Carter’s Credit Card: A Complete Guide

If you do a lot of shopping, there is nothing more enticing than the idea that your favorite store provides customers who meet certain criteria with the opportunity to apply for credit cards. These credit cards can increase the amount of money you can borrow, which in turn enables you to spend less money and have more fun. This is exactly what is provided by Carter’s credit card, which is one of the most extensive retailers of children’s apparel in the United States.

Carter’s Credit Card

Therefore, if you are a frequent shopper at Carter’s and would want to take advantage of the greater purchasing power offered by Carter’s, you should submit an application for a credit card offered by Carter’s. The card is issued by Comenity Bank, and having one enables cardholders to get additional benefits from the store’s cashback goods and discount offerings.

What is Carter’s Credit Card?

Carter’s credit card is a privately branded credit card issued by Comenity bank in the United States. Only Carter’s and its family brands, OshKosh B’gosh and Skip Hop accept payments with this credit card. You are able to possess a customized credit card that comes with a variety of incentives despite the fact that you are unable to use it as a standard credit card. Customers who frequent Carter’s should go with this option since it is in their best interest.

Before you can submit an application for this card, you will first need to sign up for the “My Rewarding Moments” program. Providing your personal information, email address, phone number, and full address are some of the other straightforward criteria of the application. Because it is a credit card that works only inside the business, applying for the card won’t have any impact on your credit score. However, Comenity bank will review your financial information before deciding whether or not to approve the card.

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Features and Advantages of Carter’s Credit Card:

Carter’s credit card is exclusive to its registered customers and comes with a variety of enticing perks.

  • In comparison to normal members, those who use their credit cards get two times as many reward points for each dollar that they spend. It indicates that you will get two reward points for every dollar that you spend at Carter’s.
  • Cardholders are entitled to three additional days per year for every three times they earn the rewards of their choosing.
  • On their very first purchase made with their card, cardholders are entitled to a special welcome incentive in the form of a discount of up to thirty percent.
  • On the occasion of the anniversary of your Carter’s card, you will receive a present from the company.
  • Cardholders are eligible for free standard delivery.
  • Throughout the year, Carter’s will send you invites to unique events as well as special discount offer emails.
  • These advantages are only available to those who have a credit card, and joining the program does not cost anything, nor does it have any ongoing costs.

Carter’s Credit Card Login Process:

Before you can start using your credit card online, you will first need to register for the “My Rewarding Moments program and set up a new account for it.

  • Signing up for the program at My Account Carter’s requires nothing more than an email address on your end (
  • After that, you should generate a secure password and verify it twice.
  • Click the “Next” button on the screen, and then fill out the required fields with the appropriate information.
  • You will also have to submit the entire postal address in addition to the contact information.

After you have established the account, you may use it at any time to get access to the profile associated with your credit card by following the aforementioned procedures.

  • Find the button labeled “Sign in” in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
  • To log in, you will need to enter your email address and password.
  • If you often visit the website and don’t want to go through the procedure again, you can save yourself the trouble by checking the option that says “keep me signed in.”
  • You will get a recovery email at the address you registered your account with if you click the “lost password” button if you can’t remember the password.

Carter’s Credit Card Activation Process

Through the online portal provided by Comenity bank, you will be able to activate your Carter’s credit card.

  • Simply providing your card number and social security number is all that is necessary.
  • After that, you need to follow further directions by clicking the submit button.
  • The data of your credit card will be verified, and an activation number will be sent to you by Comenity Bank.
  • You can also activate your card by going to the “My Rewarding Moments” tab on your account and signing in there.
  • Within the menu, look for the button labeled “Activate my card.”
  • You have the option of receiving either a one-time password (OPT) or a unique code on the email address or phone number that you registered with.
  • In the activation box, write down that code, and then hit the next button.
  • Simply clicking on the links provided in the following instructions will allow you to activate your Carter’s credit card.

