Ways to Access Facebook on Sony Smart TV

There are a lot of reasons why Facebook is one of the most widely used social media networks to date. It serves as a marketplace, a center for entertainment, and a source of news and information. You can find videos that have been shared by friends as well as a unique material that has been created by producers by using the Watch part of the user interface. These films are accessible on a variety of platforms, including your mobile device, personal computer, and smart TV. But how exactly can you access Facebook on a Sony smart TV? This post will walk you through the steps required to install and access Facebook on Sony smart TV in great detail. Let’s begin.

Is Facebook Available on Sony Smart TVs?

In some BRAVIA television models, Facebook application compatibility will no longer be available. After April 27, 2015, Facebook will stop supplying the app for some models of BRAVIA television because the firm decided to discontinue it.

To Connect Facebook to your Sony Bravia TV:

  • A Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter must be used by the Macbook.
  • The HDMI cable should be connected to an adaptor before being plugged into an outlet.
  • An audio cable with mini-pin connectors can be used to turn on and off the Macbook.
  • To utilize the printer, the Macbook must be linked to the Sony Bravia.
  • The display mode setting is located on the MacBook.
  • On a Bravia television, the Macbook’s display is visible.

Having trouble downloading apps Play Services for Google should be set up on your Sony Smart TV to show clear data and a clear cache. Depending on the operating system of your TV, you might need to do different actions. The steps to choosing Apps, viewing all apps, and then picking Google Play from the System Apps category are listed below. OK. * Clear data To confirm your choice, click OK.

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Install Facebook on Sony Smart TV

  1. Start the installation of Facebook on Sony Smart TV by turning on your Sony smart TV and establishing an internet connection.
  2. Click Apps on the Home screen.
Facebook on Sony
  1. Go to the App category and select the option to “Search for Apps.”
Facebook on Sony
  1. Enter “Facebook Watch TV” and choose the recommended app from the list.
  2. For the app to download, click Install.
  3. To open the Facebook Watch TV app on your smart TV, tap the Open button.
  4. Select Log In from the menu. The activation code will be given to you.
  5. Now enter the code on the Facebook activation website. (If prompted, log into your Facebook account.)
  6. Select “Continue” from the menu.
  7. The app for Facebook Watch will be updated. After that, you may use your Sony Smart TV to see all of the Facebook videos.

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The Complete process to Cast Facebook on Sony Smart TV-

  1. Join the same Wi-Fi network with your Sony Smart TV and smartphone.
  2. Download Facebook on your smartphone from Google Play.
  3. your smartphone’s Facebook app should now be running.
  4. On your smartphone, access the Notifications panel and select Cast.
  5. Choose your Sony Smart TV from the available options.
  6. Play a video from the Facebook app right now. The Sony Smart TV you have will display it.

These are the easy procedures to follow in order to watch Facebook videos on TV. Users of this app can live stream videos, which are then displayed in the newsfeed. Connect with us via the comments section if you have any additional questions about Facebook on Sony Smart TV.

Alternative Method for Installing Facebook on a Sony Bravia Smart TV –

Facebook videos can be streamed through Sony TV’s Videos tab or the News Feed. There are methods available for watching Facebook videos.

Facebook Watch TV App is used to stream Facebook videos to Sony TV. Get the Facebook Watch TV app for your Sony Android TV, then follow the instructions below.

  1. On your Sony smart TV, open the Facebook Watch app. Select “Continue” from the menu.
  2. Watch for the code to display on the screen of your Sony TV.
  3. On your phone, launch the Facebook app and select Notifications.
  4. Click Continue after selecting Approve.
  5. You can also go to www.facebook.com/device on your computer or mobile device.
  6. Manually enter the code, then click the Continue button.

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How can I search for programs and videos on the Facebook Watch platform?

Locating various programs and videos:

  • To access your Facebook on Sony Smart TV Watch list, go to the left menu of your Feed and select See more. You’ll have the ability to:
  • Use the “Search videos” button to look for a certain program or video.
  • To explore by category, scroll down after clicking Shows (e.g. Following, Shows friends are following, Facebook originals).
  • Simply choose Saved videos from the drop-down menu to see any episodes or films that you have already downloaded.

Following the shows:

  • You can “follow” a program if you wish to be notified whenever there are new episodes available for that show.
  • You can keep up with a program while you’re viewing an episode by clicking the arrow next to the show’s name. You can also follow a program directly from its Page by clicking the Follow button that is located in Page’s header.
  • When you start following a program, it will automatically be added to the watchlist. Your watchlist’s settings are where you’ll find the option to control alerts.

How can I manage the shows and movies from my Watch list to watch on Facebook Watch?

You can locate episodes and videos of series, pages, and artists that you follow by adding them to your watchlist. When you add a Page to your watchlist, you will be notified whenever that Page uploads a new video to its channel. You are free to disable these alerts at any time.

To administer your watchlist on Facebook, do the following:

  • Click the See more link in the left column of Facebook, then click the Watch link that appears.
  • Click in the left column of the area labeled Your watchlist, then click again in the section labeled Custom notifications.
  • Under “Video notifications,” choose the option that allows you to manage the pages you follow.

Take charge of your alerts for your watchlist: Tap the Highlights button that is located next to a Page that you are following to modify the alerts that are sent to you. You may choose to get alerts on Highlights or All videos, or you can choose None to disable notifications entirely.


You can access Facebook on your smart TV by downloading the Facebook Watch TV application from the App Store, mirroring Facebook content from your smartphone onto the TV, and navigating to Facebook on the web browser that is built into the TV.

The technique that is most suited for your TV will depend on whether or not your TV is compatible with the Facebook Watch TV app and whether or not it has the capability to download applications built right in. So, this is how you can install and access Facebook on Sony Smart TV. The steps are pretty simple and beginner-friendly. But if you still come across any issues, please leave them in the empty comment area below. We’d love to assist you in whatever form possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible for me to use Facebook on my Sony smart TV?

Yes, you can access Facebook on your Sony smart TV in the following manners, as it is possible to do:
-Navigate to the App Store on your Sony Smart TV and search for the Facebook Watch app.
-You can stream videos from Facebook to your television using your mobile device.·  Utilize the TV’s web browser to get into your Facebook account.

How can I stream videos from Facebook to my Sony smart television?

You can watch Facebook videos on your Sony smart TV by opening the media player, clicking the video to view it, and then hitting the casting symbol that is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose your television from the list of connected devices, and then start viewing.

I’m using the Facebook on Sony Smart TV Watch TV app. Can I like videos or share them?

Yes, you are able to like and share videos on Facebook Watch TV provided that you are using the app.

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