Quick fixes for DirecTV Error Code 775 (2023)

You may have noticed issues with the Directv error code 775 and they may not be obvious. The DirecTV System Status screen will display this Error Code when you try to change your password, set up a new account, or do anything else on the operator side of things. If you see an error like this and can’t get past it, call customer service for help.

A fantastic option for having a cable TV service is DirecTV, a direct broadcast satellite service that enables its members to watch their favorite TV shows. The business, an AT&T subsidiary, provides clients with a variety of appealing channel packages. Even though this is a reliable platform, occasionally specific problems can arise. This most recent article in our troubleshooting series will focus on the DirecTV error code 775 problem. We will also cover the streaming errors of Directv.com, popular error codes, and their brief description. This troubleshooting guide will not only aid in Error Code 775 but also with future errors in your DirecTV. Now, let us begin!

Examining receiver connections for fixing error code 775

  1. On the rear of your receiver, make sure all connections are secure. Start by connecting to SAT-IN.
  2. Check to see if the DIRECTV cable coming from your dish has a SWiM Power Inserter attached (it may be in a different room). In that case, unplug it from the outlet.
Directv Error Code 775

NOTE: Ensure that each and every connection on the back of your DIRECTV receiver is firmly in place.

  1. After waiting 15 seconds, replug it.

The size of a small brick, this power inserter is often black or grey in color. Ensure it isn’t plugged into a switchable power outlet.

What to do if your Error Code 775 problem persists?

Contact DirectTV to arrange a service call if you frequently need to reset your SWiM Power. Inserter or if these procedures don’t resolve your problem. During your waiting time of 30 seconds, you can still stream via DirecTV. You may yet watch your favorite movies and television shows even if a service call is necessary.

This is how you do it:

  • Press List on your remote to access anything recorded to your DVR while watching TV.
  • On-Demand: Dial 1000 to access thousands of free titles, or 1100 to view the newest releases from DIRECTV CINEMA.
  • Using a computer or tablet, log in to directv.com/entertainment, then select Watch Online.
  • Mobile device: Get the DIRECTV App from the Google PlayTM or Apple® App stores. Select the option to view on your device after signing in.

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Simply follow the instructions below to check the Swim power inserter. In addition to the satellite dish and the DirecTV receiver, some DirecTV subscribers will also have a Swim power inserter. Ensure that a power source is connected to the Swim power inserter.

  1. The Swim power inserter needs to be unplugged from the outlet.
  2. Now, just let 30 seconds pass.
  3. Make that the Swim power inserter is turned on before re-plugging it into the outlet.

Verify if the DirecTV error code 775 problem is still present. If your problem is fixed, that’s great, but if the suggestions above don’t work to address the issue, call the DirecTV technical support hotline at 1-800-531-5000.

Troubleshoot common DirecTV Errors other than code 775

Occasionally, the TV screen may display an error code or message. Restarting your receiver or renewing your service will usually quickly fix the problem. Discover more details about these problems, along with detailed troubleshooting recommendations, below.

Error numbers and messages for DIRECTV, along with a brief description of each:
DIRECTV error code: 14, 15, 18, 19 or 22During the restart, there was a problem with your receiver.
DIRECTV error code: 203Your account is past due, and DirecTV has scaled back its services to the absolute minimum.
DIRECTV error code: 614, 615 or 616Your Genie client’s video connection to the Wireless Video Bridge or primary Genie receiver has been lost.
DIRECTV error code: 617, 618 or 619Your receiver’s and the main Genie receiver’s video connection has been lost.
DIRECTV error code: 620, 621, 622, 623, 624, or 625Your receiver’s video connection has been lost.
DIRECTV error code: 711Your receiver has either not been set up for DIRECTV service or has only received a portion of the information required to interpret their satellite signal.
DIRECTV error code: 721Your receiver is either not handling the programming information on this channel or your programming bundle does not include the station you are attempting to watch.
DIRECTV error code: 722The programming data for the channel you’re trying to watch might not be available on your DIRECTV receiver.
DIRECTV error code: 724, 725, or 726The ID on your receiver does not match the ID stored in the system, or the ID on your receiver does not match the data on your receiver’s access card.
DIRECTV error code: 727You are unable to view the sports program because it is unavailable in your location.
DIRECTV error code: 731, 732, 733, or 736You are having problems using your remote control to order Pay Per View movies and events.
DIRECTV error code: 734, 741, 742, or 743The Pay Per View title you are trying to order doesn’t have the programming details on your receiver.
DIRECTV error code: 745 or 746The access card in your receiver might be malfunctioning.
DIRECTV error code: 752The access card in your receiver might be malfunctioning.
DIRECTV error code: 761 or 762When you try to see a live or recorded show, this error message occurs.
DIRECTV error code: 763Access Card for your receiver is no longer valid.
DIRECTV error code: 764Your receiver has the incorrect access card inserted.
DIRECTV error code: 771Your receiver and your satellite dish are having problems interacting.
DIRECTV error code: 772Your receiver was just installed or activated, or new DIRECTV programming was just added or upgraded.
DIRECTV error code: 773Your receiver has identified a mistake and started an automated hard drive reformatting procedure. DirecTV Official Support Guide.
DIRECTV error code: 774On the hard disc of your receiver, a mistake has been found.
DIRECTV error code: 775Your receiver and your satellite dish are having problems interacting.
DIRECTV error code: 776This suggests that there may be too many receivers attached to your SWiM. (single wire multi-switch).
DIRECTV error code: 782When the signal between your satellite dish and receiver is disrupted, this error will appear.
DIRECTV error code: 792You are looking for an Off-Air Tuner signal on your receiver.
DIRECTV error code: 920Your receiver was unable to download the guide data from the satellite for more than three hours, which is why this error happened.
DIRECTV error code: 921You lack the necessary tools and are attempting to watch 4K Ultra HD content.
DIRECTV error code: 927While downloading On Demand movies or series, an issue happened.
DIRECTV error code: 928You need to restart the wireless connection if your Wireless Video Bridge has lost power, has a weak signal, is rebooting, or if you have changed the Genie receiver.
DIRECTV error message: Channel Not AvailableThe channel is being utilized for an event that has either not yet begun or is already finished, or it is not part of your programming package.
DIRECTV error message: No Servers Detected or codes 611, 612 or 613The primary Genie HD DVR cannot be detected by or connected to the Genie Mini receiver.
DIRECTV error message: No Signal, or screen is black, blue, or grayYour receiver could need to be reset, or your TV might not be on the proper input.
DIRECTV message: No user activity for the last 4 hours. Going into Power Saving modeSome DIRECTV receivers offer a power-saving function that, after four hours of inactivity, automatically switches the device to standby.
DIRECTV error message: TV does not support this program’s content protectionHDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), a type of copy protection that protects digital video and audio content from being intercepted while it travels across HDMI or DVI interconnect cables, is a feature of many DIRECTV channels. It’s possible that your older HDTV isn’t compliant.