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Carter’s Credit Card Payment Process:

The annual percentage rate (APR) that is applicable to your debt is rather high with Carter’s credit card, just as it is with other credit cards. If you miss the deadline for making a payment, you will be subject to a late fee from Comenity bank in the amount of $30.

Knowing the several ways in which you can make a payment will save you the trouble of having to pay these fees. When you need to make a payment on your Carter’s credit card, you have the choice of selecting one of these three different payment methods.


You have the option of logging in via the “My Rewarding Moments” account present on Carter’s portal or by going straight to the page that is for Comenity bank customers who have Carter’s accounts.

Customers who have Carter’s credit cards issued by Comenity Bank are also able to pay as guests at the restaurant. If you have already registered, another option is for you to use the credentials associated with your account. After successfully logging in, you will be able to make a payment using one of the various methods, such as a debit card or by connecting your bank account.

Here, you have the option of either making a single minimum payment or paying off the whole amount of your Carter’s credit card all at once.

By Phone:

The next available choice for you is to make a payment over the phone. You are able to submit your credit card number and other information by calling Comenity bank at the following number: 1-877-563-5767. After you have provided the payment choice and checked the amount on your credit card, it will be simple for you to complete the payment. However, there is a fee of $15 for making payments over the phone at Comenity Bank.

By Mail:

In addition, you have the option of sending a physical check or money order to Comenity bank in order to clear the amount on your Carter’s credit card. This choice is only beneficial if you have adequate time and are certain that you won’t have to pay a late payment fee for missing the deadline.

The following is the address where you may mail a paper check or a money order to the Comenity bank:

Comenity Capital Bank

PO Box 183003

43218-3003 Columbus, Ohio 43218

Along with the check, it would be better if you could email your credit card statement or the reference number.

How can I check my Carter’s credit card balance?

The quickest method to check the balance on your Carter’s credit card is to examine the statement you get each month. Every month, the bank will send your statement for your credit card to you at the address you have on file. You also have the option to see the history of your credit card by logging into the “My Rewarding Moments” account that you have. However, you should be careful to verify the most recent transactions since it could take some time for impromptu purchases to appear on the statement.

The information may also be accessed using the online banking platform provided by your Comenity bank. You have easy access to seeing the history of your credit card as well as verifying the current amount.

Carter’s Credit Card Customer Service:

If you have any inquiries or difficulties with reward points, conversion, redemption, or other issues of a similar kind, you will need to get in touch with Carter’s customer care.

You can call Carter’s customer service at 1-877-333-0117. The customer service department of Carter’s offers chat help around the clock. You are able to submit a question via the chat to get a prompt answer. You may also go through their frequently asked questions to find solutions to common problems. Comenity bank’s customer service is the department you need to get in touch with if you have a problem with a transaction or a payment made with your credit card. You may reach the customer service team of Comenity bank at this number: 1-877-563-5767.

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What Are the Procedures for Canceling Your Carter’s Credit Card?

After a period of two years during which your Carter’s credit card is not used, both your membership and your card will be immediately terminated. Follow these procedures, however, in order to immediately cancel the order that you placed.

  • View the current balance on your Carter’s credit card by logging into your account online.
  • Pay all of your overdue bills, including any late fees or any additional costs, immediately.
  • Call the customer service number at Comenity bank, which is 1-877-563-5767, and tell them you want to deactivate your credit card.
  • Please verify your identity and offer a compelling explanation for why you want to cancel your Carter’s credit card.
  • Verify the debit card and necessary bank account to ensure that your credit card is no longer working and that it is no longer deducting payments from your bank account.

Conclusion: So, that is all about Carter’s Credit Card, its benefits, activation, login, and cancellation procedure. We’ve included all that we could to make your Carter Credit Card experience as easy and simple as possible. We hope that you will like the content of our article and will find it helpful. Please leave your valuable insights or feedback in the empty comment area below. We’d love to hear from you.

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