forfeit the warranty.
  10. Just use with an Ac supply of 100V-240V 50Hz.
  11. Only use the specified power supply.
  12. Protect beverages, children, and pets away from the Fetch Mini at all times.
  13. To submit any problems with your Fetch Mini, go to

How Do You Activate Fetch TV On Your Device?

Activate Fetch TV on your gadget by following these steps below:

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. Choose Get Started from the dropdown menu.
  3. Complete your account details.
  4. Choose a bundle.
  5. Fill in the payment details.
  6. Check your information twice.
  7. Enter the Fetch ID/Activation code in the box.
  8. Getting the Fetch activation code
  9. Fetch activation codes have been sent to you through text and email when you bought Fetch from Optus, also they’re also accessible in the My Optus app and Fetch box.

How To Get Fetch TV, What You Need And How You Set Up Fetch TV?

Fetch is available from popular Internet Service Providers as just a contribution to one’s current broadband plan or as a component of any bandwidth package. Anyone can also buy a Fetch box and connect it to any internet service from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Domayne, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, or Joyce Mayne shops. The box will be sent to you for easy self-installation.

A TV, a free-to-air antenna, bandwidth, and a Fetch box and subscription are required. The Mini and Mighty boxes both use Wi-Fi to connect to your modem, however, if your Wi-Fi is unstable, you may need PLA devices to connect – these can be ordered from your Fetch service provider.

  1. Connect the television antenna- Free-to-air digital TV channels are obtained by connecting your standard TV antenna to the Fetch box and subsequently to the TV.
  1. Connect the box to the internet- Then, using the included ethernet wire, connect your Fetch box to the modem. You may use Wi-Fi to connect if they are not in the same room.
  1. Connect your box to your TV- There are several alternatives for connecting your box to your TV, but the highly preferable one is HDMI.
  1. Everything is in order- You’re now fully connected and ready to go. Relax and enjoy!

I couldn’t find my Activation Code or Fetch ID

If you haven’t already found your Activation Code or Fetch ID then set up your Fetch box:

  1. To obtain your Activation Code, go to (also known as your Fetch ID).
  1. Just go to add your 2nd or 3rd box to your profile and obtain your activation code.
  1. In ‘Account Settings,’ select ‘Add & Remove Fetch Box.’
  1. The Activation Code will appear on your screen, and you will also get it by SMS or email.
  1. If you need to find your Activation Code later, go to and login in with the email address and password you created when you signed up.
  1. Next, under the ‘Account Settings’ area, select ‘Add & Remove Fetch Box’ to view the activation code for each box on your account.
  1. After you’ve configured your Fetch box, go to Menu >> Manage >> Settings >> User Preferences >> Activation Code or Settings >> Device Info >> Options to locate the Activation Code. 
  1. Finally, to view your Activation Code, you must first enter your PIN.

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Step-By-Step Activation of Fetch TV on my Optus Application

Fetch should be enabled on my Optus app with these procedures:

  1. Sign in to your My Optus account.
  2. Click the icon Pick a Fetch service in the upper left corner.
  3. Select the Fetch action card to choose it.
  4. If you have several Fetch set-top boxes, please use the dropdown option to pick the set-top information you wish to see.
  5. It will show you your Fetch serial number, activation code, and channel packs.
  6. Then, on your Fetch box, use your Fetch remote to choose Menu.
  7. Select Settings from the Manage dropdown menu.
  8. Navigate to Device Info, then Options, then finally Activation Code / Fetch ID – Show Code.
  9. If required, enter your parental PIN.

So, this is how you Activate Fetch TV through on your streaming gadgets seamlessly. We hope you liked this post!

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