How do I Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi Addon?

You know very well how important it is to keep young children occupied with something they enjoy if you have some at home. However, it can occasionally be challenging to get good children’s programs from only online sources if you are a cord-cutter seeking to reduce your high cable TV expenses. With our guide today, you can learn to Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi Addon.

One of the most popular Kodi addons for streaming kids’ content is this one. There is a tonne of stuff to discover, a wide variety of sources, and many users complain that it is more challenging to locate cartoon entertainment that isn’t on Cartoon Crazy. If you use Kodi to view the content of unofficial addons, using a VPN is advised. The biggest and most comprehensive kid-friendly Kodi addon exists.

How to Know Everything About the Cartoon Crazy?

Now, with Kodi, there won’t be any more entertainment just for the adults! Kids and teenagers can view their preferred cartoon videos with the Cartoon Crazy Kodi Addon. There are many add-ons available, the following are just a few of the addon many categories:

  • Go Stream
  • KimCartoon
  • KissCartoon Eu
  • 9Cartoon
  • Toonova
  • Watch Cartoon Online
  • Live24/7 Channels
  • Request Titles
  • Universal Search
  • Alluc Search

This kid-friendly add-on has a tonne of cartoon-related stuff, including live channels, movies, and TV series. The following sections make up it: AnimeToon, AnimeWow, CartoonsOn, GoStream, KimCartoon, KissPanda, ToonOva, ToonGet, and other sites are available. Definitely, kids will enjoy this addition!

There are a huge number of Best Kodi Addons available for Kodi, but they’re not only for grownups. It also features a number of kid-friendly add-ons, including one by the name of Cartoon Crazy Kodi Addon. The add-on offers a huge selection of cartoons in many genres. The add-on offers kids’ video entertainment of the highest caliber. Let’s examine more and more of its vast number of contents.

The Cartoon Crazy add-on provides a child-friendly interface that is well structured and simple to use. In this edition, you can discover practically all Cartoon programs. You can download Cartoon Crazy from a number of repositories for Kodi. However, most of the repositories are now unavailable. The developer of this plugin, Lucifer, is used in this instance. On Kodi-compatible devices, it is the most dependable and optimally functioning repository to download and install the Cartoon Crazy Kodi Addon.

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Pros and Cons of Having Cartoon Crazy Addon platform for your Kids:

PROS of Cartoon Crazy Addon:
The massive quantity of content that is accessible. There is a wide variety of cartoon content accessible to view, from the most recent episodes of all the popular series to the classic cartoons that your grandparents enjoyed, Cartoon Crazy has it all. In addition, they have a big library of animated films. Adult cartoons are a growing industry, and they are well served by the abundance of episodes of shows like Family Guy, Futurama, and Archer available.

For the caliber of its streaming, Cartoon Crazy is deserving of recognition as well. There was a test for a wide range of shows on numerous websites, and people were pleasantly impressed by the large number of working links and the good potential of the streams. Additionally, you can have very few problems with buffering. All of these elements are attributable to the websites themselves, not to Cartoon Crazy. However, the addon does seem to have made an attempt to only link to reputable websites, which improves the user experience with the addon as a whole.

CONS of Cartoon Crazy Addon:

Despite having two search options, getting the information you need could be simpler. Both search options provide random episodes of series, making it challenging to identify the best one. It would be a big improvement to the addon if it had additional capabilities that allowed users to browse through the newest releases, top films, etc.

Similarly, the addon’s usability might be enhanced. The main challenge we had was using the mouse to navigate up and down menus. Due to the addon’s excessive sensitivity, even the smallest movement sent it spinning. This made it incredibly challenging to browse through a list and then select the desired link. Although using the mouse’s scroll wheel was a little simpler, Cartoon Crazy can yet do better in this area.

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Get a VPN to Access Cartoon Crazy Kodi Addon-

We always advise utilizing a VPN if you’re using Kodi to access material from any unofficial addons, including Cartoon Crazy. This is due to the fact that while Kodi itself is entirely legal, some add-ons may grant users access to illegal content. The risk is significantly higher with multi-source addons like Cartoon Crazy. As a result of using unauthorized add-ons to access content, some Kodi users have gotten legal letters, and a few have even faced more severe legal repercussions. However, the risk is reduced if you use a VPN because it encrypts your internet data and helps you maintain your anonymity.