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Troubleshoot Streaming Errors on directv.com? 

Try these troubleshooting steps. Learn how to repair them.

Just do the following first to fix streaming errors:

  • Exit from directv.com.
  • Switch off your computer.
  • Re-login to Directv.com and give it another shot.

You might also try:

  • Clear your cookies or cache.
  • Use a different Wi-Fi® or wired internet connection.
  • Attempt a different web browser or gadget.

Alas! Are you still having problems with streaming? Look at these suggestions.

Video streaming is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later-

You might try streaming the film or television program later as there are numerous potential causes for this trouble.

You’ve reached the maximum number of devices allowed for concurrent streaming. To watch on your current device, one of the other devices will have to stop streaming-

DIRECTV streaming is limited to two devices at once. Stop streaming on one device immediately, then try again. Alternatively, you might try upgrading to 3 streams.

Your subscription does not include this channel. Please upgrade your package or add the premium programming-

To access this title, you must be a subscriber to a premium network or another TV package. Try from any mobile device or computer to upgrade to that premium network or TV bundle.

We’re sorry, this video is no longer available-

There isn’t a movie or show on DIRECTV that is in your queue or playlist. Please select a different title from the vast selection available on Directv.com.

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Change premium channels number and packages in DirecTV-

Your DIRECTV package can be changed at any time. Include NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more channels.

Directions & information for online premium option addition and removal are given below. To make changes, log in to your directv.com account:

  • Activate Manage TV Subscription.
  • Next to the premium channel or package you want to change, click Add or Remove.
  • Verify your decision and have pleasure.

Tip: Choose Modify Package to change your primary subscription package.

  • Text message-based premium channel addition
  • Send a text message to 223322 with your DIRECTV account’s phone number.

To begin, enter any of the following illustrations in the text message:

If you are having trouble removing a premium channel online, please contact support using the chat feature at the bottom of this DirecTV Support page. (as shown in the image below)

Directv Error Code 775

So, that was all in our post to help you fix Directv error code 775 and every other possible issue while streaming. We do not want any trouble to hinder your viewing experiences on DirecTV or any other prominent streaming platforms and hence we often come up with many troubleshooting guides. So, stay tuned with us, and feel free to explore many such tutorials for unlimited entertainment access. Thanks for being with us pals!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes DirecTV error code 775?

When your receiver loses contact with the satellite dish, error code 775 appears on the screen. For receiver connections check:

– On the rear of your receiver, make sure all connections are secure. Start by connecting to SAT-IN.
– Check to see if the DIRECTV cable coming from your dish has a SWiM Power Inserter attached (it may be in a different room).
– After waiting 15 seconds, replug it.

What is DirecTV error code 775 no swim?

SWM connectivity denotes the presence of either an SWM LNB on the dish arm or an SWM module that enables service for all receivers to be provided through a single cable. Location is a descriptor that can be substituted for anywhere, including the living room or bedroom. When the signal between your receiver and the satellite dish is disrupted, you’ll experience the trouble of DIRECTV error code 775. To fix this problem, check the connections on your receiver.

How to fix DirecTV error code 782?

Your DIRECTV receiver is experiencing problems talking with your satellite dish if you notice error number 782. A diagnostic system scan verifies the presence of power and connectivity between your receiver and other DIRECTV components in your home.

A 782 error may appear if you recently moved your receiver to a different spot in your house. Reposition the receiver to its original position, then switch it on to clear the error. You must set up a relocation appointment for a technician to set up the receiver if you want to keep it in its new location. A service charge can be charged if you don’t have a DIRECTV Protection Plan and depending on how your equipment is set up.

How do I reset my DirecTV 775?

The Swim power inserter needs to be unplugged from the outlet. 30 seconds should pass. Make that the Swim power inserter is turned on and operational before plugging it back into the outlet. Check to ensure that everything is connected, switch on your TV, and see if the problem has been fixed.

What can I do for fixing the DirecTV error 775 on one receiver?

When the signal between your receiver and the satellite dish is disrupted, you’ll get the DIRECTV error code 775. To fix this problem, check the connections on your receiver. Disconnect the power cord’s ends from the outlet and the receiver’s back. After that, firmly plug both ends back together. Make sure the electrical outlet is turned on if it is controlled by a light switch. Make sure the power strip is turned on if your receiver is connected to one.

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