Can’t log in to Cabela’s Mastercard? Find Steps to fix

Shopping for the rest of your life might not be a problem anymore with Cabela’s Mastercard. However, the majority of people discover that they have amassed enough equipment to meet the requirements of their preferred sport. A general-purpose rewards card might be a more plentiful option if you’re looking for flexible rewards you may use regardless you like. We will dig more into the uses of Cabela’s Mastercard today along with looking for the legitimate steps, ways, and fixes of login. Also, explore methods to pay your bills, contact Cabela’s and get their useful links for any time use!

If you’ve spent a significant portion of your discretionary cash at the outdoor specialty retailer, having the Capital One Cabela’s CLUB Credit Card may sound alluring. You will receive 2% back on purchases made at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and participating Cenex® locations and 1% back on all other purchases when you make them at eligible Cenex convenience stores and petrol pumps, Cabela’s, or Bass Pro Shops. If you frequently carry a balance, be aware that Cabela and/or Cenex purchases will have a lower APR than those paid with the card elsewhere. Let us know more about the card and the steps to log in and Activate it!

All About Cabela’s Mastercard: Rewards, features, and a lot more-

Outdoor sports enthusiasts who stock up on their necessities at Cabela’s and/or Bass Pro 

Shops are the target market for Capital One Cabela’s CLUB Credit Card*. The no-annual-fee card offers 1 percent back on all other transactions in addition to 2 percent back at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and participating Cenex® shops.

If this describes you, you’re probably going to be drawn in by Mastercard’s benefits and the chance to earn higher rewards by exceeding the card’s minimum yearly spending requirements. If those factors attracted your attention, let it go and opt for the better deal you’d get with a general-purpose rewards card.


  • There is no annual charge.
  • Low continuing APR for brand-specific purchases
  • Increased rewards for high spenders


  • You may only use your points at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.
  • APR is higher for purchases made outside of the brand
  • minimal welcome bonus

Despite the fact that you may use it wherever that Mastercard is accepted, these Cabela-specific terms make it seem more like you are owning a store card. That’s because earnings on this card, in addition to the rewards and APR structure, can only be used to purchase further goods from Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops. Both cashback and transferring your winnings to a statement credit are not available. You become stuck in a never-ending cycle of accumulating awards that can only be used to buy additional products inside Cabela’s ecosystem.

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Some Amazing and Important Features of Cabela’s Mastercard-

  • Annual cost: really nothing
  • Bonus upon arrival: $20 in CLUB Points upon acceptance, an additional $10 in points following two purchases made at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s within 30 days of account approval, and an additional $10 in points following five purchases made anywhere else within 30 days of account approval.
  • APR for purchases made at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Cenex is 9.99 percent.
  • Purchase APR for all other purchases ranges from 15.49% to 27.249%.
  • Earn 2 percent back at eligible Cenex®, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela’s locations, and 1 percent back on all other purchases.
  • includes Mastercard privileges and advantages.
  • Rewards can only be used to make purchases at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.

Top Two Ways to Activate your Cabela’s Mastercard: Online and Offline-

Your new Cabela’s club card must be activated and you can do it in two different ways. If you want to prefer the offline method using your phone then you must call 1.800.300.5984.

You can also SIGN IN to Capital One online below to activate your new card.

Cabela's Mastercard
  1. Provide your Username and Password to sign in.
  2. You can click on the “Remember me” option if you wish to automatically get signed in when you visit the official Cabela’s MasterCard page. 
  3. Simply select the green button prompting the “Sign in” button to successfully Activate your card.
  4. Connect your CLUB account online to your account once your card has been activated to monitor your balance, available credit, access payments, and more.
  5. Once the primary card is active, so will any other credit cards linked to this account. Further on, if any substitute or extra cards are issued, the primary cardholder will also have to activate those. 

NOTE: Authorized Users will be unable to online activate their own cards.

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Log in securely to your club account at

Register for a new account on or sign in to an existing one.

Choose “Connect Today.”

Register for a Capital One® account or log in to one to connect your card.

Unable to Login If you forget your Username or Password: Here’s what to do-

  1. On the official sign-in page, you have to click the link “Forgot Username or Password.”
Cabela's Mastercard
  1. Then you will land on the page to find your Capital One account online (s). 
  2. After looking up your account, you can change your password if necessary.
  3. Provide the following details as shown in the image below:
  • Last Name
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Date of birth (in mm/dd/yy format)
Cabela's Mastercard
  1. Now, finally, click the green button prompting the “Find Me” option and you are done here!

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Three Ways to Contact Cabela’s Mastercard-

First Method- Access the Live chat option here. Live Chat is accessible from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM CDT. 

Second Method- Send an email to:

Third Method– Try to simply call the contact number of Customer care of Cabela’s Mastercard: (tel) 18002374444.

Helpful Links at Cabela’s:

How to pay your Club Credit Card bills?

By linking your CLUB card to your online shopping account on or, you can control various aspects of your CLUB Mastercard account, including paying your bills. Instructions on how to link your CLUB account to your online shopping account are provided below. Through the Capital One website, you can set up online access for your CLUB Mastercard and pay your bill.

You have a few options for paying your bills:

  • Paid via Phone
  • Set Up Auto Pay
  • Paid through Mail
  • Make a payment at a store
  1. Pay by phone: Holders of a Bass Pro Shops CLUB Mastercard can pay by phone by dialing 1-800-300-1723. Owners of Cabela’s CLUB Mastercards: Dial 1-800-850-8402.
  1. Set up Auto Pay: When making a payment online or over the phone, you have the option of setting up Auto Pay.
  1. Pay by mail: Send a money order or cheque to:

Capital One

PO Box 71083

Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

NOTE: You cannot pay the balance on your CLUB credit card with gift cards or CLUB Points.

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3. Pay in a Retail Store: For help making a payment, stop by the CLUB booth in a retail establishment.

So, that was all in our post to log in to Cabela’s Mastercard and get many useful pieces of information. Thanks for being there and we hope you found this post instructive and enlightening at the same time!

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