Let’s explore the reasons a VPN is required for Kodi streaming:

  • Your ISP address is hidden from hackers and law enforcement with a VPN. As a result, there are no security concerns when streaming copyrighted video on unapproved Kodi addons.
  • By removing geographic restrictions, you can access material from any location.
  • You can use it to browse, stream, and download any kind of information anonymously.
  • Using a VPN, you may stream live sports events or concerts from any nation without experiencing any blackouts at home.
  • A VPN provides total protection for secure public Wi-Fi browsing.
  • You can prevent hacking issues like identity theft, malware, and credit card fraud by using a VPN.
  • Your internet speed is increased for quick and limitless streaming.

Best Suggestions for getting a VPN for Kodi-

For Kodi users, there is just one VPN service provider that is head and shoulders above the competition: IPVanish. Regardless of the server you connect to, they offer some of the best connection speeds currently available. Their rigorous no-logging policy and nearly unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption are unmatched privacy and security features. 

Additionally, there are no limitations on the kinds of files you can utilize or the volume of data you can stream. IPVanish meets all the requirements and also offers access to more than 850 servers in 60 different nations. Additionally, IPVanish can be set up on almost any device on which you could ever wish to use Kodi. With IPVanish’s 7-day money-back guarantee, you get a whole week to try it out risk-free.

Other VPNs for Kodi are mentioned below:

  • Nord VPN offers a 60% OFF 2-year plan. For more information, click here.
  • Surfshark helps you save 82% + 2 months FREE. For more information, click here.
  • ExpressVPN provides an offer to save 49% + 3 Months FREE. For more information, click here.

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How to Download Cartoon Crazy for Kodi?

You must set up Lucifer’s Repository in order to get this addition because it is a third-party addon. If you enjoy watching cartoons, read the information in the section below to learn how to download this addon on Kodi Supported Devices. You can rely on third-party sources to obtain Cartoon Crazy because it is a third-party addon. This add-on is available for download via Lucifer’s Repository.

  1. Open Kodi and select the Settings icon (which resembles a gear wheel) from the main menu.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. At the bottom of the page, click the File Manager tab.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Tap on the highlighted line that says “None” on the pop-up box that appears after choosing the Add Source option.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. The precise URL to enter is this. After that, click OK.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. In the box below, type a name for this new source. The name of the Zip file will automatically display, and that one should work perfectly. The source will be added to your Kodi after you click OK.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Download Lucifer’s Repo Zip file first by opening your web browser and getting Kodi Media Player started.

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Get Cartoon Crazy Addon for Kodi via Lucifer’s Repository-

QUICK NOTE: If you found the above steps confusing then we have simplified them right here. You should enable unknown sources on your Kodi media player because you are getting this addon from a third-party source. Go to Settings >> Addons >> Unknown source >> Turn on to enable unknown sources on Kodi.

  1. Return to the home screen after enabling unknown sources, then choose the Addons option from the left panel.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. On the menu bar, you have to click the Installer Package icon and to get a zip file, choose the Install option.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Go to the place where you saved the Zip file that you downloaded. Pick the Zip file that was downloaded.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. The top right corner of the screen will soon display a pop-up indicating “Lucifer’s Repository Addon Installed.”
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Select Install from Repository after that.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Then choose Lucifer’s Repository to use it.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Toggle to Video Addons.
Install Cartoon Crazy Kodi
  1. Select Cartoon Crazy by scrolling down and then press Install to start the add-on download.
  2. The top right corner of the screen will soon display a pop-up indicating “Cartoon Crazy Addon Installed.”
  3. Return to the home screen and select the Video add-ons menu to start the addon.

