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Do you wish to download the Crave application on your Roku device? Crave is the best-known online streaming service provider that you can explore. This platform is made by Canadians that’s why it is one of the most glorious platforms among others. It is owned by Bell Media. Carve TV is a Canadian subscription on-demand video service. This platform is highly competitive with the other recognized American streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Disney+, etc. This article will guide you to activate Crave TV on your Roku media player via

The major programming suppliers of Crave include Warner Bros, WarnerMedis- HBO/HBO Max, ViacomCBS. The service of Crave is served whether as an over-the-top subscription or the other option of on-demand video plan via participating Canadian TV service providers. Crave TV is collectively operated by VOD service and for regulatory purposes, it is controlled as a separate operation. 

Crave App is now offering assistance to the web as well as the smartphone. It has been announced in recent times that they are aiming to provide assistance to Roku devices. It is good news for a Roku user. The reason behind this is, you can get the app installed directly and eliminate roaming around here and there. 

Crave offers a brimming library where you will find everything you can think of. It comprises HBO classics and amazing hits of Showtime, along with the series from other platforms. The aim of ‘’head to head with Netflix’’ also made Crave investing in the original programming. You can stream original programs such as Letterkenny and Shuteye, which is been so popular in the meantime. Crave also features a STARZ add-on which attracts a large audience. 

Which devices are compatible with Crave TV?

The availability of Crave TV is high among divergent devices, there is a high rise that the Crave TV is available on your device and you will be able to enjoy it on your device. If you have subscribed through a TV provider then it must be available through the set-top box. In the other case, if you are having another device then you need to give a look at the list given below to ensure that your device is compatible with Crave-

**Note Only 5 devices can be registered at a time, and for a monthly basis, only 10 unique devices can be registered each month. 2 simultaneous screens are allowed. 

Computer PC, MAC
Mobile and tabletIOS,  Android, and Windows
Gaming consoleXbox One
SmartTV, streaming media playerApple TV, Samsung smart TV, Blue-ray players along with Samsung smart Hub, Amazon Fire TV stick, Chromecast or AirPlay, android TV, Roku

Does Crave TV have a free trial?

If you are a new subscriber then you can enjoy a free trial of up to 7 days. In this way, you can puzzle out if this service is for you or if you are willing to invest in the subscription further. 

Easy guide to activate Crave TV on your Roku device via

You need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to install the Crave TV on your Roku device and activate it via so that you can enjoy the content on your device without any issues.

Step 1- First of all, go to the app store on your Roku device. Use the remote to access the main menu.

Step 2– after opening the app store, enter the name ‘’Crave TV’’ in the search box and go for searching it. 

Step 3– Once, you locate the application, tap on that and you will see an option ‘’Add channel’’. Tap on that option in order to proceed with the installing process.

Step 4–  Once downloaded, launch the Crave app.

Step 5- Open the application, now tap on the option ‘’sign in’’ that you will find under the Account management section.

Step 6- A screen will appear that will ask how you subscribed to the Crave. In case you have directly subscribed via Crave then tap on the ‘’sign in’’ option and enter your credentials in order to proceed further. 

Step 7- In case you have subscribed via TV provider then you need to choose that option.

Step 8- You now will be given the activation code. Note it down.

Step 9– Visit the official activation website- from your PC or smartphone.

Step 10– enter the activation code here, that you received earlier. 

Step 11- after completing this, return to the home screen and start relishing the exciting content offered by Crave. 

Before starting off your streaming experience you need to sign up for the account. In case you have already created the user account then you can directly sign up, however, if you don’t have the user account then you need to create one. You need to complete the activation process on before proceeding with the streaming. 

Once you are done with the activation process the streaming gallery of Crave app will be accessed easily and you can choose anything you want to watch. The Crave app offers a smooth and pleasant experience while being served. 

Easy guide to activate Crave on your Roku device via

It also offers thousands of hours to stream the content offered by Crave TV that includes enjoyable services like Showtime, HBO, and Starz. You have a wide range of choices so you needn’t worry about the options. One of the most amazing contents that are featured by Crave TV is documentaries along with reality TV and series exclusively for kids.

How much content is offered by Crave TV?

Crave ideally offers 10,000 hours of streaming. The library of Crave gets updated from time to time so that you can always have the access to the latest content. The content available at Crave TV is adequate to fulfill the demands of everyone. It also offers the past seasons of the HBO series that include Big Little Lies, Game of Thrones, Insecure, and Silicon Valley, and so many more. Apart from these, there is a great number of HBO classics to watch. 

Another thing to note here is if, some content is available on the basic Crave then you need to get the MOvies+ HBO in order to have other latest seasons or episodes. For instance, seasons from 1 to 6 of Game of Thrones come with the basic subscription. The seasons 7 to 8 are offered only with Movies + HBO. Crave TV also features content of Showtime, series included such as kidding, The Affair, White Famous, Billions, and Ray Donovan. Some popular shows from the library of Crave are The Big Band Theory, Star Trek, and Killing Eve, Castle Rock, Picard, The Rookie, The Doctor, etc. if you go for the Movies+HBO then you will also be offered hot off the fire shows such as Watchmen, Westworld, Succession, Last Week Tonight, Run, The Outside, and more. For the movie front, there is a lot of content to get delighted with like Joker, Parasite, Battle Angel, Ready or not. Original series produced for HBO MAX in the United States, like Legendary and Love Life is also accessible. 

