Guide to get Chase Ink Preferred invitation from Chase

The pre-approved Chase Ink Preferred invitation from ChaseBank gets sent out to prospective customers who meet the requirements set out for receiving it. If you have an account with Chase Bank, there is a good probability that you have already gotten the offer for the pre-approved credit card. You won’t have to go through the effort of filling out lengthy credit card applications since the offer for the card makes getting the card easy. If you have received the Chase Ink Preferred Invitation through email, all you need to do to accept the offer is open the email, go to the Chase Bank website, and click the button labeled “Accept Offer.”

However, before you get started with the Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card offer, it is essential to investigate the perks and features of the card. When used at a variety of locations, the credit card provides access to a variety of beneficial features. If you make use of the card, you could be familiar with the qualities it has. In such a case, a handbook is available for your perusal right here. Continue reading to learn more about the perks and advantages that come with using the Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card.

Chase Ink Preferred invitation

What is Chase:

Chase is one of the most well-known and respected suppliers of credit card services in the United States. It offers a wide variety of credit cards that cater to the requirements and spending habits of a diverse group of customers. These credit cards may be found in Chase’s large product suite.

Chase’s vast line of credit cards includes six business cards, each of which comes with a unique set of incentives and rewards tailored to a certain kind of small company owner. These cards are available to a wide range of companies that are just starting out. Three of the credit cards in this package are recognized as belonging to the Chase Ink family, which is Chase’s exclusive category of small business credit cards. On the other hand, the other three are mostly aimed at fanatics who are solely interested in particular items.

What is the Chase Ink Preferred invitation offer?

This mailing offer, also known as the Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card Pre-Approved Offer or the Chase Ink Preferred Invitation Offer, is targeted at those who have already gone through the pre-screening process. If you have the Chase Ink Preferred Invitation Offer, obtaining the credit card just requires a few simple actions on your part. All that is required of you is the 12-digit invitation code, and you must generate it using the Get Ink Preferred website.

Emails with the offer for the Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card are sent out by Chase bank. You might be eligible for the deal if you have credit that is either good or outstanding. And you will not have any trouble obtaining the credit card after you have received the Chase Preferred Invitation Offer in the mail. You will not be required to complete a lengthy application form or wait for acceptance of your request.

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Features and advantages of the Chase Ink Preferred credit card:

  • The Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card has the largest sign-up bonus available among all cards in its category. You may obtain extra points even if you pay at more than one location.
  • You will receive three points for every dollar spent on travel and shipping if you spend $150,000 in total.
  • There is a 25% rise in the value of points that may be redeemed for travel. Because of this, credit cards are quite widespread.
  • A person who has a credit card may transfer their points to a variety of other airline and hotel loyalty programs. You have the option of transferring it to Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Marriott, or Hyatt hotels.
  • There are several types of travel coverage available, such as insurance against trip interruptions and cancellations.
  • The purchase made with the credit card is protected for up to a period of one hundred and twenty days in the event that it is stolen or damaged.

Steps to get Chase Ink Preferred Invitation from Chase:

Do you currently have the offer for the Chase Bank Preferred Credit Card in your inbox? If this is the case, you may go to the Get Ink Preferred website at and accept the credit card offer there.

  • When the website is opened, a notice that says “Thank you for your interest” will appear on the screen.
  • After providing the 13-digit invitation number and the 5-digit zip code, you will be prompted to click the “Submit” button.
  • You will arrive at a success screen as soon as the information has been verified.
  • After providing the minimal amount of information required, you will be able to get the credit card in the mail.

There are two different paths that one might take in order to get a Chase Ink Preferred invitation. The first way is to have an invitation from Chase sent to you personally via the mail. Getting a reference from a different company owner who already has a Chase Ink Preferred card is the second option to getting an invitation to apply for the card.

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Here’s how you can acquire the Chase Ink Preferred invitation from Chase:

Way 1:

If you are invited to apply for the Chase Ink Preferred by mail, you have the option of either returning the application that was sent along with the invitation or applying for the card online by entering the invitation number and your ZIP code. It is essential to keep in mind that not all of the owners who get this letter will be accepted. It is not quite obvious how choosy Chase is when it comes to sending out these offers.

  • Examining the wording that is utilized in the message is the most effective course of action to take.
  • If it reads “pre-approved” or “pre-qualified,” then the chances of your application being accepted are quite good.
  • However, if it reads “pre-selected,” it means that you have decent chances, but they are lesser.
  • These three sorts of offers are directed at those who the issuer of the card believes will be able to satisfy the conditions for using the card.
  • If, on the other hand, the only thing that is said in your letter is “invitation to apply,” then it is quite probable that the decision was not based on your credit data, and you should not expect on getting accepted.

Way 2:

You may also get a Chase Ink Preferred invitation if a fellow company owner who already has the card encourages you to apply for the card. This is another way to obtain an invitation to apply for the card. After clicking on the unique link that they email you or post with you on social media, you will need to fill out the application from that point forth. If you are accepted for the card, the company owner who suggested you will get a bonus of 20,000 points as a thank-you for their assistance. The bad news is that you do not get anything extra for yourself.

Please keep in mind that this card needs at least decent credit; thus, if your credit score is lower than 700, you should not apply for this card.

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Conclusion: The Chase Bank Preferred Ink Card may be used for a variety of different purchases and is provided by the bank. Travelers and businesspeople alike may find the card to be of great use. Regrettably, there are a few negatives associated with the card, one of which is that the bonus categories could not line up with your expenditure. You will not be eligible for the outgoing value on the credit card if you do not travel often or spend money in any of the other bonus areas. There is one standard incentive rate that applies to all purchases, regardless of their classification. So, this is all about how you can get Chase Ink Preferred Invitation from Chase for their credit card. We hope that you will like these instructions. And if you do so, please leave a comment or feedback in the empty comment area below.

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