Guide To Access C-SPAN For Latest Political News

For every politics junkie, addiction to C-SPAN is obvious. This cable and satellite TV network was established in the United States in 1979 as a nonprofit public service by the cable TV industry. The main C-SPAN network consists of three TV channels: C-SPAN, which emphasizes the U.S. House of Representatives; C-SPAN2, which is on the U.S. Senate; and C-SPAN3, which emphasizes other governmental hearings and associated programming. If you can’t get enough of the action on Capitol Hill, then C-SPAN is definitely the network for you. Tune in and get your fix!

C-SPAN is a great resource for anyone interested in the American government and politics. With three channels devoted to the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and other governmental hearings, you can always find something interesting to watch on C-SPAN. From bringing you the steps to stream C-span on Roku to providing alternative methods of accessing C-SPAN on your device, we have got you covered! So, let us begin in no time!

How to Watch C-span on Roku With The Best Process?

A separate application has not been launched for Roku however, you can still stream C-span on through the screen mirroring feature of the Roku device-

Follow these steps correctly in order to stream C-span- 

  1. Get the Roku cable plugged into the power switch.
  2. Navigate the option of ‘’settings’’ from the home screen.
  3. There is an option at the bottom, ‘’system’’, select that option. 
  4. Next, you will see the option of ‘’screen mirroring mode’’, click on that.
  5. Choose the ‘’prompt’’ option.
  6. Now, get to your computer and check if your computer and Roku device are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. 
  7. Open the browser on your computer and go to the website-
  8. Once the page stops reloading click the right button on your mouse.
  9. A pop-up box will appear, choose the ‘’cast’’ option among others. 
  10. All the nearby devices will be automatically scanned for casting or screening. Now, tap on the dropbox ‘’source’’.
  11. Choose the cast tabs.
  12. Now you need to select the name of your Roku device from the given list.
  13. Next, your computer screen will be displayed on your TV screen.

In case you have no computer to go with the method mentioned above we have an alternative method for you through which you can stream C-span on your Roku device without facing any issues. Let’s quickly jump into this alternative method. 

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Where Can You Easily Find Videos From C-SPAN? The site offers dynamic displays across platforms and devices, improved search features, and high-quality video feeds. Everybody who visits has access to both the on-demand Video Library and live coverage of federal government proceedings. By logging in on the “TV Networks” tab and validating your pay television credentials, you can access the three C-SPAN television stations’ highest-quality live streams. You will be able to simply verify your cable or satellite subscription and watch the highest quality feeds of our TV channels online if you already have a cable or satellite subscription and are able to watch C-SPAN on your TV.

Use to view all of our live coverage of federal government events. Everyone who visits will have free, live access to House and Senate debates, committee hearings, executive branch events, court coverage, campaign events, and Washington Journal. Additionally, you will continue to enjoy unrestricted access to our online Video Library, which offers more than 278,000 hours of C-SPAN archived video on demand.

C-SPAN Now: This video app offers live streaming of important political events as well as the House and Senate. You can also watch an on-demand video of the most recent news, events, and episodes of Washington Journal and Q&A. You can access the three C-SPAN television networks’ live streams by logging in with your cable or satellite subscription.

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Livestreams of the House, Senate, and important political events are available on the video app. You can also watch an on-demand video of the most recent news, events, and episodes of Washington Journal and Q&A. None of that needs a cable or satellite subscription to watch.

Let’s quickly jump into this alternative method. 

The alternative method to access C-span on Roku

The alternative method is a streaming service that includes-span channel in its subscription package. For this method, you don’t need to get up with the screen mirroring method. All you need to do is to subscribe to that streaming service. The service that includes a C-span in the list of channels is AT&T TV. 


This streaming service has gained a great position in the United States. Both C-span and C-span2 are included in the subscription plan. Apart from the C-span channel, you can also relish other 64 popular channels like Discovery, TNT, TLC, Freeform, HGTV, FX, Comedy Central, History, MTV, Syfy, TBS, ESPN, and many more. The subscription plan costs $69.99 per month. The shows can also be recorded with 20 hours of cloud DVR storage along with these 20 devices that can be streamed collectively at once. 

How can you watch the C-span of Amazon Fire TV?

There is the only way to watch C-span on Amazon Fire TV with AT&T TV streaming service. You can get the AT&T TV app from the Amazon app store on your TV and get started with streaming C-span without cable. 

How to access C-span from an Apple TV?

You need to follow the same procedure as it is for the Amazon Fire TV. You can watch the content from C-span from only AT&T TV. Install the AT&T TV app on your Apple TV and get started with the C-span. 

What is C-span Radio?

