Guide to Enable/Disable News Feed in Opera Mini Browser

Are you irritated by the frequent Newsfeed alerts of Opera mini? As the Opera Mini and Opera Browser come with a built-in news component. Opera’s home page displays news stories from a wide range of categories, with ‘Top News’ enabled by default and for all users. That’s fine, but Opera also sends alerts for some of the most popular stories. Some people seem to find the news notifications bothersome, spammy, and unwanted. One solution is to disable all Opera alerts. However, other notifications, including Facebook notifications, will be blocked as well. As a result, a better alternative is to go into Opera’s settings and disable the features you don’t use. Let’s see how you can enable or disable the News feed in Opera mini browser. 

Disable the News feed in Opera mini- 

Let’s begin with the news stories on Opera’s start page before going on to alerts. You get to choose which stories appear or turn them off entirely. Here are the steps to disable or enable newsfeed from the opera browser.

Using the Opera mini- 

  • Tap Opera from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the settings icon from the menu (gear).
  • Choose the Start Page Content option.
  • Toggle the Disable toggle next to News to turn them off completely. Otherwise, click on News options and select the news categories you wish to show on the home screen.

Using the Opera browser-

  • Tap the menu icon (3 horizontal bars).
  • Click on the Settings option (gear).
  • Under the News category, choose Homepage.
  • Disable the Display news on the home page toggle.

Diable news alerts in Opera Mini and Opera browser:

In the settings of Opera browsers, you may easily disable the unwanted news notifications. To get rid of the news notifications, simply follow the procedures for your version of Opera.

For Opera mini-

  • Click on the Settings from the Opera icon (gear icon).
  • Select ‘’Notifications’’ after scrolling down a bit. 
  • The toggle next to News notifications should be disabled.

For Opera browser-

  • Tap on the Settings from the menu button (gear icon).
  • Disable the toggle next to News and promotion notifications by scrolling down.

The actions above will remove both the news feed and the news notification from your device. As a result, when you’re at work, you won’t be bothered by a random news message.

Another thing that is disturbing for some people si the reader mode of the Opera browser. Let’s see how you can disable or enable this mode as well to make it easier for you.  

Enable/ Disable Reader mode in Opera browser

The newest versions of the Opera web browser include a new function called “Reader Mode,” which enables visitors to see any web page in plain text mode without any CSS style formatting, javascript, or other additional features. Reader Feature allows readers to read the entire article without being interrupted.

Reader Mode’s icon (a reading book) is displayed in the browser’s address bar. Once users click the icon, the web browser switches to Reader Mode and shows the web page. Despite the fact that Reader Mode was added to the newly released Opera version, many users complained that they couldn’t find the Reader Mode icon or option in the browser.

To enable or disable Reader Mode in the Opera web browser, follow the steps below-

  • 1. Open the Opera browser and type opera:/flags into the address bar. It’ll take you to the “Experiments” hidden advanced configuration page.
  • 2. Now type reader into the “Search flags” text box. In the end, you’ll see a few options.
  • 3. Click “Enabled” from the drop-down box to activate and enable Reader Mode in the Opera browser.
  • 4. Tap “Disabled” from the drop-down box to deactivate and disable Reader Mode in the Opera browser.
  • 5. You will be prompted to restart Opera. To restart Opera, click the “Relaunch now” option.

That is all there is to it. You’ve successfully enabled or disabled Reader Mode in the Opera web browser.

Steps to disable Weather Forecast Widget from Opera Page

A new Weather Forecast widget/gadget is available on the New Tab page of the new version of Opera. The current temperature of the specified city is displayed in this new Weather widget. Using the “Set up your city” button, you can choose your desired city. Users can see the weather in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

All users now have access to the weather forecast widget by default. It’s possible that some users will dislike the new weather widget. They may disagree with both the new widget and request that it be disabled or removed from the Opera speed dial page.

If you wish to remove the weather prediction widget from Opera as well, follow these steps-

  • 1. Open the Opera web browser, go to the Opera Menu, and then to the Settings option. Alternatively, you can open the Settings page by hitting Alt+P at the same time.
  • 2. On the settings screen, scroll down to the bottom and pick the “Advanced” link. It will display options for advanced settings.
  • 3. Start scrolling down until you find the ‘’start page’’. Now look for the option to “Show weather widget.”
  • 4. To remove the Weather Forecast widget from the Speed Dial page, change the toggle button to OFF. It will delete the widget from the speed dial page right away.

**Note: Select C or F out from the drop-down box underneath Temperature Unit if you might not want to remove the weather widget but want to modify the temperature unit.


You may also use the hidden secret opera:/flags page to remove the weather forecast widget, as described in the steps below:

  • 1. Open Opera and type opera:/flags into the address bar, then press Enter. It’ll take you to the “Experiments” hidden advanced configuration page.
  • 2. Now type weather into the “Search flags” text box. In the end, you’ll see the options.
  • 3. Select “Disabled” from the drop-down box to deactivate and disable the Weather Forecast widget feature in the Opera browser.
  • 4. You will be prompted to restart Opera. To restart Opera, click the “Relaunch now” option.

If you go to the Speed Dial page after relaunching Opera, you won’t see the new Weather Forecast widget. The opera:/flags page technique has the advantage of simply removing Opera’s weather forecast widget. The toggle button to show/hide the weather forecast widget will be deleted from the Opera settings page, and no one will be able to add/remove the weather forecast widget from the Opera speed dial page if you pick this way.

We understand some alerts and pop-ups are bothersome while we are working. So here we have the guide for you to disable news feed in the Opera Mini browser along with other notifications that bother the readers. We have covered three main things that can disturb you while working which are newsfeed on opera browser, reader mode, and weather widget.

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