Guide to Seamless Card Prepaid Card Activation and Login

We have written tons of activation guides for our website but this one is going to be a special one. Why? Because we have brought to you the most certified activation and login steps of Along with the process, you will find all the needful information in this guide. So, stay tuned till the end, as you aren’t going back empty-handed after this blog. First, let’s begin to know is a company that makes prepaid cards. A prepaid card is a credit card, but much, much easier.

You can make payments with the credit card, but it’s prepaid. You load money onto it, and it’s yours to use, but you don’t pay interest on it. When you load it, you get the card, and that’s that. Also, the prepaid cards are advantageous for merchants. For one thing, they are easy for clients to use, and merchants don’t have to deal with embarrassing transactions like when someone shows up with a $100 bill, or a $20,000 bill, and tries to pay with a credit card.

Know all About prepaid card- 

Thus prepaid cards have a lot going for them. Although they have a downside as well. Because prepaid cards are not backed by anyone, merchants are hesitant to use them. If a customer loses the card, the merchant loses the money, and the customer has no recourse. It’s for this reason that, the prepaid card company, has partnered with Visa. is now part of the Visa network so that merchants can use Visa prepaid cards, and Visa prepaid cards can be used by merchants. was launched in 1996. And they now have 20 million cards in circulation. They have 100,000 retailers, and 1,300 5,000 merchants. Can you imagine how huge the fanbase of is?

What are the steps to open your account?

  1. An initial point to make is that you do not need to have a current bank account to open a account. If you already have a bank account, you can use it to transfer the balance on your card.
  2. You can choose your favourite card easily  by  visiting to the site
  3. Fill out the online order form by providing your personal credentials like your full name and email address.
  4. One advantage you get is, unlike a credit card, there is no credit check or fees, and your registration can be approved instantly with a verified ID.
  5. To sign up there is a requirement, you must be at least 18 years old.
  6.  For your identity verification, social security number (SSN) is a must. Also, note that will not open a Card account for you if they are unable to confirm your identity.
  7. It will probably take about 10 working days for the prepaid card to get to you after you have completed all the requirements carefully.

How do you effortlessly use your Prepaid card?

  1. After receiving your prepaid card, the first thing you must do is activate it on the official activation page and then load money onto it via bank transfer. You can immediately begin using your prepaid card after the activation.
  2. To immediately activate your prepaid card, please go to
  3. If you already have used this site and therefore have a password, enter it along with your email id and follow the online directions to activate your card.
  4. However, if you do not have a password already, click on the appropriate link provided on the screen.
  5. Please provide your registered email address and select the ‘Send’ button. You will receive your prepaid card password via email.
  6. An important point to remember is to go to the card activation page and click the appropriate link provided if you have forgotten your password. Since it is a very common issue you should keep this in mind.
  7. To get your new password you must provide your registered email address. Make sure to fill in the email address carefully as you will receive your password on that.
  8. After the activation process is complete, you must log in to your account and load money onto your prepaid card via bank transfer.
  9. Congratulations! Now, you are ready to use your prepaid card.

The Essential points about

  1. The first and important point, there are no upfront fees charged to your card because this is the money that you actually plan to use with the prepaid card.
  2. A maximum amount of money limit is set which you can load onto your prepaid card. (Kindly direct to your cardholders agreement for more information.)
  3. There is also no requirement to keep a minimum balance on your prepaid card.
  4. But, there is a daily limit to the amount of money that can be spent with your prepaid card.
  5. Each card account in the Single Card Plan is charged a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee (MMF). But, there is an important point to note, the MMF on each card account may be canceled if that card account has received $1,000.00 in Direct Deposit(s) in the previous 30-day period.
  6. The Family of Cards Plan requires you to pay only one MMF; any other MMF evaluated on your second or third card accounts is not implemented in that billing cycle. As a result, your monthly payment is only $9.95.

NOTE– if you choose the Family of Cards Plan, neither of your cards will be qualified for the MMF exemption in the Single Card Plan.

So, this was all in the Activation and login guide of We hope you liked it!

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