Check Buzzr TV Schedules to Never Miss the Vintage Game Shows

Who’s interested in vintage Game Shows? If you are then you should definitely give Buzzr TV a try, you will love it.  It’s primarily an American digital broadcast TV network that is owned by Fremantle North America. It’s a unit of the Fremantle segment of RTL Group. It has an expanded library that included game shows that Fremantle owns. Buzzr TV indicates the beginning of Fremantle in North American TV broadcasting. The parent company of the network is RTL which is presently operating various TV channels in Europe. The network has gained 62 U.S. TV markets. The channel can be accessed on Pluto TV, Sling, and Stirr. However, it’s ideally a channel free-to-air C-band satellite through Galaxy 10 in the DVB-S2 format. Fremantle initially used the brand Buzzr for a YouTube channel which was creates by the digital content studio- Tiny Riot started in 2014. On the Youtube channel, you can find classic clips, along with the short-form adjustments of the game shows offered by the channel. Keep reading to check out the latest Buzzr TV Schedules.

The library of Fremantle has around 154 shows with 40,000 episodes, this is where Buzzr TV got its programming from. The shows that are incorporated are Password, To Tell The Truth, Family Feud, What’s my Line?, Card Sharks, Match Game, Body Language, etc. 

Few mysterious shows are aired on some occasions that include the anthology show lost and found, offering episodes that are not generally aired, unsold pilots, along with the forgotten shows. Game changers are the original show of the network which was released on 20th October 2017. This show depicts the history of the game show category and it also includes the interviews with Wink Martindale, Alex Trebek, and Drew Carey. 

Buzz TV didn’t miss the childer category as it featured a one-hour educational program for them as well. The programs that were not related to the game were happened to be aired between 14th September 2014 to 6th October 2017. It is the time when the programming schedule of Buzzr TV included Richard Simmons Dream Maker and The Great Christmas Light Fight. The network use placeholder video in order to fill the time that comes during the commercials of original programs. In addition, the music that comes in between is Cooking with Rhythm especially by Alan Fagan. 

Where is Buzzr TV available for Streaming?

Buzzr TV initiated its streaming service to Amazon Prime Video and Twitch in 2017. Amazon Prime Video featured Buzzr TV as an on-demand video whereas Twitch featured it as a linear feed which was different from the over-the-air telecast. The service of Twitch was discontinued on 22nd April 2019. Programming to nosey and a site offering on-demand video of daytime TV in the U.S. was offered by Buzzr TV. There was a subchannel that is carried to some areas on the services as, Locust, LocalBTV, and iGoCast. On the third anniversary of Buzzr TV, it established a live stream over-the-air telecast on its website. In that very year, it also made an addition to Pluto TV. Buzzr TV was further added to the Stirr streaming service that was launched by Sinclair Broadcast Group in 2019. Buzzr TV became the most-watched channel on the service of Stirr in July 2019. It ideally became the second most-watched national channel. 

Buzzr TV was added to Sling TV on 8th March 2020 and now it’s at hand for all the subscribers of Sling TV. At the end of December 2020, a spin-off channel has added by Buzzr TV. It’s a 24/7 channel available on Pluto TV which offers the exclusive show The Price Is Right from Bob Barker’s hosting run. The show began in 1982 with season 11, where animal-based items were not accessible on the show at Barker’s Request. 

Programs that are prominent among a large audience of Buzzr TV-

Buzzr TV Schedules

Buzzr TV Schedules – Programs that are aired on a regular basis

Body Language 
Card Sharks
Classic Concentration
Family Feud
Match Game
Match Game PM
Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour
Now You See It
Password Plus
Super Password
Million Dollar Password
Press Your Luck
The Price Is Right 
Sale of the Century 
Supermarket Sweep
To Tell the Truth
What’s My Line?

A program that is aired seasonally-

The Great Christmas Light Fight

Buzzr TV Schedules for Educational programs

Animal Rescue 
Science Now
Through the Bible with Les Feldick

Former programs of Buzzr TV

Beat the ClockTemptation 
The Better SexSplit Second
Bzzz!Split Personality 
Call My BluffSay When!!
Card SharksThe Name’s the Same
Celebrity Name GameNumber Please
Child’s playRichard Simmons’
Choose Up SidesPlay Your Hunch
Double DareNumber Please
Family Feud Challenge The Name’s the Same
Family FeudMonster House
Get The MessageMonster Garage
He Said, She SaidMissing Links
Its News to MeMatch Game 
I’ve Got A SecretThe Match Game
Let’s Make A DealMake The Connection
To Tell the TruthWinner Take All
Nothing But the TruthWord Play
Trivia TrapWhat’s My Line?
What’s Going On?

Special programming-

Tv’s Funniest Game Show Moments
What’s My Line?

A special program on Buzzr TV-

Game Changers 

We have mentioned all the shows that you can enjoy on Buzzr TV along with your family. Now that you know where you can find the Buzzr TV, shoot the TV remote and go on!

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