Ways to Listen to Music with Deezer on Android TV

With Deezer installed on Android TV, you will get the ultimate experience. It is a music streaming app with hundreds of radio channels from around the globe. Listen to Deezer on Android for more than 56 million songs available for free. This is why more than 23 million + active monthly users are using this service. For getting started with Deezer on Android TV instantly, continue reading our ultimate post.

Deezer is a music streaming service that allows users to create custom playlists and listen to a collection of music from their own choices. Deezer has millions of songs available, with the ability to search by specific songs, artists, or albums. You can also listen to radio channels including BBC Radio and CNN, or you can use the feature of Invite your friends and get 30 days free offer with no ads. Also, it is the best music player and music streaming service with many amazing features. You can add Deezer on Android TV and stream your favorite music tracks directly onto your big screen TV. Let us begin to listen to Deezer on Android.

Know the Features and Updates before you Listen Deezer on Android TV-

  • The Deezer is a popular music app, which is available for all operating systems including Android TV. It has rich features, which allow its users to build a huge list of songs by searching on artists or genres. Furthermore, it also has dedicated apps for almost all media streaming devices.
  • Deezer is free to download and works with Android TV versions 5.0 and higher. You must subscribe to one of their subscription plans in order to access the music library. To cast Deezer to your TV, download the Deezer app to your smartphone and tap the Cast icon.
  • The Deezer app is mostly ad-supported, however, all of its subscription options include ad-free music listening. Unlimited listening on all platforms, unlimited song skips, and full lyrics are also included. You may also listen to music offline by downloading or playing it from your local storage.
  • Deezer has three subscription tiers to choose from and they are mentioned below:
  • The Student Plan costs $4.99 per month (Student ID required to avail of this plan).
  • $9.99/month for the Premium Plan (No ads, offline mode, unlimited skips, and single account).
  • $14.99/month for a family plan (No ads, offline mode, Unlimited Skips, and six accounts).
  • Deezer is a full-featured music platform that can be installed on almost all devices. You can easily install Deezer on Android TV, and start streaming your favorite music tracks on the big screen. You will also have access to curated playlists, as well as personalized music blogs and magazines.
  • If you ever thought that there is no music app to enjoy on your Android TV, it is time to switch to Deezer. It’s simply the biggest catalog of songs including over 56 million tracks available on-demand, so you can listen online or offline.

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Ways to Access Deezer on Android TV for unlimited entertainment-

Deezer is the best choice for music lovers. It has everything to offer. You can stream any genre of music and create your own playlist too on this platform. If you want to enjoy the best music, Deezer is a perfect application for you to discover, play and share millions of songs. Connect with Facebook to get personalized music recommendations. Enjoy lyrics with the LyricPlay feature. Deezer’s catalog covers almost all genres, including Pop, Rock, Classics, and Hip-Hop.

METHOD 1: Directly Download and Install Deezer on Android TV

  1. To begin, turn on the Android Smart TV and connect it to the internet via WiFi.
  2. Select Google Play Store from the apps menu.
  3. Then press the Search button.
  4. Type Deezer into the search field and pick the app.
  5. Next, on your Smart TV, click Install to download the Deezer app.
  6. To launch the Deezer music app, select the Open button once Deezer has been installed.
  7. Lastly, enter your Deezer login information and begin listening to your favorite songs on your television.

METHOD 2: Smart Feature to Cast Deezer on your TV

  1. Connect your Android Smart TV and Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. From the Google Play Store, download the Deezer app.
  3. Then, to use your account, open the Deezer app and input your login information.
  4. Choose your Android Smart TV from the Cast menu.
  5. Then just select any song and it will begin playing on your Android Smart TV.
  6. So, that’s how you use the casting method to listen to Deezer on Android TV.

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Wrapping Up

You can now listen to Deezer on Android TV. Get your favorite music and podcasts for free with this smart TV app. You will have access to the latest releases, similar artists, the hottest charts, and more radio channels. The Deezer music player and streaming platform feature over 56 million songs for free. It is easy to organize your entire music collection, including collaboration with all popular music apps. As a result, you can easily find popular tracks, podcasts, and albums on the Deezer platform.

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