How much content is offered by Crave TV? -

While having STARZ on your subscription, you get to watch shows like Vida, Hightown, Power, Ramy, and charged movies like Hall Pass, Moonrise Kingdom, etc. In terms of kids, there’s a lot of content available for them as well. You can surf the entire library for the content, even without getting registered. Check out the list of Top-10 best shows of Crave TV have put up below here. 

How much does Crave TV costs?

Name Simultaneous streams Maximum video qualityFree trial period Monthly price 
Crave 2HD7 days$9.99

The basic subscription plan of Crave costs $9.99 per month. If you desire to stream other things like the HBO package, movies then you need to pay $19.98 per month which is similar to the Crave + Super Ecran subscription package. The packages that include interesting movies + HBO and STARZ are for $25.97 per month. You are not bound to any contract when it comes to cancellation. You can cancel it right away the moment you think about it. Unless there is a thing you need to keep in mind that you have to cancel the subscription by the time of your free trial period otherwise you will be charged. The other way to watch Crave content is via TV providers as an add-on on the package of your television.

What is offered with each plan?

Here is how the packages of Crave are structured- 

Crave Crave (Movies+HBO)Crave (Movies+HBO+STARZ)
Price $9.99 per month + tax$19.98 per month + tax$25.97 per month + tax
Crave originalsYes Yes Yes 
Showtime Yes Yes Yes 
Hit TV seriesYes Yes Yes 
On-demandYes Yes Yes 
Current HBONo Yes Yes 
Hollywood moviesNo Yes Yes 
Family & kids moviesNo Yes Yes 
Live channels No Yes- 6 live channelsYes 
STARZ original No No Yes 

Comparison with other streaming platforms- 

Name Simultaneous streamMaximum video quality Free trial periodMonthly price
Disney+ 4KN/A$11.99
Prime Video34K1 month $7.99
FuboTV24K7 days$15.99
DAZN monthly 1HD30 days$20
STARZ via Prime video34K1 month $5.99

TOP-10 Popular shows of Crave TV

The library of Crave is kind of endless, you can spend an eternity watching all the content available on Crave. The list of programs is genuinely too long. A person has limited time to spend on the entertainment area of their life. In order to utilize that limited time to the fullest, we have assembled TOP- 5 shows that will blow your mind and your time will be spent pleasantly. Crave always has something to serve every taste. 




  • Marisa Abela as Yasmin Kara-Hanani
  • Myha’la Herrold as Harper Stern
  • David Jonsson as Gus Sackey
  • Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing

This drama can be acquainted with its addictiveness and influential nature. The story encompasses a group of youngsters who graduated recently. They further compete for permanent status at the greatest bank of London. In the meantime, they got engaged with debauchery. This drama is something you cant take your mind off. 

EUPHORIA- (2019)

Euphoria - Crave TV


  • Zendaya as Rue Bennett
  • Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn
  • Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs 
  • Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard

This show portrayed how teens nowadays are not so easy to deal with. It includes a group of high-school students navigating their lives while ideally negotiating with the mainstream issues of the world such as love friendship, substance abuse, and sexuality. The performances of the actors are fabulous along with the cinematography done in the show. You would not be able to restrict yourself from binge-watching this show. 


The Flight Attendant  -


  • Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden
  • Michiel Huisman as Alex Sokolov
  • Zosia Mamet as Ani Mouradin
  • T.R. Knight as Davey Bowden

Did you watch The Big Bang Theory? Then you must be a fan of Kaley Cuoco’s because his acting skills are on another level.  Even in this show as well, her acting skills are exceptional. Her character in this show is a young flight attendant and is a party animal in her personal life. Amind her everyday life schedule one day, she woke up next to a dead body and clearly didn’t remember anything that might have happened at that time. This incident follows an accelerated comedy thriller that will not let you get bored. 


#4 YOUR HONOR- (2020) - CRAVE TV


  • Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato
  • Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato
  • Hope Davis as Gina Baxter
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter

Bryan plays a role of a judge in this show. The thrilling part is that his son killed a child in a hit and run. Now, he does everything in his power to save his son from the law’s punishment. But the question arises how far would he be able to save his child from the troubles he is bound to face?




  • Nicole Kidman as Grace Fraser
  • Hugh Grant as Jonathan Fraser 
  • Edgar Ramirez as Detective Joe Mendoza
  • Noah Jupe as Henry Fraser

This drama is insane. The life of a couple took a sharp turn after finding a loathsome murder. The husband runs away, as the police suspect him of doing this evil act. However, the wife is left all alone by herself, being accountable to the police. Would the police be able to find out the real criminal?

There you go with the entire guide to activate Crave on your Roku device and spend your limited time pleasantly. Here we have put up 5 best shows that are so popular among people and you should give them a try too. Have fun watching. 

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