Discover It Student Credit Card: How to apply

If you are a student looking for financial independence, then the Discover It Student Credit Card is your best bet. It offers amazing benefits and perks to students, along with exciting cashback and a no-annual fee policy. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this guide to find out how to apply for a Discover It Student Credit Card, along with its various benefits and offers. Let’s begin.

Discover IT Student Credit Card Application Process:

The application process for Discover IT Student Credit Card is extremely simple and easy. We will explain it to you in great detail below for your convenience.

How to apply for a Discover IT Student Credit Card?

Follow the steps below to apply for a Discover IT Student Credit Card:

  • Next, choose your card design from the list of options available on the screen.
  • Now, enter all of the required information, including your name, address, date of birth, year in college, email, etc.
  • Next, accept all the terms and conditions after going through them carefully.
  • Then, click on Submit to complete the process.

After submitting your application, Discover IT will contact you shortly for verification. After the successful completion of your verification, you will receive your card in the mail within a week.

Discover IT Student Credit Card: All that you need to know

When it comes to credit cards for students, the Discover it Student card is strongly recommended. The Discover it Student Cash Back card can help individuals who do not have extensive credit histories build credit while still providing access to benefits such as revolving cash-back rewards and an introductory APR offer. The card offers healthy earnings in some areas of spending, but those earnings are capped, and the card also offers an introductory APR on purchases. The most essential benefit that might come from having a card like this one is that it can assist students in developing responsible financial habits. Let’s get into detail.


There are a variety of excellent advantages that come with the Discover it Student Cash Back card. The Discover it Student Cash Back card is a great way to build a financial reputation, which will allow for eventual graduation to more rewarding cards. Even though it won’t necessarily churn out the rewards and benefits in a similar manner as cards for more established credit profiles, the Discover it Student Cash Back card is a good start to building credit.

  • The Discover it Student Cash Back card does really provide some attractive appearing rewards due to the increased earnings that are available in quarterly rotating categories.
  • One aspect that is less than ideal is the quarterly limit of $1,500.
  • These extra categories need to be enabled in order to be used, and they come with a few additional restrictions, such as the possibility that “online shopping” refers to just,, or
  • Once the spending maximum for the rewards category has been reached, any subsequent spending gets the same rate of cashback as any other purchase: an infinite 1%.
  • With Discover’s Cash Back Match, every cash back earned will be matched at the conclusion of the first year. With a doubled first-year reward return, the cash-back benefits may not be so terrible if they are leveraged effectively.

When looking for credit cards as a student who plans to study outside of the country, it is important to keep in mind that the Discover it Student Cash Back card does not charge any fees for transactions made in a foreign country; however, it is possible that Discover is not as widely accepted outside of the United States as some of the other major card issuers. Because of this, it could be a good idea to look for another option.

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Obtaining Points and Rewards

Every transaction counts toward the automatic accumulation of the limitless 1% cash-back reward that is available to cardholders of the Discover it® Student Cash Back card. Cardholders are required to activate the category in order to receive 5% cash back in quarterly rotating categories, with the maximum amount earned each quarter set at $1,500.

Because the Discover Cashback Match program instantly doubles the value of all points earned at the conclusion of the first year, it is in your best interest to earn the maximum amount of rewards possible from each quarter while you are still in your first year of card ownership.

Redeeming Rewards

The Discover it Student Cash Back card allows cardholders to earn rewards that may be redeemed in any amount, at any time, either as a statement credit or deposit, and those rewards never expire. Any leftover reward sums are paid to the account either when the account is canceled or after 18 months have passed with no usage of the account.

Reward Possibilities

We consulted a variety of reliable sources to ascertain the annual expenditures of a typical college student in order to calculate the possible rewards that may be earned with the Discover it Student Cash Back card.

Given that the student spends $1,000 in each of the rotational categories, we can anticipate that the student will receive a total of $296.40 in cash back each year if we estimate that normal yearly costs amount to $13,640 and that the student spends $1,000 overall. As part of Discover’s Cash Back Match program, this sum will be multiplied by two at the conclusion of the first year.

0% Introductory Rates:

The Discover it Student Cash Back card provides a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR) on purchases for the first six months after account opening. After that, the card’s standard variable purchase APR ranges from 16.74% to 25.74% (rates as of 12/15/22) and is determined by the applicant’s creditworthiness.

Discover it Student Card Additional Benefits:

  • Optional Card Layouts to Choose From: You have your choice of various different designs.
  • Text Alerts: You will be notified if there are updates made to the account.
  • Scores given by FICO: Discover allows its cardholders to see their free FICO ratings.
  • Warnings Regarding Your Social Security Number: Discover conducts a search of dark web sites throughout the account registration process to identify any potential threats of identity theft.
  • Mobile App: Discover’s mobile app provides access to a monitoring system for rewards and purchases.
  • Freeze it: You can place a hold via the app on cards that have been lost or stolen.

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Discover It Student Cash Back Credit Limit:

The Discover it Student Cash Back card has a minimum beginning credit limit of $500, however, some users have reported amounts of $2,000 to $3,000 for their accounts. Discover determines your credit limit by taking into account both your income and your previous credit history.

Conclusion: So, this is all about the Discover It Student Credit card, how to apply for it, and all of the major benefits and rewards that it offers. We hope that you will like our guide and find its content useful. Please leave your valuable feedback in the empty comment area below.

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