Fix Element TV Remote not working

When you try to use your remote, only to discover that it is not functioning properly, there may be a number of factors contributing to the problem. Despite this, there is no need for concern since the majority of problems that might arise with your Element TV remote not working can be easily resolved by you on your own.

Element TV remote not working correctly? Here’s how to fix

In the event that your Element TV remote is not working properly, the problem may lie either with the remote itself or with the receiver. There are a few measures that need to be taken in order to identify which of the two is being impacted. Check the batteries in your Element TV remote if it is not functioning properly. This is a good rule of thumb to follow. Because there is no indication that displays, when the battery in your remote is going low, changing the battery, should always be the first action you take with any problem. Test the functionality of your remote after you have replaced the batteries.

If the batteries in your Element remote have been changed, you will need to check to see that your remote is still linked to your receiver. In order to solve this problem, there are many different approaches that can be used. Let’s begin:

Restart your Element TV and Remote

The first option is to carry out a power cycle check. Follow these steps to complete it:

  • Put the Roku reviewer and the television in the off position.
  • After you have finished doing so, disconnect any and all gadgets that are connected to your TV, including the wires that are connected to the power supply. For the next five minutes, please make sure that everything is disconnected.
  • Once you have ensured that all of the wires are properly connected, restart both your television and your receiver.
  • You should check to see whether the remote for your Element TV is now functioning properly.

If, after doing a Power Cycle, your Element TV remote still does not function, the problem may lie directly with the remote itself rather than with the Element TV. Verify that the infrared (IR) emitter is operational to determine whether or not it is still operational. Press the power button and direct the light toward the emitter, which may be located at the very top of your remote. If the light does not come on, you may need to change the remote control for your Element TV.

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The Element TV Remote Continually Loses Connections

There might be a disruption in either the signal or the connections if your Element remote keeps dropping out of the connection.

  • First, you should check to see whether everything is connected properly and that there are no dangling cords.
  • Second, check to make sure that you are inside the appropriate range and that nothing is obstructing the path of your connection.
  • In the event that your Element TV remote continues falling out of connection, you should, as a general rule, reset your Element TV remote.
  • Before you do anything else, take out the batteries from your Element remote.
  • After that, you should power off and disconnect your receiver, then let it sit without being plugged in for 10 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Then, after the 10 seconds have passed, unplug your receiver and then plug it back in before beginning again.

(Note: You shouldn’t replace the batteries in the element remote until your receiver has finished completely restarting before you do so.)

If you are experiencing interference with your HDMI connection, this is another common issue that could be causing your Element remote to disconnect continually. This occurs when your receiver is hooked directly into your HDMI connector, which might create interruptions in the signal. Investing in an HDMI extension may be helpful in resolving this problem.

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The remote control for the Element TV is not responding

You have previously verified to ensure that the batteries are still OK, but your Element remote is still not working. When this occurs, even if your TV and receiver are both turned on, the Element remote will not react to any of the instructions you provide. There are a few different solutions to choose from in order to address this issue.

  • In the event that the remote for your Element TV is not responding, the first thing you should do is something quite straightforward.
  • While holding down the button labeled “home” on your Element remote, access the home screen.
  • If you continue holding the button for around 10 seconds, your Element remote should automatically connect.
  • Re-establishing the connection can be done quickly and easily using this method.

It is time to reset your Element remote if it is still not responding after you have tried all of the above.

  • First, take the batteries out of your Element remote. And then press and hold the power button for about a quarter of a minute.
  • After twenty-five seconds, remove the old batteries from your Element remote and replace them with fresh ones.
  • Check to see whether it is now operational or not.

In the event that this does not get the remote for your Element to function, try doing a power cycle. Put the Roku reviewer and the TV into standby mode. After you have finished doing that, disconnect all of the devices, including their power connections. Unplug everything and wait five minutes before continuing. Ensure that everything is plugged in, then restart both. In the event that your Element remote continues to be unresponsive, you should check the settings of your system to ensure that it is connected.

Element TV Remote Volume Not Working

It may be quite aggravating if your Element remote is functioning properly. And you are able to change the station on your TV as well as turn off and on your receiver. But you are unable to increase the volume on either device.

  • Check first to see whether another remote can still be used to adjust the volume on your TV. If it can, then you can go on to the next step.
  • To begin, you will need to reset your Element remote. Then, remove the batteries from your Element TV remote. And then take your receiver out of the box.
  • Ten seconds must pass before you can begin the process of restarting your receiver.
  • After your receiver completely restarts and the home screen becomes visible, replace the batteries in your remote control. And then check to see whether it is still functioning properly.

In the event that you are still experiencing issues, check to see that the TV mode on your Element remote is selected. Because Element remotes are intended to be used with a variety of different electronic products, the way in which you control your TV with its accompanying remote might be impacted as a result of this. You will be unable to adjust the volume of the television if the TV setting on your remote is not selected.

It’s also possible that the problem lies with your remote itself. Over time, crumbs or other particles may unintentionally get lodged in remote controls, just as in most other electrical devices. When you press down on the volume button, there should be no kind of resistance for you to overcome. In such a case, you might need to use some compressed air. Do this to blow out the buttons that are causing the problem.

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Element TV remote not connecting or pairing | Element TV Remote Not Working

There is a possibility that you might run into a problem in which your Element TV remote will not connect. Or it might not pair with your device. In accordance with the standard piece of advice, the batteries should be changed out first. If doing that does not resolve the issue, then there is very certainly a problem with the connection.

If you haven’t already, take the batteries out of your remote control. And either put them back in or replace them with fresh ones. When you have finished replacing the batteries, take your remote control and press and hold the “home” button for ten seconds. This enables your television to start looking for your remote control immediately after you do this.

Element TV remote not changing channels

Even though your remote may function properly in every other manner, there are times when you may get trapped on a single channel. If you are unable to change channels by using the channel +/- button, the first thing you should do is to check if you can manually input a channel number by entering it on your Element remote. If you are successful in doing so, you will be able to change channels.

  • Check to see whether or not you have access to all of the channels.
  • You can access the TV Guide Main Menu by pressing the Menu button. It is on your remote control and then scroll down through the available options.
  • Locate the section that is labeled Setup and make your selection there.
  • After entering this area, you will need to search for the portion that is labeled “No Auto-Tune.”
  • To disable this feature, use the arrow on the left side of the keyboard.
  • Leave the menu and look into switching the channel on the television.

Conclusion: So, these are the steps that you can follow if your Element TV not working properly. All these steps are pretty easy and simple for even beginners to follow. But If you still encounter a problem or doubt regarding your Element TV not working properly. Please leave them in the empty comment area below.

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