Alternative Steps are ready right here for you

To install Cartoon Crazy on Kodi in the next few minutes use our steps below:

  1. To begin the process, you have to turn on your Kodi device.
  2. On the Settings icon, click
  3. Select System Settings and then select Add-ons.
  4. To activate it (if you haven’t already), click Unknown Source.
  5. Reopen the Setup menu.
  6. Select File Manager.
  7. Press Add Source.
  8. Type in the address bar and press the OK button.
  9. Click OK after entering the font name spinz so you can recognize it later.
  10. return to the Kodi home page
  11. Select Add-ons.
  12. Select the add-on browser icon by clicking it.
  13. Just choose Install from Zip File.
  14. Toggle spinz (which is the name you gave the font)
  15. Once you are on the repository, you have to click it.
  16. SpinzTV-xxxzip
  17. Tap Install from the repository.
  18. Select SpinzTV.
  19. Toggle to Video Add-ons.
  20. The Crazy Cartoon Spinz
  21. Press “Install”
  22. Wait until you see the message “Add-on installed”

Best Substitutes of Cartoon Crazy:

If you do not want to install Cartoon Crazy Kodi, then we have an alternative prepared for you! Here are three substitutes for the Cartoon Crazy Addon so you can watch cartoons on your Kodi player.


Another option that enables you to watch various cartoon films, as well as Japanese animation channels, is Cartoon8 Addon. With this add-on, you can enjoy popular cartoons like Stephen Universe and Tom & Jerry as well as more recent shows like Tom & Jerry.

Super Anime-

The Super Cartoons Kodi Addon is ideal for children and cartoon fans. Some old-school and classic cartoon videos are streamed through the add-on. This add-on is available for download through Dandy Media Repo.


The ideal replacement for the Cartoon Crazy Addon is CartoonsOn, a Kodi addon. You can watch a wide variety of animated films and television shows in HD resolution using the add-on for Dandy Media Repo.

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Wrapping up:

In conclusion, Cartoon Crazy Addon is a popular option among kids looking to access cartoon media. However, to protect your privacy, be sure to utilize a VPN. Using the Cartoon Crazy Addon is not completely legal. So for you to stream it securely, use a VPN from our suggestions above. We hope you liked our post to install Cartoon Crazy Kodi addon and thanks for being with us till the end!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How can I download cartoons to Kodi?

Cartoon Kodi add-on setup:

– Click “addons” in the Kodi main menu.
– Select the box-shaped icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
– To install from a repository, click.
– Go to the “Kodi addon repository” page.
– Finally, select the “video addons” button

How can I include plugins in Kodi?

Through the official Kodi repository, you can get Kodi addons:

1. Purchase a Kodi VPN.
2. now, Kodi.
3. Look for the packaging icon.
4. Click to engage.
5. “Kodi Addon Repository” should be chosen.
6. Pick an addition from the list.
7. At the very bottom of the screen, click the “Install” icon.
8. Go to the Addons screen after installing the addon.

How do I get Watchnixtoons to download?

Add-on WatchNixtoons2 for Kodi installation:

– Select “Install from repository” in your addon browser.
– Choose the “The Crew Repo” installation
– Go to the “Video Addons” category.
– Click “Install” in the bottom right corner after choosing WatchNixtoons2.
– Select “OK” to confirm the installation of the dependencies.

Which TV show add-on is the best?

You can easily stream your preferred live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, and more with the Kodi add-ons. The following are some of the Best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows:

– Chain Reaction Light.
– Max HBO
– Exodus Redux.
– Xumo TV. 
– GAIA. 
– Covenant. 
– Tempest. 
– Descent.

Enigma addon – what is it and how to know about it?

The Jen template serves as the foundation for the Enigma Kodi Addon, which offers a variety of categories with tonnes of video material. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons and anime, comedy, and many more categories are included.

How do I install Kodi builds 2022?

Open Kodi and select the gear icon to access the File Manager. Choose Add source, then type the current URL of the repository where your selected wizard is located. Go back to your home screen, choose Addons, and then click the package icon in the upper left. Install from zipping should be selected after selecting the source you just added.

How can I install Kodi with Disney Plus?

Select Install from Repository from the menu. After choosing “The Crew Repo,” navigate to the “Video Add-ons” folder. Select Disney+ from the list by scrolling down, clicking on it, then choosing Install and waiting for the message.

Is the crew add-on not functioning?

The CrewIs Not Functioning Fix: To clean Kodi’s cache, use the option in your device’s settings or maintenance addons. Try emptying the Kodi app cache in the settings of your device or through upkeep programs like Open Wizard, restart Kodi, and then launch the addon once more.

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