Quick guide to apply for Foremost Chase Freedom credit card

Students have always been seeking methods to push their money as far as they can. When you’re just getting started with your finances, you’ll take advantage of whatever extra help you can get to get more bang for your buck. That’s why seeing fantastic credit card benefits might be tempting. Unfortunately, because they demand great credit, many of the top rewards credit cards are not available to students. While student cards are easy to obtain, many of them offer little to no benefits. You don’t have to pick with the Chase Freedom Student credit card. You may have a card that charges and gives you valuable rewards without having to have a significant credit history. To get started with the service of credit Let’s explore what the Chase Freedom Student has to offer in more detail.

Remarkable characteristics of Chase Freedom credit card

1. Welcome Bonus of $50

To take advantage of the benefits, you won’t need to invest a lot of money.

It’s fairly unusual to see greater welcome incentives with other cards that are only accessible if you spend thousands of dollars during the first three months. The Chase Freedom Student credit card, on the other hand, is unique. To qualify for the $50 incentive, you simply need to make one purchase during the first three months.

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2. All purchases are eligible for a 1% cashback rebate.

Every purchase made with the Chase Freedom Student credit card gives you 1% cashback. There is no time limit on the rewards. As long as your account is open, you may use the cashback. Furthermore, there are no minimum requirements to fulfill before you may pay out your points.

It’s worth noting that the cashback you’ll get will be in the manner of Chase Ultimate Rewards points rather than cash. As a result, you’ll have a wide range of redemption possibilities. You may spend your points to shop at Amazon, buy gift cards, or book travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® platform in addition to cash redemptions.

3. $20 in Good Standing Bonuses

Whether or whether you gain any benefits for doing so, keeping your account in good standing is critical. After all, maintaining a strong payment history can help you enhance your credit score.

However, if you keep your Chase Freedom® Student account in good standing for another year, you’ll get a $20 incentive (for a maximum of five years). “Good standing” implies you’ve maintained your account open and in good standing for the whole year.

Is there a charge for the Chase Freedom Credit card?

With the Chase Freedom® Student credit card, there is no annual fee. You may, however, be charged additional costs. A 3% international transaction fee, a late payment cost of up to $40, and a cash advance fee of $10 or 5% of the amount are among them (whichever is greater).

You should also keep an eye on the interest rate linked with this card. The variable APR is now 14.99 percent, and there is no introductory APR term. If you do decide to acquire this card, we recommend paying off your debt every month to prevent interest costs.

Is It Reliable And Safe?

All of the normal security features are included with the Chase Freedom® Student card. These characteristics include:

There is no protection against responsibility. Unauthorized charges will not be your responsibility.

Protect yourself by purchasing insurance. Your new goods will be protected for up to $500 in damage or theft for 120 days.

Protection against fraud. Chase will assist you in keeping an eye on the account for any signs of fraud.

It has a lock function. Within the Chase mobile app or on the internet, you may quickly freeze the card against new purchases.

Comparison of Chase Freedom credit card with other cards 

The Chase Freedom Student Credit Card isn’t the only credit card developed specifically for students. Although this card has good rewards and minimal fees, you might be able to get a greater reward selection with another student card. Check out the chart below for a quick comparison of the two best student cards from our selection.

Card name Chase Freedom credit cardDeserve EDU Mastercard Bank of America Customized cash rewards credit card
Annual fee$0$0$0
Rewards rate1% off on all purchasesLyft is offering a 5% discount till March 2022.1% off on all purchases 3% on a category of your choosing2 percent in supermarkets1% tax on everything else
Regular APR14.99%18.74%13.99%
Intro APRN/AN/A0% for 15 months

Steps to apply for Chase Freedom credit card 

In order to apply for the Chase Freedom credit card, visit this official website- chasefreedomcreditcard. Now follow these steps mentioned below- 

