Cancel your GEICO car insurance (Latest Update 2023)

Do you intend to cancel GEICO car insurance coverage? If you’ve already made the choice to cancel your GEICO insurance, it will be in your best interest to weigh all of your alternatives and investigate alternative coverage before committing. If you don’t, your insurance history can show a break in coverage, which might later result in higher premium payments. You will learn about the procedures for canceling your GEICO vehicle insurance in this post, as well as the many choices that may be open to you.

Cancel your GEICO car insurance

How can I cancel my GEICO car insurance?

It just takes a few minutes and a few simple actions to cancel your GEICO car insurance. Even though every insurance provider is unique, GEICO offers a straightforward procedure without charging a cancellation charge. You must contact to talk with a qualified representative. And have your GEICO policy number on hand in order to cancel your insurance. To revoke your GEICO auto insurance, follow these instructions:

  • Call (800)-841-1587.
  • Request to talk with an authorized agent.
  • You could get an Interactive Voice Response asking you to talk (IVR).
  • Add “auto” after “cancel insurance policy.”
  • Have your GEICO policy number handy.

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Make sure you have another insurance prior to canceling your GEICO car insurance

It’s vital to keep in mind that if you’re determined to cancel your GEICO car insurance coverage, you should first set up a policy with another vehicle insurance company. The suggested course of action is to overlap the two policies by one or two days. Even a single day without an auto insurance policy is seen as a gap in protection. This may have an adverse effect on your ability to get future coverage and raise your premiums.

Your driving history and insurance history are only two of the many considerations insurance companies take into account when calculating your rates. If your insurance has lapsed, you may have been driving without insurance or may not have been able to make your payments. You can end up paying more as a consequence.

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Instead of canceling your coverage, think about suspending it

Even while you may not want to terminate your existing insurance since you are happy with it, there may be other circumstances in which you no longer need the same amount of coverage or an active policy. What should you do if you need to repair your car, won’t be using your car for 30 days or more, are going on a long trip, or have your license suspended?

Your insurance provider may let you suspend your coverage if the conditions warrant it. This is just one of many adaptable alternatives available to make your policy work for you. Call a GEICO representative to explore your options to see whether you may suspend your auto insurance coverage.

Reasons to cancel GEICO car insurance:

You could decide to revoke your auto insurance coverage for a number of reasons, including poor customer service, relocating to a different state, purchasing a new vehicle or selling your current one, paying rates that are too high, getting married, or discovering a cheaper option. The prices and procedures for cancellation vary depending on the insurance carrier. When you make the decision to cancel your GEICO vehicle insurance policy, it is usually preferable to move swiftly and get replacement coverage before doing so.

The various reasons to think about canceling your GEICO car insurance are:

  • You’re Relocating to a Different State: Fortunately, Geico is available in all 50 states. Simply inform them of your move so they can offer you new pricing suitable for your new location.
  • The status of your marriage has changed: You don’t have to cancel your car insurance just because you need to add or remove your spouse from it. It’s really as simple as removing or adding a name to change this part of your policy. If your new spouse drives, you could even be eligible for a multi-vehicle discount.
  • You need a special kind of insurance: To put it another way, you don’t have to cancel your vehicle insurance as a result of this. Also offered by Geico are renters, homeowners, and other insurance coverage options. You can be eligible for a discount if you get all of your insurance from Geico.
  • It is too costly for you: On occasion, it seems like other vehicle insurance plans are less costly than Geico’s. Make careful to research any extra expenses and weigh all the fine print before choosing. Geico regularly offers discounts and promotions. This means that in the end, it may be less costly than the competing company.

Can I cancel my GEICO car insurance online?

You cannot now cancel your vehicle insurance using GEICO’s online option. You can only contact GEICO directly by dialing the number provided above. To cancel your GEICO vehicle insurance, you must either talk with an agent. Or follow the instructions provided by the automated service.

Major Key Points:

  • If you are unhappy with the customer service you have received, are relocating to a different state, are buying or selling a vehicle, are experiencing financial difficulties paying your premiums, or have discovered a more affordable coverage, you can decide to cancel your GEICO auto insurance policy.
  • There is no cancellation charge when canceling GEICO auto insurance, and the procedure is quite fast and simple. You cannot, however, cancel your auto insurance online.
  • In certain situations, such as a change in marital status, keeping a vehicle in storage, and moving, GEICO provides flexible solutions. However, the best approach to learning more about your alternatives is to contact a GEICO representative.
  • In order to prevent being flagged as a risk to insurance providers for having a gap in coverage, it’s crucial to obtain another insurance policy before canceling your GEICO auto insurance.
  • If your existing insurance is satisfactory but you won’t be using your car for 30 days or longer, consider suspending it as an option.

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You could need to cancel your GEICO car insurance coverage for a variety of reasons. It’s usually important to conduct your research and contact your insurance agent. Do this to understand the procedure as each insurance company has different cancellation policies and criteria.

Even though there isn’t an online cancellation option at the moment, GEICO makes the procedure simple. When you call, be prepared to provide your GEICO policy number as you will probably be prompted to do so. However, GEICO provides adaptable solutions to meet your changing requirements. So, before terminating your vehicle insurance coverage, contact a GEICO salesperson and find out what options could be the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else does GEICO need further details?

When you cancel, GEICO will probably ask for your policy number. When terminating your GEICO auto insurance, it is usually a good idea to have it on hand. The agent may be able to locate your policy number for you if you don’t have it on hand by checking your personal information.

Can I get my GEICO coverage canceled by someone else?

According to GEICO, only the policyholder has the authority to revoke coverage. Unless the person possesses legal Power of Attorney for the policyholder, the firm will not let anyone else terminate the vehicle insurance policy.

Does GEICO charge a cost for cancellations?

When ending your insurance coverage, you won’t be charged a GEICO cancellation fee. The next procedures are easy to follow once you cancel by phone. You have the option of promptly terminating your policy at any moment or establishing a future termination date.

If I cancel, will I get a refund or will I still be liable for the payment?

Depending on how you are doing with the insurance payments, you can get a refund or still owe money to GEICO. Under some circumstances, you could be eligible for a refund. For instance, GEICO will give you a refund for the unused part of your premium if you have previously paid the whole amount up in advance. You won’t likely owe any money if all of your payments are current. You will have to pay the outstanding sum in full before canceling your policy, however, if you have recently added a new car to your policy or you have any past-due payments.

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