Live Stream and Activate DayStar TV on Roku, Fire Tv & Apple Tv Streaming Devices

entertainment, and uplifting music. It offers on-demand live with a  24/7 TV cast that involves linear internet video stream channels for gospel readings. The entire library also comes coupled with an exclusive live, latest Events channel, and special ministry channels. And you also get a chance to listen to live 24/7 radio on gospels and podcast channels only through

Daystar TV encourages healthy living choices by providing positive entertainment at all times and in all places.

Daystar TV can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis with an auto-renewing subscription right inside the app to gain access to all features and content. Pricing varies by area and will be confirmed in the app before purchasing. At the end of their cycle, in-app subscriptions will automatically renew.

This generation was built for courageous faith, but do they realize it? gives this generation a reinvented environment for greater dialogue and deeper connection, allowing them to discover clarity, conviction, and confidence in their religion. What makes stand out?

To help students create closer relationships with Jesus and others, we combine gospel-based video series, real-time messaging, and small group engagement. These are what we refer to as Adventures.

We put Adventures at the center of the because we believe that following Jesus is all about adventure. And every excursion is more enjoyable when shared with others.

Why is an important faith point?


  • Using “Find Adventures,” you can select your adventures.
  •  All of the Adventures are question-based series that are split down into smaller segments to encourage conversation. (Imagine a Netflix series tied to DMs, then layer Instagram LIVE on top of that, and you have an Adventure.)
  • Focus the discussion on key themes such as “Is God Good?” “Would I Like Jesus?” and “Are you Christians?” All the channels available on your favorite Daystar tv app are rendered seamlessly after your signup. The latest features and enhanced UI design creates an immersive experience so that both newcomers on the app and even veterans enjoy it fully while finding it useful.


  •  Choose ‘With a Group’ (our favorite) to do the Adventure with a small group of individuals, allowing you to hear more perspectives and have more in-depth interactions.
  • To ask a friend to watch and discuss the series with you in the app, go to ‘With a Friend.’ In Duo, you must wait for your pal to react before moving on to the next episode.
  • This keeps you both linked and motivates you to continue to grow as a team.
  • To obtain a better understanding of the topic, go to ‘By Yourself.’


  • You’ll receive a personalized invite code to your unique Adventure when you’ve chosen your Adventure. Only the people with whom you’ve shared it will be able to join.
  • Block and report inappropriate communications and conduct.
  • To keep your “My Adventures” tab neat, delete Adventures. is a Personality

  • isn’t simply an app for us; it’s a way of life. The word comes from the verb, which means to draw out the potential of anything; to extract; to reveal. 
  • They are here to help this generation’s leaders and leaders-at-heart who are bothered by their community’s brokenness but determined to have spiritual conversations and discipline others. 
  • also invites those who are undecided about the gospel and want to learn more about faith and following Jesus.

“We presume kids are already in the deep end at church, and we want them to hold their breath and reach the bottom [spiritually].” But is the most difficult to persuade a child to trust you from the shallow end to the deep end.

Faith is blossoming in unexpected places! DayStar has it all, from widely interactive coupled with personal prayer circles to live elegant events from priests and true Christian religious communities all across the world. Join the world’s first digital network that connects Christians to enlightening resources and tailored content. DayStar, today’s digital faith experience, is now in pilot mode. You can also choose to watch limited episodes. And with a limited number of early-access invitations available, feel free to join in to not miss out on amazing content. 

  • Connect with God through Christian content tailored to your preferences and needs 
  • Connect with thriving communities of like-minded Christians 
  • Connect with a worldwide network of online churches
  • Connect with faith leaders you trust who can guide you with insight, knowledge, and enthusiasm through organizations dedicated to evangelism, teaching, and social issues.

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Special Biblical training 

The Biblical Training on Day Star app provides you with 2,100 hours of training (129 classes and seminars). You can listen to the classes online or download them to listen to later. Share your classes via social media, email, and other platforms.

Biblical Training provided on the app renders you full access to a library of world-class biblical education. So that you can grow both spiritually and fully commit yourself to Jesus Christ. We are all members of the same body of Christ, and the church’s resources should be shared equally.

As a result, BiblicalTraining creates and freely distributes Bible seminars from a variety of prominent biblical instructors, ranging from new believer classes to comprehensive seminary education. BiblicalTraining is an evangelical organization that is not affiliated with any church, denomination, or theological tradition.

BiblicalTraining is a non-profit organization that is entirely reliant on donations from its customers.

Using for Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV

Activate DayStar TV on Roku 

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent Roku TV version or software.
  • To go to the home screen of your Roku TV, press the home button on the remote and search for the Roku store.
  • Open the app and look through the media of the available Daystar TV apps.
  • Wait for it to download to your home page after clicking install.
  • Allow the app to load before using it.
  • On your smartphone, complete the sign-in process.
  • From your Roku browser, go to and fill out the registration form.
  • Look for a code that was sent to your registered phone number.

Using on your Fire TV 

  • Navigate to the app store from the home page to quickly start your Fire TV.
  • Find the Daystar TV app and add it to your home screen.
  • Start the Daystar TV app and sign in using your full name and email address.
  • Enter the activation code supplied to your registered email address at the
  • Now is the time to go to and enter the activation code, then click continue.
  • You’re finished!! Enjoy all of the amazing and featured content. for Apple TV 

  • On your Apple TV, go to the main page and access the app store.
  • Among the many apps available, look for the Daystar TV app.
  • Install the app and it will display on your home screen.
  • Fill up your information and wait for the activation code to arrive on your phone.
  • With your Safari browser already open, go to
  • Enter the code for activation.
  • To watch all of Daystar TV’s TV shows and movies, complete the authentication process.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to stream Daystar TV on my computer?

Yes, all you need is access to to enjoy an unlimited number of TV series and movies for free.

Q. Is there anything I need to pay?

Daystar TV, on the other hand, is completely free to view. All you need is access to to get started. 

Q. How Do I uninstall?

Go to settings. Open the Day Star app and click on uninstall. 

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