  • The first thing that you will need to fill in is the section ‘’Personal info’’. Type your first name, a middle name which is optional, and then in the third field, write your last name.
  • Enter your date of birth and the maiden name of your mother. 
  • Now under the section of ‘’Tax ID type’’, choose the option ‘’Social Security Number’’ from the drop-down list. 
  • Type in the SSN in the adjacent field. 
  • Select your address type from the options ‘’Domestic’’ and ‘’military’’,  and then enter your street address, Zipcode, city, and state.  
  • Type your email address and active phone number. 
  • You will now see the option ‘’Type of residence’’, choose from the list. 
  • Select your Primary source of income from the list as well. 
  • Enter your total gross annual income. 
  • You will be presented with the Terms and conditions which you need to agree to complete the application form. 
  • Then, tap the ‘’Submit’’ button. 

Features of chase Freedom credit card

Annual fee$0
Regular APR14.99% variable APR
Intro APRN/A
Cash Back Reards On all purchases, you’ll get 1% back.Purchases made instantaneously within the Chase mobile app or on the website will earn you 5% back on Lyft trips through March 2022.
Redemption options Cash Shop with points at Amazon Gift cards Travel 
Minimum cash redemption $0.01
Sign up bonus $50 — if you make your first purchase in the first three months.
Good standing rewards After each account anniversary, up to a total of five years, you will get $20.
Purchase protection Damage and theft coverage for new purchases is up to $500 per claim and $50,000 per account (for up to 120 days)
Extended warranty protection Increases the manufacturer’s guarantee by one year (on eligible warranties of less than three years)
Trip cancellation insurance $6,000 per trip and up to $1,500 per person
Good standing rewards After each account anniversary, up to a maximum of five years, you will get $20.
Balance transfer fee$5, or 5% of the total amount transferred (whichever is greater)
Foreign transaction fee3%
Cash advance fee$10 or 5%
Late or returned payment feeUp to $40
Credit score accessYes

If your credit card needs to be activated, you could have several options, such as contacting your credit issuer or installing the credit company’s mobile app. Let’s first get into the activation process of your credit card. 

The activation process of the credit card

Within minutes, you may verify or activate your card using one of two typical methods:

1. Contact the number on the card

On your credit card, search for a sticker with instructions on how to activate your card.  You can call the toll-free number to activate the credit card. Further, you will be following the instructions of an automated operator. In order to complete the activation procedure, you can be asked to get the card information or a secured PIN.

 2. Activate through the internet

The sticker present on your card encompasses a secured website link that will activate your card. Once you’ve arrived at the website, you’ll be given instructions to follow, which may involve validating your credit card information and answering security questions.

New applications for the Chase Freedom credit card are no longer being accepted-

The Chase Freedom card is no longer accessible to new applicants, although comparable cards such as the Flex and Unlimited provide almost identical advantages.

You can apply for any of the cards, the new Chase Freedom Flex℠ or the Chase Freedom Unlimited®, at any time as a new applicant. The main question is what are the features these two cards have? The Freedom Flex card comes with much the same base benefits as the Freedom card, plus 5% cashback on travel scheduled through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® platform and 3% cashback on eating at restaurants and pharmacy shops. With Flex, you may earn extra cashback thanks to the additional perks. Freedom Unlimited does away with the bonus categories in favor of a simple 5 percent cash back on travel bought through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 3 percent on eating at restaurants, and 1.5 percent on all other eligible purchases. If you’re searching for a passive rewards program that doesn’t need any activation, these are excellent rates.

Final Thoughts

So, do you think the Chase Freedom card’s features are right for you?

The Chase Freedom credit card is a good option in general. The Chase Freedom credit card will likely satisfy the majority of folks who merely desire a credit card for daily expenditures.

If you have good credit, prefer high-end features, or spend a lot of time traveling overseas, you might want to choose a different cash-back credit card. Regardless of the fact that the Chase Freedom card is no longer accepting new applications, current users may still take advantage of all of the card’s advantages. However, if you want to change to a different Freedom card and don’t mind foregoing a bonus, the Chase Freedom Flex or Freedom Unlimited are also fantastic options.

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