C-span Radio

If you are not up to watch C-span without cable but you desire to hear it without cable then C-span Radio is for you of course. It is based in Washington DC and it broadcasts 24/7. You will always be up to date with all the significant political news and events. Basically, you can have the radio station in the DC area. C-span mobile applications can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, where you can access HD streams of C-span, C-span2, and C-span-3. 

C-span Radio

Watching C-apn without cable and listening on the radio are indeed very different experiences. However, you will be easily fit up with the nature of C-span’s programming. Another factor of choosing C-span radio is if you don’t desire to pay $40 per month then you should go for this option. 

What is available on C-span?

It basically broadcasts U.S. political events. The most common program is ‘’gavel-to gavel’’. No edits is been made in any of the political coverages. This coverage is not restricted to the only U.S.  Apart from this, there are other weekly and daily programs offered by C-span. It also includes the following programs-

  • Washington Journal- it is broadcasting from 7-10 am Eastern. It is a live program. It features elected officials, political analysts, journalists, and other significant guests. There is a feature for the audience to call-in in order to make theory opinions heard. 
  • Washington today- the timing for this show is 5-7 pm. It also re-broadcasts from 9-11 pm Eastern,  in case you miss the show. It’s basically an overview of top political stories that have happened during the entire day. In addition to the interviews with journalists, administration officials, and policymakers. 
  • C-SPAN’s weekly- It’s an audio podcast that is 25-30 minutes long instead of a show that is broadcasted on C-span. It includes the comprehensive stories of the most recent cycles of the news. The stories that are included are of Amazon’s HQ2 cities and the political ramifications, the history of Veteran’s day, and an evaluation of Saudi-US affairs related to the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 

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How to watch C-span Content for Free?

In case you are hesitating to pull your credit card for the subscription of $65 per month for C-span then you can go with the other option of the website to watch the content of C-span. You can hop on the official website of the C-span network at and find some of the content entirely free and get yourself updated with the latest political news. 

Watch Live- ‘’Federal government events’’ for free

You can not find all the content of C-span for free but it’s a public channel after all, so there are some federal guidelines that considerable to make programs available to the public. Especially this channel needs to broadcast ‘’live coverage of all Federal government events’’. It simply means that you can access the events of C-span on without any cost. 

C-span on Roku
  • House and Senate debates.
  • Committee Hearings- like the recent Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.
  • Executive branch events- like presidential gatherings and other related significant events.

Moreover, the 2020 presidential Campaign will also be offered by C-span without any cost. Alongside programs of interviews, Washington journals are also available for free by C-span. This doesn’t apply to the latest programs of the Senate or House floor, as you can’t access these for free. If you are desiring crucial political events such as Presidential speeches, or coverage of other bills then you can go for it for free on 

C-span has everything for the political enthusiasts. It offers all the latest news, the moment it happened. It never filters any of the news. There is only one way to watch C-span and its AT&T TV. else you can access some of the content free from the website- Go get yourself update now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How can I confirm that I am a subscriber to cable or satellite?

On, look for the “TV Networks” symbol at the top of the page. Follow the instructions to access the live streams after choosing your cable or satellite provider from the available list. Your provider must supply you with both a customer ID and password.

You can also use C-SPAN Now, which has a “More” option in the bottom right corner. When prompted to input your customer ID and password from your provider, click “Link provider” and follow the on-screen directions.

Why is a cable or satellite subscription necessary to access C-channels SPAN online?

The federal government does not provide funding for C-SPAN. The majority of our income comes from a license fee that pay-TV providers who offer our content to their video subscribers pay to C-SPAN. The live streams of our three cable channels on our website and in the C-SPAN Now app require verification, which reserves these channels for viewers who are paying for them with their monthly cable or satellite subscriptions. This policy improves the overall level of service we can offer the public while preserving the crucial public service goal that serves as the foundation for all C-SPAN operations.

Where can I find my login information?

Your TV provider has probably already provided you with account login and password that you may use to access and the C-SPAN Now app as a cable or satellite video subscriber. If you don’t already know yours, you can find out by visiting the website of your supplier or by calling their customer service number.

Will a MyC-SPAN account serve as proof of identity?

No. You can bookmark online content, sign up for email alerts, and save videos on using your MyC-SPAN account. Your membership with your pay TV provider must be verified separately for both the website and the C-SPAN Now app.

Are the C-SPAN live TV channels compatible with mobile devices?

 Yes. All of the video on is made to be viewable on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. offers video streaming, so you may watch wherever you are, whenever you choose. For a mobile-friendly experience, you may also download the C-SPAN Now app.

Is there an additional price to see the C-SPAN TV feeds after confirming?

No. Customers who receive C-SPAN as part of their cable or satellite television subscription can watch live streaming of all three C-SPAN television networks on our website and in the C-SPAN Now app at no extra cost.

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