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Did you know that your print subscription to the Hartford Courant includes unlimited, complimentary access to our website? With their eNewspaper, a daily email that contains a digital version of the Courant, you can read new stories as soon as they are published on from wherever you are. You can activate your limitless digital access as a valued subscriber by following a few easy steps using

This is a great benefit for print subscribers, as you can keep up with the latest news without having to go to the newsstand every day. Plus, with your online account, you can access the Courant’s archives dating back to 1764 – that’s over 250 years of history at your fingertips! So if you’re a Hartford Courant subscriber, be sure to activate your online account today for full, digital access.

Get to Know Hartford Courant Better!

The Hartford Courant is one of the top five newspapers in the country, and it’s because of its award-winning journalism and top-notch digital products that it continues to be relevant and relevant today. The paper’s passion is telling stories that make a difference; whether that’s providing inside scoop on major public policy decisions or detailing the activities of local activists and organizations. Through its unique perspective and significant social media following, the Courant informs the conversation on important issues and events in our state while also providing entertaining stories.

While most people only pay attention to national news, local news is just as important. It’s arguably more influential on elections, decisions made by public officials, and even consumer behavior than national news coverage would suggest. News from local Hartford Courant Media Group newspapers makes it easy for people to learn about important issues and events in their communities. As a result, residents make more informed decisions about where to spend their money and what to believe. A diverse array of topics and viewpoints is delivered through our news coverage, which includes local news, arts and entertainment, natural disasters, business listings, and financial developments that impact families throughout the region.

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Why Should You Activate Hartford Courant At

Hartford Courant is a monthly newspaper published by Mediterranean Press Group, a diversified media company that publishes over 350 stories each month across six print editions and one online-only site. Founded in 1764 by Matthew Newton and John Malcomson, the Courant is doubtlessly the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States. The paper is recognized as the preeminent news organization in Connecticut with a print circulation of nearly 300,000 and an online audience of over 45 million monthly visitors. The Courant follows news events across the state and the country with a special focus on events impacting Connecticut residents.

Hartford Courant is a newspaper based in New Haven, it is surely one of the oldest continuously published newspapers in the United States. It is recognized as one of the preeminent news organizations in Connecticut, regularly publishing original reporting, analysis, commentaries, and documentaries on local and national issues. It was established by Noah C. Hart, one of the first African-American land barons in North America. The newspaper has won several journalism awards throughout its history and continues to be one of the most widely read newspapers in the state.

With a staff of over 200, the weekly broadsheet newspaper is visible across all of Connecticut and is available 24 hours a day. With such massive popularity, how can we miss out on getting Hartford Courant with

Activate Hartford Courant Account via

Get a Courant membership and activate your digital account at if you want to hear news and stories written without prejudice. If you have a service subscription, make sure to activate it by visiting the official activation website at

Step 1: To begin with, the activation, turn on your computer or laptop. Now, open a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or Opera browser and open the site

Step 2: Once the site is accessed in the browser, you will see a page with some options to choose from and to proceed further. The provided options will be:

  • Activate Your Digital Account
  • Manage Your Subscription
  • Access More Subscription Benefits

Step 3: From the above-given options, you have to click on the ” Activate Your Digital Account”. After clicking on the option you will be asked to follow some further instructions. You will receive a pop-up message “Please complete 2 short steps to use your digital access” on your screen.

Step 4: To proceed, choose the ” Activate” option on the screen to move further on the next page.

Step 5: On the next page you will be asked to enter some of your credentials. There will be slots for “Enter your Email Address”, then, “Create Password” and “ZIP Code”. Enter the information correctly.

Step 6: After filling all the required information in the slots, press the ” Create Account” button to start your new account. 

Step 7: After clicking on the tab you will receive some instructions on your screen, guiding you to fill a short form. The form is for the verification of your subscription.

Step 8: Once the form is complete, submit it. Next,  you will receive an email from the provider on your mail address that you have provided saying- ” it looks like you already have an account”.

Step 9: Lastly, click on the log-in option. You will be asked to enter your registered credentials like email address and password. Correctly entering those will complete your activation process. 

Once you have completed these steps, you will have full, complimentary access to all of Courant’s online content! You can call Customer Service at 312-442-0013 for any further assistance.

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Need To Resolve Any Activation Issues at

  • Click the link in the email you received after registering.
  • If you are unable to click on the email link, copy and paste it into your browser. Make careful to copy the full URL; all of the characters are crucial.
  • If you are unable to access the page, proceed to the activation page and enter your member name and the unique code obtained in your email.
  • To get e-mailed newsletters and access the message boards, you should have an active member account.
  • If you are still having trouble activating your account, or if you have any other difficulties or questions, please go through the FAQs below as we have done our best to assist you.

What is available on the website of the Hartford Courant?

There are two degrees of participation on

1. Non-Subscriber: You are only permitted to read a certain number of articles for free each month. That cap is reset at the start of each calendar month.

2. Subscribers: Readers with an active membership to Unlimited Digital Access who are connected to their account have access to:

Every product on, even the premium products The Hartford Courant iPhone and iPad app, The Hartford Courant Android app, and the daily eNewspaper reproduction of the print newspaper are all available.

What is a subscription to All Access?

The Hartford Courant’s printed edition and Unlimited Digital Access are both included in an All Access subscription. Benefits comprise:

Unlimited access to in-depth stories and interactive features, including must-see picture galleries and videos on Access to the daily eNewspaper, digital reproduction of the Hartford Courant printed paper, which is now simpler to read and browse.

A better mobile experience on your tablet and smartphone thanks to the HC app

Please be aware that, in accordance with Connecticut’s Digital Tax statute, a percentage of your subscription is taxable.

To comply with the State of Connecticut’s digital tax statute, they allocate 25% of your print rate to digital.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How Do I Contact Hartford Courant to Resolve Queries and Problems?

Inform the industry-trained specialists if you have trouble activating your Courant account. You can also contact the staff if you encounter any problems or have any queries.

Customer Care Service: Contact Hartford Courant customer service at 860-525-5555 if you have any questions about customer service, delivery issues, website problems, activation issues, subscription issues, or anything else that prevents you from getting unlimited digital access. You may also call 312-442-0013 for immediate customer service assistance.

Is it possible to cancel my Hartford Courant membership online?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting Customer Service at 860-525-5555. Your subscription will be terminated at the end of the pay-through date if you cancel.

How to resolve Distribution issues while activating Hartford Courant with

If you have questions about distribution, save this phone number (860-241-6219) in your phone journal.

You can also send an email to [email protected] to express your concerns.

I attempted to access a certain story. I was refused entry. What was the cause?

When you read stories as a guest, you are entitled to two complimentary articles each calendar month. If you are refused the ability to read stories, you will need to subscribe to continue reading.

What can I do once I’ve activated my Courant account at

You get access to all has to offer, including all premium products and the Hartford Courant apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone. You will also receive daily news updates through email.

If you have an all-access membership, you will have unlimited digital access in addition to the printed Hartford Courant, which includes in-depth stories, picture galleries, videos, interactive features, and more.

Who will notify me when my monthly limit has been reached?

As you read through articles on the official Courant website, you will be continuously reminded of your free story limit via on-screen alerts.

What are the advantages of being a member?

Your membership includes features such as unrestricted digital access, e-Newspaper access, access to the mobile app on your smart device, newsletters, and so on.

How can I get my Hartford Courant account activated with

Navigate to You’ll be sent to a page where you may enter your email address, create a password, and input your ZIP code. The email address and password you provide will be used to log in to in the future.

How much does a Hartford Courant membership cost?

Savings are calculated using our full-price rates: 7-day $4.78/week, 4-day $3.00/week, and 2-day $2.25/week. The service is not accessible in every location. Unless you contact us explicitly, your membership will renew automatically when it expires.

How much does the Hartford Courant cost on Sunday?

7–day delivery for just $3.50 per week (regularly $5.19) – a 33% discount! (usual price is $3.55) – a savings of 30%!

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